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Monday 19.03.2018 | Name days: Jāzeps

Sudraba visits a healers centre that promotes Putin

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUInguna Sudraba, leader of No sirds Latvijai, has visited the spiritual development and healer centre DVS Unrantija, which in parallel to healing and meditations also popularizes Russia and Vladimir Putin as ‘a light for the soul’, as reported by De Facto programme of LTV.

As described by creators of this programme, several dozens of people regularly meet in apartments in Riga to meditate together. Here, however, talks of spiritual uplifting and chosen ones also contain a certain amount of politics. This has been confirmed by several people who had attended activities organized by DVS Urantija.

One of the centre’s visitors told De Facto: «Some 15-20 minutes after I walked in they talked about the current political situation and how Russia is in the middle of all this and that Putin is a child of light and suffers, because everyone is against Russia. That it is troubling because, according to them, Russia had never performed any aggression against Ukraine or any other country. They continued by saying that aggression is always aimed at Russia. And then they said that Putin is a human being and that his patience can end, and when this happens – everyone will suffer.»

The speech was by Skaidrite Alekseyeva, manager of DVS Urantija, owner and healer.

Another attendee of DVS Urantija showed De Facto footage of last year’s lectures. This footage also contains the phrase «Russia is the only country led by a soul of light».

Similar words can be read on the official website of DVS Urantija: «The moment V.Putin became President of Russia, the majority of wealthy reptiles ran off to the UK or occupied sunny resorts. […]»

There were also doubts about Latvia’s freedom recovered in the «90s, because there is a question mark behind the whole “freedom” aspect…An explanation followed by saying that “over the course of the past twenty years Latvia has been ruined as though a nuclear war had raged there”. Reptiles and greys have been mostly in power there during this time. Results of their work are not worth discussing because nearly everything has been impacted […]»

A political No sirds Latvijai T-shirt is seen in the interior of the centre. Inguna Sudraba is not some chance passer-by in this centre. In her interview to De Facto, she says she does not attend any activities of the centre. She then said she has good relationship with Skaidrite Alekseyeva and that she talked to people in DVS Urantija.

When asked what Sudraba was doing in this centre, the deputy replied: «I went in there. I know some people there. There are other…it is very personal when people ask where I’m going. I think I am not obligated to publicly answer such questions. These are very personal things. And the people I know personally.»

When asked if Sudraba was there specifically to meet with Alekseyeva, she replied: «I know her. Why wouldn’t I go in to meet with her and have a chat?»

Sudraba says she has not heard any statements about Russia or Putin before: «This is the first time I’ve heard such things. I do not have an opinion on this. A person has expressed her thoughts and opinion.»


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  1. Brian says:

    The propaganda that Russians believe is just amazing.

    “Russia had never performed any aggression against Ukraine or any other country. They continued by saying that aggression is always aimed at Russia. And then they said that Putin is a human being and that his patience can end, and when this happens – everyone will suffer”.

    Just bizarre.

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  2. MBI says:

    I have spent many years myself in New Age circles, and I think these practices can help a person to find inner balance and more fulfillment in one’s life, but mixing these esoteric practices with politics is very unhealthy.

    Nazism for example was a right-wing Pagan/New Age ideology, whereas Fascism was a right-wing Christian Catholic movement. Many people mix the two together, when they really were/are different. Church and State should always be separated, in my humble opinion.

    Most spiritual seekers are without direction in life, confused and are desperately looking for something to believe in, and are therefore very vulnerable and impressionable, as was I when I was younger, and foreign or domestic intelligence services take advantage of these well-meaning, but often very naive souls unfortunately, and infiltrate these organizations to either gather intelligence, or spread propaganda i.e. Putin is the Chosen One, Russians are the only truly Enlightened People and everybody else who disagrees is either CIA or a reptile hahaha, etc.

    Organized religions and all kinds of spiritual organizations have been historically used for intelligence purposes. The practice of confession in the Catholic Church for example was used by the Vatican to know what is going on in certain communities or congregations, etc., under the guise of telling people that they could cleanse their souls by confessing their sins and sharing their deepest and darkest secrets. Organized religion is probably the most successful mechanism of mass mind-control every invented, even the Communists could not keep up with it hahaha

    I consider myself a deeply spiritual person, however I had to learn the hard way, that on the bottom of many spiritual groups and movements, there is politics and business involved, especially when they get bigger and more influential.

    Of course, there are genuine spiritual organizations and teachers, but this particular group mentioned in this article seems to be a FSB or GRU front group, due to their worshiping of Putin, etc. I am just going with my intuition here hahahaha. I could be wrong…

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  3. Lex says:

    Facts about Sudraba:
    1. Sudraba visiting lectures and book presentation of Russian propaganda speaker Modest Korelyov. Sudraba together with Mr. Gaponenko, Girss, SC people and other people of Putin.
    2. Sudraba register her new party in the apartments of Viktor Gavrilov (well known Russian propaganda activist).
    3. Many people left party of Sudraba because unclear financing and direct relations with Russia.
    4. Sudraba in close friendship with Skaidrite Aleksejeva and sect DVS Urantia that speak about Putin as men of light who will save the world:
    5. Sudraba and her brother sons in private flight with Russian spy Alexandr Rogozin.
    6. Inguna Sudraba finance more than 5K USD government money for meal with Sergey Stepashin (General of Russian spy agency). They meet on regular basis, even in New wawe (Russian singers competition).
    7. Sudraba is regular participiant in the events of “Formats A3” (Russian propaganda organisation with many people from Russian FSB and Spy agencu involved).
    8. Party of Sudraba receives more than 600 000 USD in 10 days from unknown sources that is surprise even for members of party.
    9. Sudraba, translated from Latvian: “…We don`t follow EU, we must don`t scare from Russia”.
    10. Investigation of state police about falsification of documents in party registration procedure.

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  4. Linda says:

    Nutters. But that’s problem of state controlled media some end up believing the tripe. Internet blockage also by state. Who would want to live in a place like Russia.

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  5. Linda says:

    Putin’s too old to be child of the light. These children were born in 1990s and beyond. He is however a libra and his balances are out of kilter and that’s why he is suffering …. I didn’t know he had a heart!

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