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Sunday 27.05.2018 | Name days: Loreta, Dzidra, Gunita, Dzidris

Slesers: granting citizenship in exchange for million euro will help us repay debt

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For Good Latvia leader Ainars Slesers

The proposals suggested by the government will push us into an abyss, one of the political party For Good Latvia (Par labu Latviju) leaders Ainārs Šlesers says.

According to official statistics, just recently there were 1 030 000 employed persons in Latvia, while the the figure amounts to 700 000 now. One third of them works in the public sector. Out of all the employed persons, 140 000 are paid less than 200 lats. If taxes are increased even more, people will start avoiding them. There is already a new tendency – people come to an employer and ask for envelope wages, because the retirement age is to be raised as well, Slesers told in an interview to LNT broadcast 900 sekundes.

The country will fall into an abyss, if taxes are increased. The Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis has to develop a new action plan. In late 2011 we will see revenue derived exactly from the raised taxes will be smaller, than it is calculated mathematically, because people will voice protests, the politician believes.

Slesers is resolved to support the Prime Minister, however, he ads that there should not be a situation, when the government is full of bad and unpopular ministers.

Tax rise will bring no 50 million. The people of Latvia will not keep silent. They supported Dombrovskis, who is now to asses the ministers in his government. I propose the opposition and the coalition make joint effort to draft a plan providing which taxes should be reduced. Afterwards this plan must be promoted internationally, so that everyone knows that there are low taxes in Latvia. It must be clear Latvia will not be able to grow with such a huge debt burden. We must find ways to get rid of it, Slesers stresses, adding that it is possible to convince the international lenders about alternative ways.

We must develop Latvia similar to Switzerland and Canada that are both attracting international business. We must take decisions these countries have taken. If there is unemployment at the moment, there will be work force deficit in near future. I am against Latvia welcoming thousands of guest workers. What we can offer is security and low taxes, Slesers assures.

We need 10 billion euro, five to repay the debt and another five to invest in education. We must send 100-200 students to the leading universities in the world. To draw money, we must open the state to business and wealthy people. We must offer Latvia as a place of residence with a citizenship if they are ready to invest money here, the politician stresses.

We could grant citizenship in exchange for a million euro. Many willing to be in Europe will be ready to do that. We will be competing with Switzerland, Canada, Great Britain, yet we have our own advantages. There should be some kind of a limit – up to 10 000 persons in five years time. This would bring us money to repay the debt, Slesers is convinced.

Asked about airBaltic development, he regrets both the fact a new terminal is not built and the idea it is considered to extend the old one, because it has already worn out. Riga can service 30 million passengers, growth is not linked to the local residents, but transit. This all depends on how successful we are in taking over passenger flows of nearby regions. I hardly see any point why the new terminal is not built, we will lose our chance to develop, because people will choose other airports. Moreover, local people will go to Vilnius and Tallinn airports as well. This industry, growing 15-20% a year during the crisis, is starting to slow down. But I still believe Latvia can become an aviation giant of the region, Slesers says.

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    Simple man . Simple solutions.

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  2. Valentina says:

    A free visa system is on the way for Russia and most of CIS countries So one would be stupid to pay now a huge price for something free of charge to morrow.

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Minister: Latvia and Croatia have absolute understanding on EU multi-year budget matter

Latvia and Croatia have an absolute understanding when it comes to European Union’s multi-year budget, said Latvia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs after his meeting with Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Minister Marija Pejčinović Burić.

Shocking tendency: narcotics consumption on a rise among youngsters

Crimes involving illegal turnover of psychotropic substances comprised 5.9% of all crimes registered in Latvia in 2017. There is also a worrying trend observed – use of narcotics is on a rise among youngsters, as reported by Latvia’s State Revenue Service during a press-conference on Friday, 25 May.

NATO member states propose exchanging information more actively

NATO member states should exchange information more quickly and more actively to remain ahead of Russia, said NATO intelligence head Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven.

Study: Riga residents remain dissatisfied with house management

Nearly every second Riga resident is dissatisfied with the quality of house management service quality, according to results of a recent study performed by Latvijas namsaimnieks on residents’ satisfaction with apartment building management in the capital.

Dutch and Australian governments believe Russia responsible for MH17 tragedy, say Netherlands

Over the crash of the Malaysian passenger airline in Ukraine that took the lives of 298 people, the Dutch government has stated on Friday, May 25, that it together with Australia holds Russia rosponsible for what they saw as its downing with a missile.

Finance Ministry: growth observed for general budget revenue in Q1

In the first four months of 2018, Latvia’s general budget revenue had exceeded expenditures, forming a surplus of EUR 239.9 million, which is EUR 69.2 million more when compared to the same period of last year. A surplus formed for the state consolidated budget (EUR 160.1 million) and municipal consolidated budget (EUR 79.9 million), as reported by Finance Ministry.

