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Ceturtdiena 30.03.2017 | Name days: Nanija, Ilgmārs, Igmārs

Traders: another experiment fated to fail is planned by the government

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUOn Tuesday, 16 February, Saeima’s Public Health Sub-Committee views a draft on tobacco products. In it, Saeima deputies unexpectedly included a proposal to change the order for trade of tobacco products. This proposal details an order for traders to invest in new trade equipment – special metal shelves for storage of cigarettes.

Support for this proposal would provide even more retail trade market share to dominating trade networks in the country (Rimi, Maxima, Narvesen), because smaller traders have no financial ability to afford new investments after the previous and upcoming manufacturing cost increase (minimum wage increase of EUR 50 per employee and procurement of new cash registers), notes President of Latvian Traders Association Henriks Danusevics.

The idea for this change was offered by Healthcare Ministry last year. Fortunately, it was declined shortly after its announcement. Finance Ministry, State Revenue Service, Economy Ministry and retail traders all opposed this proposal. Moving cigarettes from stands to ‘under the counter’ would basically equate them to contraband and only serve to increase cigarette contraband in general. Losses in the form of unpaid taxes already reach EUR 80 million a year. This proposal would also reduce competition in retail trade – many small and medium-sized shops would likely drop their cigarette trade licenses, which would result in customers going to supermarkets and small businesses going bankrupt, explains Danusevics.

There are currently 4,204 trade locations in Latvia. 279 of them are supermarkets. Adapting a store to new requirements would cost EUR 700 – EUR 1,000. For 43% of stores around Latvia, cigarette trade does not bring even EUR 700 a year – more than 90% of the price of a single cigarette pack is made up of excise tax and VAT. Estimates show that adding the aforementioned changes would cost Latvian supermarkets around EUR 3 million, notes Danusevics.

«Experience of other countries shows that it is nothing more than yet another experiment pre-destined to fail. A similar proposal was viewed in Brussels two years ago. It was declined by the European Parliament and the European Council. Restrictions on product positioning in one of the four countries that has it (Finland, Ireland, Norway and Iceland) has failed to reduce the popularity of smoking. For example, the popularity of smoking among youngsters 15 to 19 years old has only increased (from 14.4% to 17.5%) after the introduction of such a restriction. Even outside of Europe, in Canada, the product placement restriction has only increased smoking among youngsters by 2%. In addition, it has also contributed to growth of contraband – the illegal market in Canada had growth from 4% to 23% over the course between 2005 and 2007,» – explains the president of the traders association.

«Local Latvian traders are already on the brink of extinction. This proposal and the way it was added to the law – five minutes prior to approval in the Saeima – makes one wonder about a possible conspiracy against local Latvian traders and preferential treatment to dominating traders,» – says Danusevics. «If the Saeima approves this new order, the government should offer compensations to retail traders. Considering the significant risk of increase of illegal trade, we believe this decision will be cast aside as ineffective in the future. Businessmen no longer wish to finance experiments.»


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Caksa asked to refrain from illegal attempts to influence trade union

A letter has been sent to Healthcare Minister Anda Caksa, asking her to refrain from any attempts to illegally influence decisions of trade unions to refuse working extended work hours, as reported by Latvian Health and Social Care Workers Union.

Kucinskis wants to see Citskovskis in charge of State Chancellery because he has «bright eyes»

One of the strongest characteristics of Interior Affairs Ministry’s deputy state secretary Janis Citskovskis, who is a candidate for the post of director of State Chancellery, is the ability to form a strong and capable team, Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis said in an interview to 900 seconds programme in LNT.

Latvia’s largest taxpayers to be awarded for the twentieth consecutive year

On 30 March, the State Revenue Service will host the Large Taxpayers award ceremony. The festive event will be attended by Finance Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola, SRS Director General Ilze Cirule and cooperation partners. Awards and certificates will be handed out to the country’s largest taxpayers in twelve nominations.

International credit risk insurer upgrades Latvia’s business risk rating

International credit risk insurer Coface has upgraded Latvia’s business risk rating to A3.

Mixer in U.S. suggests allies should be consistent in their messages

As the Baltic states foreign ministers met with the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the head of the Estonian foreign service emphasised the significance of consistency and clarity in messages by allies.

Circus support association claims signatures For Human Circus are fake

Riga Circus Support Association has submitted a request to State Police, Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau and Saeima speaker to commence a criminal process in relation to signatures submitted to the Saeima by Animal Freedom.

