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Monday 24.10.2016 | Name days: Renāte, Modrīte, Mudrīte

Political calendar of Latvia. 8 – 12 February, 2016

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUMonday, 8 February:

-Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma meets with representatives of Latvian Olympics Committee and figure skater Angelina Kucvalska to discuss the contribution of the young figure skater in the development of figure skating in Latvia.

-Meeting of the parliamentary faction of Latvian Regional Alliance. During this meeting, members of the party will meet with Director General of State Revenue Service Inara Petersone and Chief of Finance Police Kaspars Podins.

-Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma hosts a meeting of the Coalition Parties Council.

Tuesday, 9 February:

-Acting President of Latvia Inara Murniece meets with Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma.

-Meetings of standing Saeima committees:

Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee discusses information from the International Human Rights Organization in regards to the situation in this field;

National Economy Committee views amendments to the Railway Law and Law on Regulators of Public Utilities;

Legal Affairs Committee views amendments to the Criminal Process Law;

Social and Employment Matters Committee prepares amendment to the Law on Social Services and Social Assistance;

Public Administration and Local Government Committee prepares amendments to the Municipalities Law in the second reading;

Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee views amendments to the Law on the Handling of Explosives for Civil Uses;

Education, Culture and Science Committee views amendments to the Law on the Regulated Professions and the Recognition of Professional Qualifications and Law on Scientific Activity;

Audit Committee discusses the completion of the state and municipal budgets in 2015.

-Meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Wednesday, 10 February:

-Shadow Day in the Saeima.

-Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma meets with Latvian representation in EU Inna Steinbruka.

-Meetings of standing Saeima committees:

European Affairs Committee discusses Latvia’s national position at the meeting of Eurogroup on 11 February;

Parliamentary Inquiry Committee discusses the use of European funds, projects and accomplished goals;

Education, Culture and Science Committee discusses topical matters related to activities of the State Culture Capital Foundation;

Social and Employment Matters Committee reviews amendments to the Law on Social Services and Social Assistance in the second reading;

Public Administration and Local Government Committee reviews amendments to the Archives Law and Law on Elections of the Republic City Council and Municipality Council;

National Economy Committee reviews amendments to Energy Efficiency Law, Railway Law and Law on Regulators of Public Utilities;

Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee prepares amendments to the Asylum Law;

Budget-Finance Committee hosts a meeting in the Bank of Latvia;

Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee discusses results of State Police in 2015;

-Meeting of the parliamentary faction of Latvian Regional Alliance.

Thursday, 11 February:

-Meeting of the Saeima Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee. During the meeting, members of the committee will be preparing amendments to the Law on Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau.

Friday, 12 February:

-Meeting of the parliamentary European Affairs Committee. Members of the committee will discuss Latvia’s national position at the meeting of agriculture and fisheries ministers on 15 February; Latvia’s national position at the meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council on 15 February and Latvia’s national position at the meeting of the EU General Affairs Council on 16 February.


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PUC: Latvijas Gāze remains obligated to provide third parties with access to gas infrastructure

Considering that the Administrative Regional Court has declined LG’s request for temporary solution, the company remains obligated to provide third parties with access to natural gas transmission infrastructure.

Estonia to combat large-scale imports of alcohol from Latvia

Estonia’s Tax and Customs Department plans to equip all border control checkpoints with surveillance cameras to record car registration numbers to thereby better combat large-scale imports of alcohol from Latvia.

Latvians the most satisfied with wages in Baltic States

Compared with other Baltic States, Latvia has the largest number of employed people who believe they receive adequate pay for their work. 39% of employed people in Latvia believe they are paid adequate wages, as well as 34% in Estonia and 19% in Lithuania.

Farmers-greens announce victory in Lithuanian Seimas election

The Union of Peasants and Greens claimed victory in the Lithuanian Seimas election after the second round of the vote was held on October 23.

Finance minister blocked SRS candidate Nikitins' approval to FCMC

Although the personnel selection process for the approval of the new head of the State Revenue Service has defined a possible candidate, specifically high-rank official of the Bank of Latvia Andris Nikitins, his chances to win are reduced by the decision made by Finance Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola to pick the best candidate among the other candidates.

Week in Lithuania. Lithuania unveils new tourism brand

Lithuania will until 2020 use a new tourism brand to market itself to foreign tourists. The new brand, unveiled by the State Tourism Department on October 19, features the words «Lithuania. Real is beautiful» printed on a pastel mint postage stamp

Economic Diary of Latvia. The richer the people, the better the security

A very interesting matter was voiced in Latvia this week. The matter addresses the link between the overall level of welfare of the country’s residents and the country’s national security.

