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Tuesday 24.10.2017 | Name days: Renāte, Modrīte, Mudrīte

Zeltins evasive about Loginovs’ future at Riga Freeport

The former CEO of Riga Freeport Leonids Loginovs, who has been appointed as the advisor to the new CEO, is only of many port employees. The entire team will be evaluated, said CEO of Riga Freeport Ansis Zeltins in an interview to Rīta Panorāma.

Advice for effective use of mobile communications abroad

It has been a month since the European Union adopted unified mobile services across all member states without additional fees. Bite recommends keeping in mind three major aspects that will help improve experience from using mobile communications when travelling abroad.

Bank: average insurance amount paid in the event of death – EUR 10,000

Latvian residents most often pick life insurance to take care of their family. The sense of responsibility for their loved ones is the most important factor for residents – this was mentioned by 44% of Latvian residents, according to insurance data compiled by Swedbank.

13 Estonian municipalities oppose forced mergers in court

Two small municipalities situated in Harju County, Estonia, have opposed their upcoming model of forced merger adding to 11 other local governments in that have challenged their models before the Estonian Supreme Court.

56% of employers in Latvia use digital tools for personnel management

More than 56% of interviewed employers in Latvia say they use digital solutions for everyday personnel management processes.

Experts explain what residents should know about cancer screening

Cancer is a disease that can be treated if diagnosed in an early stage. The lack of knowledge is often the factor that prevents successful diagnosing at an early stage to commence early treatment, BNN was told by representatives of Healthcare Ministry, National Health Service and Disease Prevention and Control Center.

Research: Users' private web habits are simple to expose

A German study into firms that store the browsing history of web users has revealed to researchers, for example, the pornographic preferences of a judge, a cyber-crime investigation and the drug preferences of a politician.

Russia: Poland could face sanctions, if it removes Soviet WW2 monuments

Russia's Foreign Ministry has warned Poland that in case it carries out plans to remove monuments glorifying the victory of the Soviet Red Army in World War Two, Russia could introduce sanctions.

Trump sends US Vice President to Baltic States to demonstrate solidarity and support

«The president sent me here so that I would say this – we are with you. We are with Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian people and countries. And we will always be together,» said US Vice President Mike Pence on Monday, 31 July.

Parliamentary investigation committee plans to have a word with «Ridzene team»

To evaluate certain parts of the scandalous conversations in Ridzene Hotel, the parliamentary investigative committee plans to invite Aivars Lembergs, Airnars Slesers and Janis Duklavs for an interview, says committee chairperson Inguna Sudraba.

Estonian industrial production increases 15% from June last year

The production of industrial companies in Estonia was higher 15% in June 2017, as compared to June last year, estimated Statistics Estonia.

Aboltina admits situation in Unity is heavy, but she remains an optimist

The current situation in Unity is heavy, but the congress should nonetheless prove that the party is worthy of being on Latvia’s political stage, said Unity’s Saeima faction leader Solvita Aboltina in an interview to Diena.

Employers: a massive tax reform is developed, but there is still a lot of work left

«As a socially responsible organization, we believe changes to the tax system are a step in the right direction. But work is not over yet. True benefits from the reform will appear only once people’s attitude changes,» employers comment on the tax reform.

Week in Lithuania. Lithuanian PM: VAT discount on heating, hotels will remain

Value-added tax (VAT) discount for centralized heating and hotels will remain, says Lithuania's Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis, adding that the government would announce the proposed tariff next week.

Riga airport serviced more than 40% of passengers and cargoes in Baltics

In the first half-year of 2017, Riga International Airport retained the leader position among Baltic airports, according to statistical data on the airport’s operational results.

Latvia’s number of officials higher than the average in Europe; job cuts expected

As part of the state administration reform, job cuts are planned for 58,000 employees of different institutions. This does not apply to independent institutions such as the prosecutor’s office, Saeima, State Audit and Supreme Court.

Electric car maker Tesla aims at mass market with Model 3

American electric car maker Tesla has unveiled its new Model 3 car, to be sold for less than half the price of the firm's previous models.

Weather especially hot in Latvia this week; meteorologists predict thunderstorms

Monday, 31 July, is expected to be hot in Latvia. However, a cold atmospheric front will cross the country in the afternoon, bringing rain and even thunderstorms to central and eastern regions, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.