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Monday 05.12.2016 | Name days: Sabīne, Sarma, Klaudijs

Major differences noted in business management styles of men and women in Latvia

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RU62% of Latvian residents believe men and women working in businesses are paid equal salaries for doing the same jobs. Only 19% of respondents doubt this, according to results of a survey by EY and Snapshots. At the same time, it reveals that the organizational culture of companies managed by women differ significantly from companies managed by men.

EY survey reveals that men are more certain about equality of salaries – 70% of respondents believe that both genders are paid an equal amount of money for doing the same jobs. 54% believe this as well. What is more curious is that respondents of Latvian nationality are more confident about equality of salary – 67%. Respondents of Russian nationality, on the other hand, are less certain about this – 54%.

«Similar to the rest of EU member states, the average hourly rate for men and women is not the same in Latvia. According to information from Eurostat for 2013, the average difference in pay between the two genders was 16.3% in favour of men. In Latvia, on the other hand, this difference is below the average across the EU – 14.4%. Results of our special survey dedicated to the International Women’s Day show relatively high equality of rights between men and women, because only less than one-fifth of respondents notice gender discrimination in Latvia in employment matters,» – says EY management advisory department director Renate Strazdina.

A similar situation is noted with the possibility of getting promoted – 65% of respondents believe men and women have an equal chance of being promoted.

«What is particularly interesting is that high confidence regarding career growth is expressed by respondents with high income – 79% of respondents with income above EUR 900 per month believe women and men have equal opportunity of getting promoted. It is a very positive index, because people in this income group had most likely received multiple promotions throughout their career. Now they don’t see any major differences in career growth opportunities based on gender,» – comments Strazdina.

62% of respondents believe organizational culture of a company managed by a woman differs from that of a company managed by a man. Only 24% of respondents to not agree with that. Opinions regarding differences in management culture are confident among men and women. Differences are mentioned by respondents of both genders regardless of their income level.

The survey reveals multiple parameters that govern how differences in management culture are expressed. For example, 56% of respondents believe female managers are more concerned about securing a beneficial work environment, 42% believe female managers are responsive to personal problems of their staff.

The survey also shows that respondents mostly disagree with the assumption that companies managed by women have a less apparent hierarchy of power – only 28% of respondents believe this (54% do not). Only 11% of respondents believe businesses led by women are more successful; 58% do not believe this. One-third of respondents have no opinion on this matter.

Results of the survey show that 51% of respondents believe actions of managers of both genders are equally aimed at getting results. 30% of respondents believe men are more aimed at getting results than women.

Management style of male managers is described more as aimed at competition. 39% of respondents also agree that the management style of men is more aggressive, with a distinct characteristic for taking risks. Respondents also believe management styles of men are more careful and planned – 30% of respondents agree. Only 14% of respondents think the same way about management styles of female company leaders.


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Investors: there are less and less reasons to invest in Latvia every year

In spite of efforts by policy-makers to sort out the business environment and make it more favourable, there have no serious changes in the last twelve months, and Latvia’s overall attractiveness for investors has not improved.

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Compared to October 2015, industrial production output increased by 6.7 % in October 2016. Production output rise in manufacturing comprised 7.0 %, in mining and quarrying 9.8 %, and in electricity and gas supply 5.1 %.

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47% of Latvian vote-ready citizens plan to take part in next year’s municipal elections, according to results of a survey carried out by SKDS following a request from the Central Election Commission in November.

BATL: transit industry’s potential is enormous, but not used to its fullest

Baltic Association – Transport and Logistics is satisfied that real and constructive work has commenced in cooperation with LDz Logistics and Transport and Communications Institute on Latvia’s transport and logistics, including the development of a strategy for the transit industry.

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Snowy weekends expected in Latvia

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Freight turnover and freight traffic declines at ports

Compared to Q3 2015, the volume of freights carried by land and pipeline transport has decreased by 1.8 million tonnes or 5.5 % in Q3 2016. The most notable drop in the volume of freights carried was recorded in rail transport – of 2.3 million tonnes or 18.9 %.

EU 2017 budget to provide the most support to youth and growth initiatives

In the next year’s budget, members of the European Parliament have secured larger support to unemployed youngsters and Erasmus+, as well as initiatives for support of small and medium-sized businesses, transport infrastructure projects and research. Commitment appropriations for 2017 total EUR 157.8578 billion, and payment appropriations EUR 134.49 billion.

Vejonis picks Kalnins as candidate for NAF commander

President of Latvia Raimonds Vejonis has decided to propose National Armed Forces Joint Staff Chief Leonids Kalnins for the post of commander of Latvia’s National Armed Forces. Kalnins was previously proposed by Defence Minister Raimonds Bergmanis, according to information from LETA.