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Ceturtdiena 22.03.2018 | Name days: Tamāra, Dziedra

UN calls for immediate implementation of Security Council-backed ceasefire in Syria

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres urged warring sides in Syria to immediately enforce a 30-day ceasefire in the war-torn country backed by the UN Security Council past weekend.

Administrator fight: who will be in charge of ABLV Bank’s liquidation?

Current laws provide that the post of the person who will lead the bankruptcy process for ABLV Bank will be very profitable. Candidates are currently being considered. It should be added that ABLV Bank’s credit portfolio had exceeded EUR 2 billion in 2017, as reported by Nekā personīga.

Police commence criminal process for contraband of psychotropic substances

Latvia’s State Revenue Service Tax and Customs Police have arrested two Lithuanian citizens for attempted smuggling of 57.628 kg of psychotropic substances. A criminal process has been launched, as confirmed by SRS.

SRS publishes employers who pay minimal or below minimal wages

Latvia’s State Revenue Service has published a list of employers who pay minimal or below minimal wages to their employees. A total of 2,604 employers are on this list.

Secretary: an audit in FCMC would be very important for residents

An audit at Finance and Capital Market Commission would be very important for public interests, said Finance Ministry’s parliamentary secretary Edgars Putra in an interview to Latvijas Radio.

Postal services provider Omniva registers EUR 99-million income in 2017

Estonian postal services group Omniva has improved its yearly income in 2017 by four percent reaching 99.8 million euros.

ECB: ABLV Bank will be liquidated in accordance with Latvia’s laws

ABLV Bank will be liquidated in accordance with Latvia’s laws, because preservation of this credit institution is not in the interest of the country’s society, announced the European Central Bank on Saturday, 24 February.

In pictures: Estonia's centenary marked in Tallinn

One hundred years ago, on February 24 1918, for the first time in Baltic history the independence of the Estonian state was declared. BNN offers an insight into the official ceremony and military parade devoted to the 100th anniversary.

Week in Lithuania. Lithuania not affected by problems at Latvia's ABLV Bank

Financial problems faced by ABLV, one of Latvia's biggest commercial banks, will have no impact on the Lithuanian financial system, officials from the central Bank of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Banks' Association (LBA) said this week. According to Vytautas Valvonis, director of the central bank's Supervision Service, the Lithuanian financial system has become very independent in recent years.

Baltic States ask European Commission to maintain EU Cohesion Fund financially strong

Baltic finance minister ask the European Commission to keep the European Union’s Cohesion Policy financially strong and aim it towards results, BNN was told by Finance Ministry.

Police commence investigation on possible money laundering schemes at ABLV Bank

Latvia’s State Police has commenced an investigation about the possible money laundering operations at ABLV Bank, which were reported by Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) US Department of Treasury.

S&P Global affirms Latvia’s credit rating at «A-»

On Thursday, 22 February, S&P Global reaffirmed Latvia’s credit rating on the «A-» level, retaining a positive outlook for the future, as BNN was informed by the State Treasury.

LSRTC: Zaķusala TV Tower’s reconstruction will cost several dozen million euros

According to chairman of Latvia’s State Radio and Television Centre (LSRTC) Jānis Bokta, reconstruction of Zaķusala TV Tower will cost several dozen million euros.

Trade union worried teachers may not have time to prepare for new education content

Teachers may not have enough time to prepare to work with new education content, said manager of Latvian Education and Science Workers' Union Inga Vanaga in an interview to Rīta Panorāma programme of LTV.

Judins, Loskutovs, Čigāne and Dālderis to continue working in Unity’s faction

Saeima members Andrejs Judins, Aleksejs Loskutovs, Lolita Čigāne and Ints Dālderis will continue working in Unity’s faction and coalition.

More snow expected on weekends; air temperature to drop even more next week

On the night to Friday, 23 February, air temperature in most of Latvia declined to -21° C… -27° C. It was only warmer in Kurzeme and some parts of Vidzeme, as reported by Latvia’s State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

SEB Bank: more employment options will open up and workers will become more selective

«It is becoming easier to change jobs nowadays. The largest selection of employment options are found in regional centres and cities, especially Riga and Pieriga. We see fewer employment options in regions even though there is still considerable demand for workers there,» predicts SEB Bank’s macroeconomics expert Dainis Gašpuitis.