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Tuesday 21.11.2017 | Name days: Andis, Zeltīte

Speed cameras to record more varied offenses

Starting from October 22 speed cameras in Latvia will record not only speeding, but also vehicles without technical inspection and compulsory third party insurance. Such additions to the software cost 10 000 lats and it is planned to upgrade the cameras also in future.

Europe asks for wage increase

The European Parliament (EP) has proposed introducing single minimal wage system. Currently the resolution is advisory in nature, yet the European Union executive power owns all the legislative instruments to make the idea «obligatory».

Number of initiated insolvencies grows by 7.26%

Number if initiated insolvencies in first nine months of the year, when compared to the last year, has grown by 145 or 7.26%.

IMF: more austerity measures necessary

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) asks Eastern European governments to implement even tougher austerity measures to reduce the budget deficit, restore banking sectors and promote growth.

Haim Kogan: fuel excise tax increase will hit the country’s economy

Fuel excise tax must not be increased, such action would hit the entire country's economy, said Lukoil Baltija R Deputy Chairman Haim Kogan in an interview to the business news portal BNN.

Producer price level in manufacturing rises by 0.5%

The total producer price level in Latvian manufacturing industry in September, compared to August 2010, rose by 0.5%.

Moody's: Russian banks lending volumes may evoke new financial crisis

Russian banks keep increasing lending volumes to their largest clients, which is risky as it might evoke another financial crisis, concludes the rating agency Moody's.

Russians might acquire Orlen Lietuva refinery

At least seven companies are interested in acquiring Lithuanian state-owned refinery Orlen Lietuva.

Analyst: Estonian unemployment will not drop as companies work efficiently

The unemployment in Estonia will not decrease significantly because the companies have started to work more cost-effectively – the same work amount is now done by a smaller number of employees, considers the Estonian Statistics Department analyst Krusel Sim.

Parex Bank shareholders ask Constitutional Court to assess Credit Institutions law

Eight foreign companies, indicating they once owned 8.4% of AS Parex bank capital, have applied to the Constitutional Court (CC).

Association: lack of processing hinders profitable biological products business

The prospective business of biological or ecological agricultural sectors are halted by the lack of product processing, said the Chairman of the Association of Latvian Organic Agriculture Board Gustavs Norkarklis.