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Monday 21.05.2018 | Name days: Ingmārs, Ernestīne, Akvelīna

Latvia hotel industry services 29.5% more clients than last year

In the third quarter of the year, hotels and other tourism accommodations serviced 532.4 thousand people or 29.5% more than in the exact period of the last year.

Court does not cancel decision to make People's Party repay 1.03 million lats

Administrative District Court has rejected People's Party complaint, thus leaving in force the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) decision to make the party to transfer to the state budget funds at the amount of 1.03 million lats, received and spent illegally.

Route taxi sector likely to be over-taken by Rigas Satiksme

Rīgas Satiksme is likely to take over the route taxi sector. The reason for this is the necessity to change the passenger transport system, as well as to adjust it to the European Union criteria.

Unemployment benefit to be cut in particular cases

In order to comply with the State Audit Office (SAO) instructions, the Ministry of Welfare (MW) in Latvia has developed amendments, providing elimination of injustice in the system of unemployment benefits for people with different seniority levels, therefore, starting from 2011 unemployment benefit will be smaller for some groups.

Latvia is not ready for electric cars

Electric cars in Latvia are as crucial as the new National Library. It would promote the image of the state, while efficiency factor is close to a zero in both cases, told automobiles dealer.

Euro introduction in Estonia might boost offers in real estate market

Euro introduction could result in a rapid offers in Tallinn’s housing market increase, forecast the real estate company Ober-Haus Kinnisvara analysts.

Association: beer price rise to hit the industry

Poor grain harvest throughout the whole world and tax changes will have a negative impact on raw materials prices, leaving a destroying effect on the industry, believes Brewers' Association of Latvia (BAL).

Automobile dealers object to motor vehicles annual duty rise

Latvian Authorized Automobile Dealers Association (LAADA) strictly objects to the Ministry of Finance planned motor vehicles annual duty rise, as well as to tenfold increase of official cars tax.

Property tax revenue exceeds the planned in ten months

Property tax revenue plan, included in calculations for local governments finance equalization, has been exceeded by 1.78 million lats, according to information compiled by the Ministry of Finance.

SRS: summary declarations will be obligatory for businessmen in 2011

Starting from January 1, it will be obligatory for Latvia businessmen to submit information at customs about the goods actual entry or exit to or from the European Union (EU) a particular time in advance, and companies are already ready for that.

Social protection expenditure last year – 2 201 million lats

In 2009, the expenditure on social protection in Latvia comprised 2 201 million lats or 16.8% of the gross domestic product. While in 2008 it accounted for 2 042 million lats, or 12.6% of GDP.

Economist: the worst is still ahead

Solving the economical problems of Europe will take many years, but the worst is still awaiting, believes Swedish Handelsbanken Chief Executive Par Boman.

USA supports Lithuanian nuclear power plant construction

The United States of America (USA) ambassador to Lithuania Anne Elizabeth Derse said USA supports the nuclear power plant construction.

Expert: tax rise will increase spending by 100 lats a year

Tax rise will contribute to annual 100 lats spending increase of an average family in Latvia, forecasts Swedbank Institute of Private Finances Deputy Head Diāna Krampe.