Four teachers in Latvia are paid wages that exceed EUR 2,000

In September 2016, the biggest teacher’s salary paid in Latvia with bonuses was EUR 2,260.27, as LETA was informed by Education and Science Ministry.

Producer price level down 1.6% in Latvia’s industry

Compared to August, the level of producer prices in Latvian industry increased by 0.3% in September 2016.

SRS Tax Debt Enforcement Office director Cerneckis steps down

On Friday, 21 October, director of Latvian State Revenue Service’s Tax Debt Enforcement Office Kaspars Cerneckis submitted his resignation.

Bookmakers predict Sadurskis’ remainder in his post for the rest of the year

Latvian Education Minister Karlis Sadurskis has been forced to distance himself from political opponents and teacher trade unions because of criticisms regarding reduced wages caused by the teachers’ pay reform. Nevertheless, political support will keep the minister in his post, bookmakers believe.

Lithuanian military discussing deployment of long-range missiles

A senior Lithuanian military officer has on October 20 stated that Lithuania is considering the deployment of long-range missiles in the country in the framework of hosting a multinational NATO battalion in 2017.

Ukraine in joint declaration with Lithuania, Poland condemns WWII aggressors

The Vekhovna Rada of Ukraine has this week adopted a joint declaration with Lithuania and Poland attaching responsibility for World War II to Germany, the USSR and the international community’s «appeasement policy».

Saeima Budget Committee conceptually approves 2017 budget project

On Thursday, 20 October, Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee supported the state budget project for 2017, the medium-term budget contents for 2017, 2018 and 2019 and 57 legal drafts associated with the project.

Facebook sorry for removing breast cancer informative video

Facbook has expressed apologies for the removal of a breast cancer informative video shared on the social network by a Swedish foundation.

Two of the last twenty three first refugees have left Latvia

The last two of the first twenty three refugees resettled in Latvia have left for Germany, as reported by LTV.

Pregnant woman in Italy dies after doctor allegedly refused to perform abortion

Police in predominantly Catholic Italy is investigating a case of a woman pregnant with twins dying after miscarriage.

Russia applies discount on transit from Belarus

Russian Railways has applied a 25% discount on petrol, diesel fuel and crude cargo transports from oil processing plants in Belarus to Russia’s north-west ports. With that, Russia has basically provided Belarus with tariffs equal to tariffs in Baltics.

The first container train headed for Riga departs from China

On Thursday, 20 October, Latvian Transport Minister Uldis Augulis, representatives from LDz and YXE International Container Train, multiple Chinese officials and Latvia’s ambassador in China Maris Selga saw off the first test container train from China to Riga.

Customs officials intercept hashish shipment worth EUR 2 million

Latvian State Revenue Service’s Customs Police intercepted and confiscated a shipment of more than 200 kg of hashish worth EUR 2 million, as journalists were informed by SRS Customs Police Director Kaspars Podins on Thursday, 20 October.

SA: Riga Freeport has only realized one of five of our recommendations

Latvian State Audit follows the development of the largest investment projects especially carefully, because the state does not seem to handle them all that well. Krievu Island project is one of the largest investment projects, because there is European Union finances invested in it...

Job seekers in Lithuania want Western salaries, employers dumbstruck

Although Lithuanian labour market is in desperate for workforce, but those willing to toil will nod to a job offer only if the pay is really big. So big that the country‘s hirers feel like grabbing their heads upon hearing the candidates‘ salary expectations.

Overall government budget decreased in 2015

In 2015, the general government budget deficit amounted to EUR 309.0 million or 1.3% of the gross domestic product, whereas the general government consolidated gross debt amounted to EUR 8 846.3 million or 36.3% of the GDP.

SP: claims about Motorola’s murderer are an attempt to show Latvia as the enemy

Latvian Security Police views claims that Donetsk military commander Arseny Pavlov, aka Motorola, was allegedly killed by a hired killer from Latvia named Marks Ozolins is nothing more than yet another attempt at information war aimed to demonstrate Latvia and its citizens and enemies.

Estonian President Kaljulaid not to ask state to pay rent

Estonia’s new President Kersti Kaljulaid will not ask the state to pay rent for using her home unlike the former head of state Toomas Hendrik Ilves did.