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Wednesday 24.08.2016 | Name days: Boļeslavs, Bērtulis

Rail Baltic project progresses forward

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Construction of the Rail Baltic railway route in Poland and Lithuania is slowly progressing.

Lithuania plans to finish its railway line to Latvia’s borders until 2015. Poland plans to modernize its line to Lithuania by 2020, Lithuanian Television reports.

The work to modernize the 60 km railway route from Warsaw to Sadovny will be finished within two years. 85% of the financing of this project comes from the European Union. In total, Poland is expected to modernize nearly 350 km of railway lines, so that trains would be able to travel at 160-200 km/h.

“Rail Baltic modernization requires enormous funding. There are 120 km of railway lines that need to be modernized from Sadovny to Bolostok; a new line needs to be constructed from Elka to Suwalki. This means at least several billion Zloty. We plan to have the route from Trakiszki to Sestokai to be modernized only in 2020,” – noted the Deputy Transport Affairs Minister of Poland Andrzej Massel.

“Speaking of Rail Baltic, which will connect Poland and Lithuania, we should admit – we have been lazy. Our government has great hopes for the new EU budget,” – notes journalist Jakub Kurasz of Rzeczpospolita. “We often write about this project. This greatly pressures the government. It should be said that Poland does not have a good railway infrastructure”.

Lithuania’s Rail Baltic route will be 335 km long. The first line, Mockava and Sestokai, will cost nearly 4.5 million LVL. According to the government’s plan, the railway line to Kaunas will be finished before the end of 2013.


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Public figures in Hungary protest against state award to «racist» journalist

Dozens of holders of Hungarian state orders of merit have pledged on August 22 to return their awards after a «racist» journalist linked to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has received a state order of merit.

US Vice President: NATO’s 5th Article is a sacred duty

USA is dedicated to fulfilling NATO’s 5th Article, which is a sacred duty, said US Vice President Joe Biden after his meeting with the three Baltic presidents on Tuesday, 23 August.

KVV Group threatens Latvia with possible fine of up to EUR 300 million

Ukrainian KVV Group is preparing to submit a complaint to the European Commission’s Anti-Monopoly and Corruption Prevention Committee against Latvia. This could result in Latvia having to face a fine of EUR 150 to EUR 300 million, as reported by KVV Group’s press secretary Natalia Napadovskaya.

52 residence permits and visas for studies annulled in Estonia

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board has in the first quarter of 2016 annulled a total of 52 residence permits and visas issued to people, who were actually not planning to study or did not meet university enrolment requirements.

Opinion: UGF has written itself a political impotency sick-list

«In the mass media we read that ministers of the Union of Greens and Farmers have had a secret meeting with a high-rank Russian official. The meeting was set up allegedly about the opening of the sprats market, allegedly about the increase of transit cargoes from Russia, allegedly about gas and whatever else. Ministers allegedly thinking about Latvia’s railway and fish processing industry workers,» – Agris Liepins wrote in Latvijas Avīzē.

Travel spending in world continues to grow

Despite tourists avoiding countries with frequent terror attacks, global travel spending continues to grow globally.

EUR 217 million was issued in mortgage loans in Latvia this year

Mortgage loan services develop rapidly in Latvia. In the first half of 2016, Latvian banks provided households new mortgage loans worth a total of EUR 217.1 million, which is 71% more in comparison with the same period of 2015, according to information from Latvian Commercial Banks Association.

PHOTO: US Vice President Biden arrives in Latvia

On Tuesday, 23 August, US Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Latvia to meet with presidents of the three Baltic States. As part of his visit to Latvia, Biden has meetings planned with President Raimonds Vejonis and Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis.

Sakozy willing to head France again

France’s ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy has announced on August 22 that he would compete in his party to be selected for running in the French presidential election of 2017.

Candidacy for the CPCB head post is Strelchenok’s decision; politicians did not motivate him

The current Chief of Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau Yaroslav Strelchenok, whose term ends in November, promises to take part in the personnel selection process for this post. He says it is his own decision – no party or politicians have encouraged him to become a candidate.

Coalition to discuss SRS manager’s salary next week

On Monday, 29 August, parties forming the ruling coalition in Latvia will make a decision on the matter regarding the salary of the head of the State Revenue Service, as Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis promised journalists after a coalition meeting.

Germans urged to stockpile food for civil defence purposes

The federal government of Germany is to review a plan to advise population to stockpile food and water for the possibility of national emergency.

Three Latvian Olympic athletes and their coaches eligible for EUR 120,000

Three Latvian Olympic athletes, their coaches and assistants are eligible for a EUR 120,000 prize from the state budget for their accomplishments in Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Traffic restrictions expected in Riga during the visit of U.S. Vice President

During the visit of US Vice President Joe Biden to Riga, road traffic will be closed down in many places in the Latvian capital.

Tick encephalitis infection rates significantly increase in Latvia

By the middle of August 87 people in Latvia were infected with tick encephalitis in Latvia. This is 30 cases more in comparison with the same period of 2015, as reported by Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Lembergs does not feel ashamed of his big pension

Paying big social insurance fees opens the way for a big pension in the future, so there is no reason to be ashamed of receiving a big pension, said criminally accused Aivars Lembergs, commenting on the news that he has become one of the wealthiest pensioners in Latvia.

Gas tariffs could rise after Latvijas Gāze’s division

Gas tariffs in Latvia will unavoidably increase after the division of Latvijas Gāze into two separate companies, believes LG deputy chairman and holder of 16% of shares in Itera Latvija Juris Savickis.

With Olympic Games torch passed to Tokyo, games conclude in Rio

The 31st summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro concluded on Sunday, 21 August, with the festive passing of the torch to Tokyo as the next host for Olympic Games.

LTV: UGF ministers looked naïve when having lunch with Russia’s Vice-Prime Minister

It is possible that Latvia’s representatives at the informal lunch with Russian Vice-Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich looked rather naïve, as concluded by De Facto programme of LTV. They asked Dovrkovich – do decisions made by Russia’s railway and gas industry have a political or business context?

Week in Lithuania. Russian pop star Gazmanov denied entry to Lithuania

Oleg Gazmanov, a top-tier Russian pop singer known for his glorification of the Kremlin and the Soviet Union in his songs, was denied entry to Lithuania on Wednesday, August 17. Gazmanov is on the Lithuanian intelligence‘s blacklist of people barred from entering the country.

Economic Diary of Latvia. Double standards system in action

The main events of this week can be described as ‘the double standards system in action’. First of all, it turned out that Latvia’s minimum wage rate is not equal to all. Secondly, it became known this week that Latvia’s government supports maintaining sanctions against Russia with one hand and put efforts to improve economic cooperation with the same Russia with the other hand.

Lithuanian companies remain the largest in the region

Turnover-wise, the three largest companies in Baltic States are all Lithuanian, according to the Top 50 rating of Baltic companies compiled by Coface credit risk company.

Latvian javelin thrower Sirmais fails to enter finals in Rio

On Wednesday, 17 August, one of Latvia’s best athletes – javelin thrower Zigismunds Sirmais – failed to pass the finals qualification barrier to progress further in Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Latvia’s other javelin thrower – Rolands Štrobinders – also dropped out of the competition.

Regional court to view the so-called Imanta paedophile criminal case

On 7 November, Riga Regional Court will view the so-called Imata paedophile criminal case behind closed doors, as confirmed by Raimonds Locmelis.

Producer prices in industry drop 3.1% in Latvia

Compared to June, the level of producer prices in Latvian industry decreased by 0.1 % in July 2016. The level of prices of products sold on the domestic market remained unchanged, whereas the prices of exported products fell by 0.3 %.