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Sunday 26.03.2017 | Name days: Eiženija, Ženija

LDz: significant increase noted in black metal segment

The volume of coal transported via LDz infrastructure had increased significantly in December 2016 – the volume of coal cargoes had increased by 28.4% when compared with December 2015. Overall, LDz has transported nearly 16 million tons of coal in one year, as confirmed by the company.

Cigane: Riga’s tram project must not be kept in secret

«The project must not be kept in secret. Unfortunately, so far communication with the public has not been sufficient. This created concerns that people are kept in the dark about Rīgas satiksme’s project,» – said Saeima member Lolita Cigane.

Saeima hopes to improve quality of legislation by forming Analytical Service

Formation of a new parliamentary structural unit – Analytical Service – has been approved by the Saeima. It will come into force on 1 March 2017, as confirmed by Saeima’s press-service.

Road Transport Administration to increase bus control measures

«Sometimes residents pay the driver without taking the ticket, thinking it will help the worker get some extra money. What people do not consider, however, is that this kind of behaviour can potentially result in the route being cancelled, or them being fined,» – says Road Transport Administration’s chairman Kristians Godins.

Latvia’s education system to change drastically in 2018

In 2018, a drastically different education system will be adopted in Latvian schools, notes Education and Science Ministry’s representative Andis Geizans.

Where is Latvia located: Eastern or Northern Europe?

Although geographically Latvia has been declared situated in the UN Northern European Group since 2002, in the regional groups list Latvia still remains part of Eastern Europe.

LVC: a solution is needed to improve the road situation in Latvia

Latvia has the lowest state financing of roads among Baltic States, representatives of Latvian State Roads informed journalists on Monday, 9 January.

Experts: using imported energy resources for heating we feed another country’s economy

When building a home and picking an appropriate heating system, people inquire about the building’s heating consumption and picking the best heating solution, says Tulikivi heating systems expert Digna Nolberga and RB&B expert Harijs Tucs.

Lusis: capacity of Russian ports is not limitless

Competition in the transit industry has undoubtedly become sharper lately. Nevertheless, there will be cargoes headed in Latvia’s direction, predicts chairman of Latvijas Dzelzceļš subsidiary enterprise LDz Logistics Verners Lusis.

Frost and thaw to be present in equal measure in Latvia this week

On Monday, 9 January, warmer masses of air will start flowing to Latvia with moderate southern wind: air temperature will likely rise to 0° C… -5° C and -1° C… +4° C along the coast, as reported by the Environmental, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Cargo turnover of Baltic ports declines 3.7% in 11 months

In the 11 months of 2016, Baltic ports received and transshipped a total of 132,632 million tons of cargoes, which is 3.7% or 5.099 million tons less when compared with the same period of 2015, according to data from the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia.

Latvians during winter: we eat more filling meals and in greater amounts

A study by ELVI showed that Latvians usually make more filling meals and prefer to dine at home when chilly winter comes.

LPTA: retail traders to suffer from consequences of low-quality legislation

Latvian food retail trade volumes could come close to last year’s, when turnover increased by only a couple of percent, as predicted by CEO of Latvian Food Traders Association Noris Kruzitis.

Bookmakers predict – what will 2017 bring for Latvia

2016 has concluded and has written itself into history with different expected and unexpected events. All that remains is think about 2017. Triobet bookmakers have expressed multiple versions about events that could surprise Latvians in 2017.

SA: equal bonus pay provision has to be introduced in state administration

Lately the volume of bonus pay and monetary gifts in state administration has been increasing. It would be best to introduce a reasonable and fair system for payment of bonuses, believes State Audit.

Riga Tourism Centre: 20% of all visitors on holidays were Russians

On holidays, from Christmas to 1 January 2017, tourist information centres in Riga were visited by 17% more tourists than last year, according to information from Riga Tourism Development Bureau.