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Tuesday 27.06.2017 | Name days: Malvīne, Malvis

Break-in at Iecava mink farm; 400 cages opened

A break-in took place at Baltic Devon Mink farm in Iecava on the night from 2nd May to 3rd May. 400 cages were opened and approximately 100 minks managed to escape, most of which have been found. This was the second break-in to have taken place over the course of the last week, as reported by the company.

Stockholm to drop ID checks on Swedish-Danish border

Sweden will this week drop document checks in passenger transport travelling to the country from neighbouring Denmark, the government of Sweden has stated. However, border control spot checks by police being conducted at some of Sweden's borders would be tightened to cover more travellers.

Ratas presents updates to Estonia’s security policy principles

Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas has presented in the Estonian parliament novelties to state security policy principles emphasising the importance of cohesive society and that the bill is a consensus among parties working both in the ruling coalition and opposition.

SRS registers several new cash register models that prevent fraudulent activities

Latvian State Revenue Service has registered in its unified database multiple new cash register models, opening the way for users to replace their existing cash registers with new models that comply with updated requirements.

Document review terms for EU Blue Card applications to be shortened

Latvian Cabinet of Ministers has accepted Interior Affairs Ministry’s proposed cabinet requirements to shorten the document review period for the issue of EU Blue Card* from 30 to ten work days, as reported by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

Average exchange electricity price increased in Baltics last week

Last week, the average electricity price in Baltic States had increased at Nord Pool market in comparison with the previous week, according to available information.

Merkel and Putin discuss gay rights, Ukraine and Syria

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has suggested Russian President Vladimir Putin to prevent alleged gay persecution in Chechnya. In a joint press conference on Tuesday, May 2, after holding talks with Putin at the Russian presidential residence in Sochi, Merkel stated she had received «negative reports on the treatment of homosexuals, particularly in Chechnya».

Cancer treatment is expensive; not enough medicine available in Latvia

The situation is the worst with mortality rates related to the deficit of medicine for patients with metastatic tumours in Latvia. Dr. Raimonds Karls, chairman of Dermatologists Against Skin Cancer, adds: «Effective treatment is expensive, reaching EUR 100,000 a year».

Kalnozols: Latvijas Gāze is being used to stifle Latvia’s residents

Latvia’s gas market opened on 3 April. However, this change came without any notable benefits and losses for households. At the moment everything shows that alternatives have appeared only for businessmen, whereas the freedom of choice for households is purely theoretical. On top of that, Latvijas Gāze remains a monopoly on the market, says Saeima member Valdis Kalnozols.

Nasdaq Riga applies monitoring status to multiple companies

On Tuesday, 2 May, Nasdaq Riga decided to apply monitoring status to multiple companies: Ditton Driving Chain Factory, Daugavpils Locomotive Repair Plant and VEF Radiotehnika RRR, as confirmed by the board.

BATL: economic aspects are just as important as security in Nord Stream 2

«Participation in Nord Stream 2 project can contribute much to Latvia’s economy. This is why it is important to assess the project from a security aspect and the possible benefit for the national economy and development,» BNN was told by Baltic Association – Transport and Logistics.

Wasserkabel heating and cooling technology production plant to open in Ventspils

Creation of German Wasserkabel Baltic production plant has been concluded at Ventspils High Technologies Park. There it is planned to manufacture the first energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and durable heating and air-cooling systems in Latvia and Baltic States, company representatives promise.

Facebook rejects claims on ads to emotionally unstable teenagers

Reacting to claims over a leaked study, the management of Facebook has denied claims that the popular social network has offered advertisers to target emotionally insecure teenagers.

European Council accepts guidelines for Brexit talks

On Saturday, 29 April, the European Council approved guidelines for talks with Britain for this country’s exit from the European Union, as confirmed by Latvian Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis’ press-secretary Andrejs Vaivars.

Snap parliamentary election called in Malta

The Prime Minister of EU’s presiding country, Malta, Joseph Muscat has announced that a snap parliamentary election will be held in the country to safeguard it from uncertainty linked to claims that the PM’s family owns an offshore company in Panama.

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