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Wednesday 26.10.2016 | Name days: Kaiva, Amanda, Amanta

Munkevics requested to be sentenced to five years in prison

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUProsecutor Velta Zaluksne has requested ex-Mayor of Jurmala Raimonds Munkevics to be sentenced to five years of prison.

In the criminal case currently viewed by Riga City Kurzeme District Court, in which Mnkevics and once member of the board of Jurmala Ambulance Service Normunds Pirants stand as the accused, the prosecutor asks Munkevics’ owned properties to be confiscated and apply a prohibition for him to take posts in state and municipal institutions for three years.

For Pirants, on the other hand, the prosecutor asks four years in prison, confiscation of properties and prohibition to take post in state and municipal institutions for three years.

Court debates will continue on 14 October, when the defenders of the accused side will be given time to present their facts.

During the last hearing, Munkevics said the main witness – Iveta Blaua – had illegally involved him in the experiment carried out by the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau. Munkevics had prepared his testimony on approximately 40 pages. In it, Munkevics described his view on the events that took place in 2010.

He claims Blaua had found him in Jurmala City Council on 17 May. According to Munkevics, it was an accidental meeting, because Balua was not working in the city council full-time. There was no meeting on 17 May. From this Munkevics concluded that Blaua had come to the city council with a specific objective from KNAB to meet him and lead him to a meeting between Blaua and Pirants.

«One of the deputies – Blaua – had me involved in this experiment. And now I stand accused because of that experiment. Had Blaua not convinced me to come with her to that Armenian restaurant, there would not have been a meeting on the next day,» – said Munkevics. He adds that Blaua had mentioned in her testimony that her actions were carried out in accordance with KNAB.

«There should not be any doubts that I was pulled into events that turns out were organized by Blaua and KNAB. I would like to point out that in my opinion there was no legal basis to get me involved in that experiment. This fact is proven by the report from the Prosecutor General’s office that there was an operative experiment approved for Normunds Pirants on 17 May. There was no permission to get me involved as well. I have not carried out any illegal actions. Therefore, the law has no reason to go against me,» – said Munkevics.

Pirants and Munkevics were detained on 18 May, 2010, as part of a criminal process for giving a bribe (EUR 7,114) in order to secure a positive result for then the Mayor of Jurmala on the 20 May vote on the subject of expressing distrust. The bribe was offered to deputy Blaua. Two days later, 20 May, both were detained. Munkevics was also dismissed from his post.


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On 30 September, Latvia’s Competition Council made the decision to punish Knauf and Knauf Group’s Norgips sp.z.o.o. from Poland for using a loyalty system that considerably restricted competition, thereby breaching the prohibition on abuse of market dominance.

Pharmacies in Sweden restrict sale of paracetamol

Restrictions should be put in place in the sale of paracetamol setting forth a ban to sell more than one pack of the drug to minors, decided Swedish pharmacies on October 26.

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African swine fever reaches Dundaga

Latvian Food and Veterinary Service has received laboratory test results that confirm the presence of African swine fever in two dead wild boards found in Dundaga.

Latvia receives historically highest score in latest Doing Business rating

In the latest Doing Business 2017 study of the World Bank, Latvia is put on the 14th spot among 190 participating countries. This is historically the highest accomplishment for Latvia and an improvement over last year’s result. In terms of business-friendly environment, Latvia is on the 6th place among EU member states.

Raimonds Graube steps down as commander of Latvian Armed Forces

Raimonds Graube, commander of Latvia’s National Armed Forces. He said he decided to do so in order to «allow the military chain of command to develop».

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BATL: industry doubts economic justification of electrifying Latvia’s railway network

The project for the electrification of Latvia’s railway network is currently under review by Finance Ministry, Edgars Putra – the ministry’s parliamentary secretary – told Krustpunktā programme of Latvijas Radio on Tuesday, 25 October.

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In northern France, near Calais, authorities have commenced transporting migrants away from Jungle, the tent village, where several thousand migrants have been living for years.

Payments of benefits to be stopped for refugees who left Latvia

On Tuesday, 25 October, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the legal draft detailing amendments to the Asylum Law, which were developed to enhance Latvia’s asylum provision system.

Government urged to declassify Citadele Bank’s sale

Saeima’s Public Expenditure and Audit Committee has sent a letter to the Cabinet of Ministers, requesting the latter to lift restricted access status on all information related to the sale of Citadele Bank.

Number of black stork chicks declined significantly this year

The small amount of precipitation has negatively impacted the feeding and nesting of black storks in Latvia, as concluded by the Nature Conservation Agency, which had performed annual monitoring of endangered black storks in cooperation with Latvian State Forests this year.

Estonia not willing to ban fur animal keeping and skinning

Reacting to a call from animal rights activists, Estonian environment and rural affairs ministries have found that there is no reason to prohibit fur farming in the country.

IMF on Estonia: Increase in wages could harm exporter competitiveness

Estonia should take care of rising imbalance of wake increase and lagging productivity to ensure Estonian exporters can be profitable in foreign markets, the International Monetary Fund evaluated.

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By comparing the drinking habits of four million people born between 1891 and 2001, it has been found in a study that the generations living today have reduced the likelihood of men consuming more alcohol in unhealthy amounts than women.

Criminal process launched in relation to K.Barona Street repairs

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has launched a criminal process in relation to possible forging on documents in the procurement process associated with the reconstruction of K.Barona Street in Riga.

Sirens to be tested across all of Latvia

On Tuesday, 25 October, the State Fire and Rescue Service will conduct a three-minute test of emergency sirens. The test is scheduled for 15:00. It will help determine the function of the system and identify any technical problems.

Belgium bocks CETA, but EU and Canada remain hopeful over signing

The European Union and Canada have stated they still hope to sign their bilateral free trade deal, after the Belgian federal government clarified that it cannot ensure the backing of three regional bodies for the agreement.

This week to be rich with precipitation and cold in Latvia

The anti-cyclone that dictated weather in Latvia over most of October is gradually moving east. It will be replaced by a small and active cyclone. With that, meteorologists expect often precipitation in Latvia this week.

Experts: Russian warships on their way to Baltic Sea

Movements of warships in the Mediterranean Sea and the North Sea, as well as internet comments show that two Russian nuclear-equipped corvettes are currently on their way to the Baltic Sea, even though official reports suggest the opposite, as concluded by experts of Atlantic Council think tank.

Police launches disciplinary cases in relation to supply of inappropriate vehicles

Multiple disciplinary cases have been launched in relation to the supply of vehicles non-compliant with requirements of State Police. In addition, Internal Security Office has been asked to assess the responsibility of officials responsible for the procurement.

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