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Saturday 16.12.2017 | Name days: Alvīne

Pabriks: there is a serious risk of drop in quality in the ranks of Latvia’s army

Declining physical exercise among youngsters affects the quality of Latvia’s armed forces, says Latvian MEP Artis Pabriks.

Extended work shifts to be shortened for doctors in Latvia

Continuing gradual phasing out of extended work time for doctors, the Saeima decided on Thursday, 26 October, to approve amendments to the Medical Treatment Law. These amendments provide for shortening the extended work hours and establishing payment principles in 2018 and 2019.

Real estate developer: there is growth for economic-class apartments

KBO real estate property developer has sold 60% of its apartments over the course of four months – since the commissioning of the second apartment building. As for the first apartment building, 80% of its apartments have been sold. Each of the buildings has 108 apartments with areas from 30 to 71 m2, as reported by representatives.

FCMC decides to keep countercyclical capital buffer rate at 0%

Considering current macroeconomic and financial sector indexes, the Finance Capital and Market Commission council has decided to keep countercyclical capital buffer rate unchanged for exposures signed with Latvian domestic clients, preserving it at 0%.

Matter with emergency medical assistance on Latvian-Lithuanian border is getting nowhere

It is important for Latvia and Lithuania to reach an agreement on mutual cooperation regarding provision of emergency medical assistance in border territories as soon as possible, said Latvia’s delegation in the Baltic Assembly during the meeting with Latvian Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis.

Kasperky Lab: a new ransomware epidemic has begun

There have been two major ransom virus attacks this year – WannaCry and ExPetr (Petya and NotPetya). It seems a third attack has become: the new virus is called Bad Rabbit, as reported by Kaspersky Lab experts.

Tragic blast in Kyiv deemed assassination attempt

An explosion has taken place in Kyiv, which has been called an assassination attempt. One person has been killed and three more have been wounded with a member of the Ukrainian Vekhovna Rada being among them.

Residents would search for jobs if their current one had no career options

Lack of career growth opportunities is the main reason why Latvian residents would consider looking for a new job, according to results of a recent CV Market survey.

Counterfeit goods cause losses of EUR 141 million to Latvia’s economy every year

Counterfeit goods cause losses worth more than EUR 141 million for Latvia’s national economy every year, says Patent Office director Sandris Laganovskis. Aside from financial losses, approximately 2,500 jobs are regularly lost because of counterfeit goods.

CSB: number of internet users increases every year

At the beginning of 2017, 78.5 % of Latvia population aged 16–74 used Internet on regular basis. Since 2010, the indicator has risen by 16 percentage points, whereas compared to the previous year – by 1.5 percentage points.

Construction permits provided for Rail Baltica stations, a bridge and embankment project

State Railway Technical Inspectorate has provided three construction permits to Rail Baltica project’s organizer in Latvia – European Railway Lines. The three permits account for the construction of Rail Baltica Riga stations, bridge and embankment, as reported by Development and Cooperation Department.

Estonian trade unions: 1 000 minimum wage – not realistic

Head of Estonian Trade Union Confederation has evaluated that increasing the minimum monthly wage to 1,000 euros is not realistic at the moment, although local politicians and businessmen have suggested the four-digit number.

500-kg-large Soviet training mine found at Liepaja port

During Flotex 2017 navy exercises, Mine Squadron dive team found an underwater object about 0.8 nautical miles away from Liepaja port’s northern gates. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the object was a KMD 500 mine, as reported by Latvian Defence Ministry.

Minister: after the school reform, teachers’ monthly wages will grow to EUR 1,500

Sorting out the school network will bring teachers the opportunity to earn more money for their work, said Latvian Education and Science Minister Kārlis Šadurskis in an interview to 900 seconds of LNT.

New ransomware affects computer systems in Ukraine and Russia

Computer systems in Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere have been affected by a new strain of ransomware entitled Bad Rabbit and is said to be bearing similarities to the WannaCry and Petya outbreaks earlier in 2017.

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