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Wednesday 25.04.2018 | Name days: Līksma, Bārbala

Cheapest commodities bought the most at antique shops

If previously antiquities, paintings and furniture were the most purchased by real estate brokers and others working in this business, now the customers of antique shops are mainly people who have saved up money during the crisis.

Electricity price in Latvia likely to be higher than in UK and France

On Monday, February 14, the Public Utilities Commission is holding a meeting on the submitted new electricity tariff draft by AS Latvenergo. It provides that households with an average monthly consumption over 100 kWh of electricity will have to pay significantly more than in the previous years.

Economist: investments - matter of life and death for Latvia

Investments are of vital importance for Latvia, it is a matter of life and death and it is now the mater of the political policy - how the government plans attracting them, according to SEB banka economist Dainis Gašpuitis.

Expert: workplace safety problem areas - textile processing and polygraphy

Building and wood processing sectors were the most problematic workplace safety areas some years ago, however currently textile processing and polygraphy have replaced them, Inspecta Prevention Board member Linda Matisāne told the business news portal BNN.

Riga spends 3.2 million lats on streets and bridges winter maintenance in January

In January 3.2 million lats were spent from Riga’s street and bridge winter maintenance, and Riga City Council Traffic Department estimates there will be enough funds for this year. The financial resources for streets and bridges maintenance in Riga will be sufficient for the year 2011.

Households to spend less due to tax rise

Tax changes have had an impact on 94% of Latvian households, as 50% of them plan spending less, while 23% will look for options to boost income.

Latvian State Forests - among major contributors in Latvia

Latvian State Forests (Latvijas valsts meži, LST), Latvenergo and Latvian Railway (Latvijas dzelzceļš, LR) rank as the major contributors in Latvia in the past five years.

Google Nexus S in Latvia - late March, early April

Samsung smartphone Google Nexus S sale in Latvia will be launched in late March or early April this year, Samsung Electronics Baltics telecommunications department Head Ēriks Eglītis told the business news portal BNN.

Nokia and Microsoft to develop Android competitor

The mobile phone manufacturer Nokia and the software developer Microsoft are going to make joint effort to compete with Google and Apple in the fast-growing smartphone market,

Fuel excise increase to slow down economy

The government is considering the option to increase the fuel excise duty, gambling tax, real estate and capital gains tax. Several experts do not support this, as they believe the government has chosen a risky path, without providing any benefit to the economy.

Economist: Latvian economic growth resembles climbing a slippery slope

It is possible to compare the Latvian economic growth over the past decade with climbing up a slippery slope – rapid growth is replaced by a sharp drop, says Dainis Gašpuitis, the economist at SEB banka.

Producers angry at traders dictatorship

Food traders are becoming increasingly hungry for profit, which is devastating food producers. Food producers stress that the current situation is not a normal business practice. This is why several leading dairies are already considering to abandon part of the domestic market in favour of exports.

Income per family member drops by 40 lats a month

Income per family member amounted to 214 lats in 2009, which is 16% or 40 lats less than in 2008. The situation with a household income was an extraordinary one in 2009, as it dropped for most of households, while keeping flat or even surging for pensioners (26% of all the households).