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Tuesday 27.06.2017 | Name days: Malvīne, Malvis

Estonian economist: Latvia should not rush to join eurozone

Estonia has been too quick in joining the eurozone, so it is to become one of the poorest countries in the «community» of rich ones, therefore Latvia should not rush with joining the eurozone, says Tallinn University professor Ivar Raig.

Reduced VAT rate to be raised in nine sectors

It is planned to raise the reduced value added tax rate from 10% to 12% for heating, natural gas, firewood, transport services, books, newspapers, medicinal products, medical devices and medical supplies of goods, as well as for guest accommodation services, suggests the obtained Ministry of Finance budget consolidation plan.

Corruption Prevention and Combatting Bureau detains local municipality Head for bribing

Corruption Prevention and Combatting Bureau (CPCB) initiated criminal proceedings in October 2010 against a local municipality Head for bribing another state official.

Law amendments on judges, prosecutors and parliamentarians inclusion into single-salary system

Law amendments have been prepared under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice of Latvia and submitted further for consideration in the closed government session on November 16. The new amendments provide judges, prosecutors and parliamentarians inclusion into the single-salary system.

Study: majority of Latvia’s population does not want soon euro introduction

Only 36% of the inhabitants of Latvia wish that the euro is introduced as soon as possible, while 43% gave a negative answer, but one fifth of the surveyed did not have any particular opinion on this issue, indicates the study conducted by SKDS within the framework of an interactive campaign Attieksme pret naudu.

Survey: over half of Latvia residents believe housing prices will not change

Nearly 68% of the inhabitants of Latvia consider that in the upcoming year housing prices will not drop and will not be lower than they are at the moment, suggests SEB Mājokļu cenu indicators data.

Abolishing the reduced VAT rate would add a santim to kilowatt-hour price

If the government adopted the decision to abolish the reduced value added tax rate to electric energy, people would have to pay a santim more for each kilowatt-hour.

State Audit Office: low-income benefits granted for families with six cars

Social security net funds were spent on such people, who despite their needy family status, have managed to purchase even several cars, concluded the State Audit Office of Latvia (SAO).

Centralization needs a «super» holding

State-owned enterprises management should be centralized into a single holding, thus obtaining 100 million lats additional revenue already in 2011 and attracting internationally recognized experts, concluded Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance (BICG).

Crisis does not affect peat processing

Data on the major Latvian peat processing companies has been compiled for the first time, according to reports submitted to the database SIA Lursoft - they have had a successful year.

Government considers applying 22% VAT rate to electricity

When working on 2011 state budget the government is also considering the proposal of applying 22% value added tax rate to electricity, confirms the Deputy Chairman of Latvian Free Trade Unions' Association Egils Baldzens.

EU trade balance deficit – 11.7 billion euro

The European Union balance of trade has reached 11.7 billion euro deficit, compared to the September of 2009, when the budget deficit was 10.5 billion euro, indicate Eurostat data.

China to form 24% of 2030 world output

China economy will surpass the United States by 2030, forming 24% of the world output.

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