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Saturday 19.08.2017 | Name days: Melānija, Imanta

Estonian Coop Pank to provide banking services in 350 stores

The upcoming Coop Pank bank of the Estonian cooperative company Coop will replace and plans to open bank offices in 350 Coop locations in Estonia.

Unemployment level in Latvia the lowest it has been in the past eight years

Unemployment in Latvia was 7.2% at the beginning of July and 7.1% at the end. This is the lowest unemployment index in the country since 2009, according to data from the State Employment Agency.

Volkswagen announces discounts to customers in Germany to change their old diesels

German carmaker Volkswagen has stated this week that buyers in Germany would receive discounts reaching 10 000 euros if they return their older diesel vehicles and purchase a new vehicle.

French President to drop plans to define status of first lady

French President Emmanuel Macron will drop plans to define an official status for his spouse Brigitte.

Housing support programme provided with additional funding EUR 2.5 million

On Tuesday, 8 August, the Cabinet of Minister decided to allocate additional funding of EUR 2.5 million for Altum development finance institution’s housing support programme to sustain it until the end of the year, BNN was informed by Economy Ministry.

BATL: absurd decisions may cause a complete collapse in Latvia

Problems keep piling up in the transport and logistics industry, which is the second largest national economy industry in Latvia. On top of that, this industry may experience a complete collapse because of two unreasonable and absurd decisions, experts say.

Average consumer price level up 2.6% in Latvia

Compared to July 2016, the average level of consumer prices increased by 2.6 % in July 2017. Prices of goods grew by 2.6 % and prices of services by 2.9 %.

In pictures: Georgia remembers soldiers killed in Russo-Georgian war

Marking the ninth anniversary of the war between Georgia and Russia, in a memorial in Tbilisi on Tuesday, August 8, the fallen Georgian soldiers have been remembered.

Two Indian citizens denied entry to Latvia

Latvian State Border Guard has apprehended 45 perpetrators at the state border at the beginning of the week. At the same time, two Indian and one Russian citizen were denied entry to Latvia because they had no valid visa or residence permit.

KNAB starts new inspection associated with oligarch case

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has commenced a new inspection associated with the so-called oligarch case. This time the inspection is about possible illegal acceptance of benefits by officials, as confirmed by KNAB management on Tuesday, 8 August.

Third country nationals start taking lasting vacant jobs in Latvia

Third party nationals in Latvia have begun taking the jobs that remained vacant for a long time and received no interest from local residents, said State Employment Agency Director Evita Simsone in an interview to 900 seconds on Tuesday, 3 August.

Government promises to prepare Healthcare Financing Law this month

By the end of August, the National Tripartite Cooperation Council plans will have created the initial version of the Healthcare Financing Law, as promised by Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis.

Government proposes rules for students to cover exams only in Latvian language

The Cabinet of Ministers Committee has submitted two projects for rules developed by Education and Science Ministry for the government to review. Those rules propose making sure 9th and 12th grade students cover exams only in Latvian language.

Germany to begin returning migrants to Greece

Germany plans to resume sending asylum seekers to Greece, even though reception centres in the Southern European country are overcrowded and there is a mass of claims asylum claims to be processed.

Prosecutor Leja delegated for cooperation with parliamentary investigation committee

In cooperation with Saeima parliamentary committee responsible for the investigation of the Oligarch case, the Prosecutor General’s Office has delegated prosecutor Maris Leja, as confirmed by the committee’s chairperson Inguna Sudraba.

Antane: railway cargo decline is significant

Latvia’s railway system is inefficient and needs to be changed so that we can compete with other countries, because the tariffs Latvia has now are too high, said Baltic Association – Transport and Logistics President Inga Antane in an interview to Rīta Panorāma programme of LTV.

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