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Tuesday 25.07.2017 | Name days: Jēkabs, Žaklīna

Foreign trade turnover increases by 7.7%

This year in September the total foreign trade turnover at current prices comprised 1008.3 million lats – by 7.7% or 71.7million lats more than a month ago, and by 30.5% or 235.6 million lats more than in September 2009, suggest the Central Statistical Bureau data.

GDP grows by 2.7%

During the third quarter of 2010, gross domestic product (GDP) volume at constant prices (according to seasonally unadjusted data) has increased by 2.7%, in comparison with the third quarter of 2009.

Latvia Finance Ministry: more consolidation expected, if budget is not adopted by late 2010

If 2011 budget is not adopted until the end of the year, more consolidation measures will be necessary next year than it is possible at the present moment, estimated the Ministry of Finance.

Major landowners in Riga – the same as in 2009

Last year, changes, though not so rapid and extensive as during the «fat years», have also taken place in the list of the owners of Capital’s largest and most valuable land– many familiar names and surnames have been replaced with new ones. However, the major owners of land in Riga have retained their positions.

Expert: 2nd Tier pension scheme should be inherited

It was previously promised contributions to the 2nd Tier scheme will be at the extent of 4%. Now the previously made promises to one million workers have been broken. If in the long term the rate is less than 6%, then our future pensions will be lower, indicates the Director of Swedbank Investment Management Harijs Svarcs.

Latvia Minister of Justice reviews cadastral values

The new Minister of Justice Aigars Štokenbergs has started to reconsider real estate cadastral values, in order to make them more residents friendly.

Economists: modest price level increase to be expected in future

The consumer prices have resumed the path of growth and moderate inflation can be expected in the future, yet there are no grounds for concerns about a significant peak in the consumer prices in the nearest future, consider the economists.

Government plans to submit 2011 budget draft to Saeima on December 7

In the following weeks, the government intends to work in accordance with a very intense work schedule so that the next year’s state budget could be submitted to Saeima on December 7.

Inflation grows by 0.4%

This year in October, compared to September, the inflation has increased by 0.4%, indicate the Central Statistical Bureau data.

Relatives hired as deputies’ assistants and advisers also in the 10th Saeima

Also in the 10th Saeima convocation some relatives will be hired as advisors and assistants to Deputies.

Mid-December sets micro-enterprise tax rate applications deadline

Companies can apply for the micro-enterprise tax rate for the next taxation period by December 15 this year.

Latvia Finance Ministry: budget revenue plan is over-implemented

Overall, 315.7 million lats were collected in the state budget revenues last month, which is 109.2% compared to the planned amount. While over the ten months of 2010, 3.03 billion lats were received in the state budget revenues, which constitute 102.2% implementation against the plan, suggest the State Revenue Service aggregated data.