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Monday 25.06.2018 | Name days: Maiga, Milija

Crisis Management Council declared nation-wide natural catastrophe in Latvia’s forestry

At the end of 2017 the Crisis Management Council declared a nation-wide catastrophe in the country’s forestry, as reported by Agriculture Ministry.

Global Finance declares SEB Bank’s digital solutions the best in Baltic States

When assessing digital solutions provided by banks in central and eastern Europe, international business and finance magazine Global Finance declared SEB Bank’s internet banking service the best in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, as confirmed by the bank.

Citadele: businessmen believe grey economy has a tendency to decrease

73% of Latvian businessmen believe the volume of grey economy in their represented industry is either low or non-existent. In addition, the grey economy has a tendency to reduce, according to results of Citadele Index.

Survey: youngsters in Latvia save up money for travel or first mortgage instalment

More than half of Latvian youngsters aged 18 to 25 make savings by diverting an average of EUR 50 every month. Around 60% of youngsters make savings for something specific, such as travel, big purchases or first mortgage instalment, as concluded in SEB Bank’s survey.

Court in Tallinn upholds decision for ruling party to pay to state 110,100 euros

A court in Tallinn has dismissed Estonian ruling Centre Party's appeal against a decision by party funding watchdog to regard the party's large cash reserves as an illegal donation that should be transferred to the state budget.

Latvian Border Guard to be given right to register data on all people crossing country’s border

The government plans to provide the State Border Guard with the right to register and save information about all persons crossing Latvia’s border, as confirmed by Interior Affairs Ministry.

American lawyer believes bitcoin created by Estonian IT researcher

As attempts to find the mysterious inventor of bitcoin continue, an American lawyer has noted he believes that Estonian cryptographer Helger Lipmaa working in Tartu can be identified as the author of the crypto-currency – a claim rejected by the Estonian himself.

Poland introduces online paedophile register with personal data and photos

As Poland introduces a new publicly available online register of convicted paedophiles, its government believes that the new measure is a very successful tool to safeguard children.

Colder masses of air to flow into Latvia; snow expected in many areas

On Friday, 5 January, a new cyclone will approach Latvia from the west. Because of that, weather in the country will remain cloudy and rich with precipitation. Most of Latvia will experience rainfall, but some areas may have wet snow as well, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Apple: Major chip flaws affected all its smartphones, tablets and Mac computers

Computer technology giant Apple has stated that all its iPhone and iPad devices, as well as its Mac computers have been affected by key computer chip flaws entitled Meltdown and Spectre that other tech companies have been rushing to resolve this week after fearing the bugs could allow hackers to steal data.

Ex-corruption watchdog: Sudraba and Leja behaved like «oligarch mafia’s extensions» at meeting

Chairperson of Saeima’s Oligarchs case Parliamentary Investigatory Committee Inguna Sudraba and prosecutor Māris Leja behaved like «extensions of oligarch mafia» during the last closed meeting, said former deputy chief of Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) and current member of Riga City Council Juta Strīķe.

KVV Liepājas metalurgs’ potential investor given two weeks to consider purchase

The potential investor of insolvent KVV Liepājas metalurgs is given two weeks to consider purchasing the company, says Latvian Economy Minister Arvils Ašeradens.

Number of passengers carried by airBaltic in December up 27%

In December 2017, Latvian airBaltic airline carried 27% or 260,000 more passengers in comparison with the same period of 2016. This is the largest number of carried passengers in December in the airline’s history, according to provisional data from airBaltic.

With 2% of Belarusians suffering from alcohol related illnesses, Minsk looks into ways to cut drinking

Belarusian Health Ministry has estimated that close to 2% of the country’s 9.5 million-large nation have been in 2016 diagnosed as suffering from alcohol-related psychosis or as alcoholics.

Adults and children provided with 453 counselling sessions during Christmas

During Christmas, State Child Rights Protection Inspectorate’s trust line 116111 received a total of 469 calls. This trust line was created to assist people – adults and children – with solving different family-related problems.

Estonia’s territory cannot by occupied in matter of days, notes army chief of staff

Estonia’s territory cannot be captured by a foreign power in the matter of days, although certain areas of the country could be occupied in such a short time, evaluated the chief of staff of the Estonian Defence Forces.

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