Irish voters at ballot boxes in abortion referendum

Ireland's abortion referendum is taking place on Friday, May 25, as the mostly Catholic nation is asked if they wish for a strict ban on abortion to be upheld. Canadian-British news agency Reuters reported on Friday, May 25, that according to opinion polls Irish voters are set to overturn one of the world’s strictest prohibitons on pregnancy terminations. Voters in the once conservatively Catholic nation will be asked if they wish to lift a prohibition that was written in the constitution by a popular vote in 1983, and eased in 2013 for cases, where the mother’s life is in danger. As to the protection of «traditional» family values Ireland, allowed divorce by a small majority only in 1995, but three years ago became the first country in the world to adopt gay marriage by a referendum.

Police in Kuldiga confiscate 3.3 million illegal cigarettes; shut down illegal alcohol production to boot

Kuldiga Country State Police have arrested one person on suspicion of illegal excise goods turnover and have confiscated more than 3.3 million illegal cigarettes, which is the largest volume police in Kuldiga have arrested so far. In addition, authorities have also shut down illegal vodka production, as confirmed by State Police.

Flats built in Tallinn, construction volume in Estonia up by 21%

Construction companies in Estonia have in the first three months of 2018 expanded their production by 21%, Estonian statisticians have estimated.

Latvian Healthcare Ministry promises to improve chronic patients’ care

To improve chronic patient care, Latvia’s Healthcare Ministry has developed a project of rules that will govern the order in which the state pays for medical treatment of chronic, cancer and cardio-vascular diseases in medical institutions.

Weekends in Latvia expected to be hot; air temperature may reach +28° C

This week’s Saturday and Sunday will be hot in Latvia. Aside from summer-like weather, this also means increased possibility of fires, as reported by Latvia’s State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Sweden recognises sex without active agreeing rape

Sweden has passed a new law saying that sex without consent is rape, even when there are no threats or force involved, stating that passivity is not a sign of agreeing to sex.

EU member states begin enforcing General Data Protection Regulation

Starting with Friday, 15 May, all European Union member states start enforcing the General Data Protection Regulation, which provides stricter requirements for personal data processing.

Pyongyang after U.S. refusal still willing to enter negotiations

Pyongyang has stated that North Korea was still ready to engage in talks at any time in any form after U.S. President Donald Trump unexpectedly cancelled his meeting with the head of North Korea, Kim Jong-un.

Lithuania moves forward with tax and pension reform

The heavily amended bills on taxes and pensions will have a significant impact on the Lithuanian citizens’ lives if Seimas, the country’s legislature, approves for them in their current form.

Riga City Council decides not to discuss matter of anti-corruption measures in Rīgas satiksme

Failing to reach a consensus on whether or not the matter regarding anti-corruption measures in Rīgas satiksme should be viewed behind closed doors, Riga City Council’s Security, Public Order and Corruption Prevention Committee decided to postpone its review.

Latvian companies in Vietnam to be provided with stable tax payment regime

Latvian businesses working in Vietnam are to be provided with a stable tax-payment regime that will not be subject to amendments of Vietnam’s regulations.

Saeima conceptually supports law amendments to reduce PIT debt formation

On Thursday, 24 May, Latvia’s Saeima approved in the first reading amendments to the Personal Income Tax Law that were proposed to reduce the possibility of PIT debt after application of differentiated non-taxable minimum or progressive rate on income, explains Saeima press-service.

Minister: unemployment is no longer Latvia’s main challenge

Latvia’s main challenge is no longer unemployment, rather the lack of qualified work force, said Welfare Minister Jānis Reirs at the opening of «Employment in Latvia yesterday, today and tomorrow» conference.

MH17 investigators: plane downed by Russian military unit

Dutch prosecutors, who are investigating the tragic crash of the Malaysian passenger plane that fell down in eastern Ukraine in 2014 taking the lives of 298 people, have stated that it has been downed by a missile released by a unit of the Russian Armed Forces.

Latvian Saeima gives green light to improve anti-doping regulation

On Thursday, 24 May, Latvia’s Saeima supported amendments to the Sports Law that provide for improving anti-doping regulation in the country and improve the autonomy of the anti-doping organization through the establishment of Latvian Anti-Doping Bureau, as confirmed by Saeima’s press-service.

Lithuania to host summit of women political leaders

Lithuania and its President Dalia Grybauskaitė will host the 2018 summit of the forum of Women Political Leaders, which is to take place in Vilnius from June 6 to 8.

Green energy becomes more and more attractive for Latvian residents

As technologies continue developing, the use of green energy gradually becomes more and more attractive to Latvian residents. The majority of respondents note that they may start using biomass, solar batteries and even wind turbines in the next ten years, according to results of Baltic International Bank’s latest Latvian Barometer.

Tartu railway routes operating again, system recovery from fire worth millions

In Estonia, railway traffic around the second city of Tartu interrupted last week by a cable fire has been restored with a temporary solution. To fully restore the automatic system, Estonian Railways estimate, millions of euros could be spent.

Committee chairman: municipalities’ involvement in state re-emigration policy is vital

«It is necessary to establish local governments’ responsibility in the country’s general re-emigration policy, because their role is vital. It is also important to involve the private sector. Re-emigration is not just a responsibility for regional coordinators; it is also a complex venture in which we should divide responsibility,» says chairman of Saeima’s Citizenship Committee Ritvars Jansons.

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