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Monday 19.03.2018 | Name days: Jāzeps

Social protection expenditure last year – 2 201 million lats

In 2009, the expenditure on social protection in Latvia comprised 2 201 million lats or 16.8% of the gross domestic product. While in 2008 it accounted for 2 042 million lats, or 12.6% of GDP.

Economist: the worst is still ahead

Solving the economical problems of Europe will take many years, but the worst is still awaiting, believes Swedish Handelsbanken Chief Executive Par Boman.

USA supports Lithuanian nuclear power plant construction

The United States of America (USA) ambassador to Lithuania Anne Elizabeth Derse said USA supports the nuclear power plant construction.

Expert: tax rise will increase spending by 100 lats a year

Tax rise will contribute to annual 100 lats spending increase of an average family in Latvia, forecasts Swedbank Institute of Private Finances Deputy Head Diāna Krampe.

About 100 Riga residents object to Riga airport expansion

All in all about 100 people, residents of Mūkupurva, Sieksātes, Grenču, Nīkrāces and Gaviezes Streets object to approximately 2.3 km long construction of railway from Riga to Tukums and Riga airport expansion plans.

Tax shift from labour to consumption will save several santims only

The amount of money with which the government has seemingly fulfilled its promise to shift the tax burden from labour to consumption, as well as to the affluent people, is only several santims per month, reveal the estimates of Neatkarīgā.

Ongoing negotiations on settlement of Latvijas Naftas tranzīts shareholders’ meeting decisions in 2007

Currently SIA Skonto nafta and AS Latvijas Naftas tranzīts is holding ongoing negotiations on the disagreement settlement regarding Latvijas Naftas tranzīts shareholders’ meeting decisions in 2007. For this reason, the civil case hearing has been postponed till March 21, next year.

IMF: Greece has chances of receiving assistance in debt repayment

Although the conviction that Greece will manage to return to the international market before the expiry of three-year loan time-limit, there are several options that can help the country deal with its difficulties, pointed out the International Monetary Fund representatives.

Old Riga municipality’s parking lots to charge less

Riga City Council decided today, November 23, to reduce charges for Municipality’s parking lots in Old Riga.

Economically active population of Latvia increases by 0.1%

Third quarter this year the number of economically active population of Latvia has increased by 0.1%, compared to the exact period of 2009.

28 502 lats for resigned ministers’ compensations requested

An application has been filed requesting the allocation of 28 502 lats (40 554 euro) from emergency case funds to pay out compensations for ministers and advisors that have left the post.

Inhabitants consider high emigration level as the biggest threat to the state

Majority of Latvia’s population considers that high level of emigration create more threats to the state and its future than the low birth-rate, indicates the latest poll by DnB NORD Latvijas barometers.

Public meeting against budget drafting process

Latvian Free Trade Union Board Chairman Pēteris Krīgers informed the business portal BNN they plan a public meeting against 2011 budget drafting process on November 25 at 8.30 AM at the building of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Greens/Farmers fraction Head: Jurmala City Council could be dismissed

An option to dismiss Jurmala City Council is under discussion, due to the fact they are not united and have adopted deconstructive decisions, said The Greens and Farmers Union (Zaļo un Zemnieku Savienība) Saeima fraction head Raimonds Vējonis.

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