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Tuesday 23.01.2018 | Name days: Strauta, Grieta

LatRosTrans starts pumping out the pipeline oil

Having conducted detailed preparation and research work, experts give SIA LatRosTrans the green light to pump out oil of its owned pipeline and to transfer it to a reservoir, the business portal BNN was informed by the company.

Unemployment rate in Estonia grows by 1 599 people in a week’s time

Within a week’s time, from November 19 to 25, the number of unemployed persons in Estonia has increased by 1 599 people, making the registered unemployment rate mount to 10.3% of the economically active population.

Grindeks profit this year - 5.2 million lats

The company Grindeks profit hits 5.2 million lats in nine months of 2010 reporting a triple, compared to the exact period in 2009.

airBaltic advertises at Riga City Council expense

The newly-launched advertisement funded by Riga City Council highlights ten things that tourists should know about Riga, including airBaltic planes, BalticBike, BalticTaxi, as well as ESPA beauty salon.

Aerodium: Latvia's brand name is trendy in China

After the participation at the international exhibition World Expo 2010, Latvia has become trendy in China – currently it is possible to sell anything under its brand name, said the amusement and leisure park service company Aerodium Chairman Ivars Beitans and the Communication Manager Ansis Egle.

Latvia Ministry of Welfare: contributions to 2nd Tier of pensions will form 2%

The amount of contributions directed to the 2nd Tier of pensions in 2011 and 2012 will form 2%. This will ensure additional funds to the state social insurance budget deficit reduction, as well as provide full state social insurance services to people.

Latvia Finance Minister: foreign investments propel national economy

Foreign investment is a stimulus for the national economy development, said the Minister of Finance Andris Vilks, when unveiling the international Cohesion Fund from 2000 to 2006 planning period closing conference «Cohesion Fund 10-year investment in Latvia».

Doctors regard Estonia’s Sickness Insurance Fund budget draft as unlawful

The Sickness Insurance Fund’s budget draft for the year 2011, which is scheduled for second reading at the Estonian parliament, still does not comply with the legislation and the government’s requirements, considers the Estonian Doctors’ Union.

Latvia hotel industry services 29.5% more clients than last year

In the third quarter of the year, hotels and other tourism accommodations serviced 532.4 thousand people or 29.5% more than in the exact period of the last year.

Court does not cancel decision to make People's Party repay 1.03 million lats

Administrative District Court has rejected People's Party complaint, thus leaving in force the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) decision to make the party to transfer to the state budget funds at the amount of 1.03 million lats, received and spent illegally.

Route taxi sector likely to be over-taken by Rigas Satiksme

Rīgas Satiksme is likely to take over the route taxi sector. The reason for this is the necessity to change the passenger transport system, as well as to adjust it to the European Union criteria.

Unemployment benefit to be cut in particular cases

In order to comply with the State Audit Office (SAO) instructions, the Ministry of Welfare (MW) in Latvia has developed amendments, providing elimination of injustice in the system of unemployment benefits for people with different seniority levels, therefore, starting from 2011 unemployment benefit will be smaller for some groups.

Latvia is not ready for electric cars

Electric cars in Latvia are as crucial as the new National Library. It would promote the image of the state, while efficiency factor is close to a zero in both cases, told automobiles dealer.

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