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Sunday 30.04.2017 | Name days: Liāna, Lilija, Alta

SEA organizes Vacancies Fair to help job seekers find work

Latvian State Employment Agency continues accepting applications from different employers for participation in the Vacancies Fair.

Riga to commemorate victims of Chernobyl disaster

Next week there will be a special event organized at P.Stradins Clinical University Hospital to commemorate the victims of Chernobyl disaster, as reported by chairman of Latvian Union Chernobyl Arnolds Arvaldis Verzemnieks.

Murniece: we will never recognize the unlawful annexation of Crimea

Latvia strictly stands in favour of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and will continue providing practical support to the Ukrainian people, said Saeima speaker Inara Murniece and members of the parliament’s Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee on Wednesday, 19 April.

Sarin used in tragic Syrian attack, Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has found

In the tragic attack in Syria, to which the U.S. has responded with its first missile attack on Syrian government forces, sarin gas or similar substance has been used, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has announced.

Government supports amendments to improve monitoring of food circulation

To improve monitoring of circulation of food products and introduce requirements of the European Union, Saeima’s National Economy Committee supported amendments to the Food Circulation Monitoring Law on Wednesday, 19 April.

Research: Pesticide residues found in 97% of food available in EU

In over 97% of all food products sold in the European Union pesticide residues can be found, show analyses conducted by member state food safety watchdogs.

Study: stereotypes are a major obstacle for women to work in IT

Only 6% of residents believe that IT is an appropriate sector for women to work in, according to results of a study carried out by Tele2 Shared Service Center and Snapshots.

EU contest results: participants tend to lean towards EU’s collapse

Participants of the contest «EU: mid-life crisis or second wind?» expressed rather sceptical opinions about the future of the European Union. Most participants said the EU could collapse, according to results of a contest performed by Es & Es and Spoki portal.

10-50-million-euro worth solar park planned in Estonia, by Finnish firm

Fortum, a Finnish group of energy companies, has announced plans to build a solar panel park in eastern Estonia and to invest in the project 10 to 50 million euros.

Coalition politician reluctant about the plan to increase excise tax on fuel

Unity is sceptical about the publicly voiced plan to increase excise tax on fuel. Other members of the coalition are reluctant to comment this matter, because there is no official confirmation that this plan will be realized.

Mobile Air Control and Reporting Centre to be stationed in Lielvarde again

In hopes of contributing to the enhance the presence of NATO forces in eastern regions of the alliance, German armed forces have deployed a mobile Air Control and Reporting Centre at Lielvarde air force base. The centre will be staying there for the next three months.

Suspected planner of St Petersburg attack «was given orders and followed them»

A man, who has been arrested this week in Russia as being the suspected planner of the St Petersburg metro attack, has denied accusations, but his lawyer has stated he has fully confessed.

EU: Britain’s snap election would not change course of Brexit

After the UK government announced plans to hold a snap parliamentary election this summer, EU’s European Council has noted that events in British politics would not alter the course of negotiations on the country’s exit from the bloc.

International logistics operator Pony Express enters Latvia’s market

Pony Express has announced its entry to the European market. Its first office will be opened in Riga, company representatives say.

Tele2 expands frequency in Estonia aiming 4.75G

Telecommunications firm Tele2 has purchased more volume in the 2,300-megahertz frequency band to be able to upgrade its 4.5G network to 4.75G network and to reach the goal as the first among its competitors.

Bergmanis satisfied that Canadian-led combat group will be stationed in Latvia

«Latvia is a member of the world’s strongest military alliance, and the presence of Canadian-led combat group in the country will significantly strengthen our defensive capabilities,» says Latvian Defence Minister Raimonds Bergmanis.

DPD Latvia commences cooperation with Pasta Stacija

DPD Latvia has commenced cooperation with Pasta Stacija, offering clients more freedom of choice when it comes to receiving packages in locations most convenient to them, BNN was informed by the company.

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