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Saturday 24.03.2018 | Name days: Kazimirs, Izidors

Ašeradens admits the need to change Unity’s operational model

Unity’s chairman and Latvia’s Economy Minister Arvils Ašeradens see no reason to recall and reform Unity’s Saeima faction, as requested by Kustības Par! members. He does admit, however, that it is necessary to change the party’s operational model.

Moscow rejects British claims of Russia meddling in elections

Leading politicians in Russia have rejected statements by British Prime Minister Therese May, who blamed Russia for meddling in elections and cyber-spying. Leonid Slutsky, the head of the foreign affairs committee in the lower house of the Russian Parliament, commented: «Russia, like the UK, is by no means striving to bring back the Cold War».

LOSP surprised about Dālderis’ attitude towards VAT differentiation for fruits and vegetables

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives is surprised about the opinion of Kustība Par! board member Ints Dālderis on the idea for the differentiation of VAT for fruits and vegetables.

Number of foreign guests serviced in Latvian accommodation establishments grows 12.6%

964.1 thousand visitors stayed at Latvian tourist accommodation establishments in Q3 2017, which is 11.8 % more than during the respective period of 2016. Compared to the previous year, the number of nights spent by visitors has increased by 14.4 %, reaching 1.86 million. The average length of stay comprised 1.9 nights.

FCMC applies 890,000 euros fine to Meridian Trade Bank

Finance and Capital Market Commission has made the decision to apply a fine of EUR 889,651 to Meridian Trade Bank, as confirmed by FCMC Council.

Kārums starts producing cheese cakes; 70,000 invested in assortment expansion

Milk processing company Food Union has expanded the assortment of Kārums products by offering customers something new – Kārums cheese cake. Creation of this new product cost the company an investment of EUR 70,000, as reported by Food Union.

Booming alcohol stores on Latvian-Estonian border to expand

Facing large interest from Estonian customers, alcohol stores located at the Latvian side of the defunct Ainaži-Ikla border crossing rush to expand their premises.

Estonia detains suspected Russian spy, Embassy – perplexed

The top Russian diplomat in Estonia has expressed perplexity of suspicion by Estonian authorities that a Russian citizen detained in the Narva border crossing could be an agents of the Russian Federal Security Service.

Death-toll after Iran-Iraq quake increases, warm shelter needed

In the Middle East, following the November 12 earthquake, which hit the border regions of Iran and Iraq thousands of people have passed the second cold night outdoors.

FVS finds traces of banned substances in Canpol Babies latex teats

Latvia’s Food and Veterinary Service has called for a full withdrawal of Canpol Babies latex teats from circulation due to the discovery of migration of N-nitrosatable substances. These chemical substances are toxic and can do serious damage to human health.

Rinkēvičs invites EU to continue investing in African women’s education

In the discussion regarding EU-African relations and preparations for the Africa-EU Summit, which will take place in Côte d'Ivoire at the end of November, Latvian Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs emphasized the importance of comprehensive and sustainable cooperation.

National Alliance urges employees to speak in state language

On Monday, 13 November, the National Alliance asked coalition partners to support amendments to the Labour Law that would make it so employees, when performing their duties, are to communicate with Latvian residents in the state language, as reported by party’s representatives.

Updated: Tragic earthquake in Middle East

In the Middle East, the border regions of Iraq and Iran have been shaken by a 7.3-magnitude earthquake, which has taken the lives of no less than 354 people and resulted in injuries to several thousand people.

Barometer: Christmas markets in Riga recognized as the most affordable in Europe

This year, Riga will have the most affordable Christmas markets in Europe. Estimates shows that spending time at such markets at a weekend will cost two people around GBP 504 or EUR 570.33, according to the Christmas markets barometer data.

Construction output in Latvia up 25% in Q3 2017

Compared to the corresponding period of 2016, construction output in Latvia has increased by 25 % in Q3 2017. Construction output at current prices amounted to 580.8 million euros.

Business without tax returns – goal to Estonian tax collector

Submitting tax returns to the tax collector i san integral part of doing business, isn’t it? The Estonian Tax and Customs Board thinks otherwise and has voiced its long-term goal of giving up tax returns in favour of data-based information exchange.

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