Nordea economists: fate of Baltic States – prosperity or undue expensiveness?

Economic growth rate continues to speed up and become more balanced in all three Baltic States. Thanks to more rapid cyclic growth in Eurozone than expected and limited influence of political uncertainty on the global economy, Nordea Bank’s economists predict 3% growth in Lithuania and Latvia, and 2.5% growth in Estonia.

Georgia pleased with new visa-free travel to EU

After four and a half years of negotiations with the European Union, visa-free travel has entered into force for Georgian nationals travelling to the Schengen area, which has been marked by the Prime Minister of the Caucasian country with a trip to Athens and Brussels in a group of students.

Rinkevics invites USA to maintain presence in Baltic region

Strategic partnership between Baltic States and USA in the field of security and defence should continue, says Latvian Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkevics, inviting USA to maintain its presence in the Baltic region.

Delna: a possible conflict of interests identified in Healthcare Ministry

A possible conflict of interests has been identified in Healthcare Ministry. This conflict remains unresolved, as reported by Delna.

Risky births in Swedish regions prompt government to ensure maternity ward funding

Reacting to reports on risky births in remote places in Sweden, the country’s government has earmarked funding that would maintain the operation of smaller maternity wards and reopen closed ones.

Deputies propose forming a new Public Media Council, preserving NEPLP as a regulator

In a discussion, deputies emphasized the role of an efficient public broadcasters management model in strengthening the media environment, BNN was informed by Saeima’s press-service.

KNAB officers confiscate documents from Jurmala City Council

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau confiscated certain documents from Jurmala City Council on Tuesday, 28 March, as confirmed by the city council.

Trump suspends series of anti-climate change measures

Although the U.S. is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions globally, the country’s President Donald Trump has issued an executive order aimed at suspending measures introduced by his predecessor in the post hoping to slow down climate change.

Natural gas reserves to be created in Latvia for energy crisis situations

Latvian Cabinet of Ministers supports the plan to entrust the creation of natural gas reserves to Conexus Baltic Grid, as BNN was informed by Economy Ministry.

Martins Bondars invites Riga residents to «topple» Nils Usakovs

Leaders of political parties Latvian Association of Regions and For Latvia’s Development believe the current Mayor of Riga Nils Usakovs is a real burden for the capital city’s development. This is why they have made it their main objective to «topple» Usakovs, as noted by Latvian Association of Regions.

Unity asks for assessment of Rail Baltica project for influence on Riga’s development

Unity’s representatives in Riga City Council Olafs Pulks and Nils Josts ask for an assessment of Rail Baltica project’s influence on the city’s development.

Latvian Defence Ministry signs agreement on cooperation in cyber security matters

As part of the E-skills week, Latvian Defence Minister Raimonds Bergmanis and President of Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association Signe Balina signed an agreement on cooperation in matters of cyber security.

Elvi and Aibe store networks form joint procurement group

Last week, two local Latvian store networks Elvi and Aibe commenced work on the creation of a joint company that would perform centralized procurements, as BNN was informed by representatives.

As UK readies to launch Brexit, interest in Estonian e-residency grows

A growing number of British citizens are applying for Estonian e-residency as the UK government plans to announce that the country will start leaving the EU later this week.

Expert: municipalities are incapable of attracting new residents

One way to increase budget revenue for municipalities is attracting new residents. This is a problem in Latvian municipalities, especially in Jurmala. «The city lacks cheap and accessible housing offers. This does not contribute to the attraction of new residents,» says real estate expert Jevgenija Dmitricenko.

Estonian gas seller: Excise duty hike unconstitutional

Estonian natural gas importer and seller Eesti Gaas has addressed the country’s Chancellor of Justice insisting that the increase of excise duty passed in 2016 was not in line with the rules of the Estonian constitution.

Bulgarian parliamentary election won by Borissov’s centre-rights

In the early parliamentary election of Bulgaria, the centre-rights led by the country’s long-time Prime Minister Boiko Borissov have won.

E-skills week to address the matter of digital security

Priorities of this year’s E-skills week include digital security and digital skills for employment and entrepreneurship, as well as e-services, comments vice-president of Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association Mara Jakobsone.

Strīķe: whenever contraband was associated with parties, SP put up all kinds of barriers

«I would never join any of the political parties that are currently in power,» said former official of Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau and mayoral candidate from the New Conservative Party Juta Strīķe.