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Monday 21.05.2018 | Name days: Ingmārs, Ernestīne, Akvelīna

Unpaid gas bill and apartment credit do not stop people from donating to Harmony Centre

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUHarmony Centre’s (HC) supporters continue to show a remarkable level of selflessness: Margarita Jurinenok, born 1969, was not able to pay her gas bill and apartment credit, but somehow managed to find LVL 3,000 and immediately donated this amount to this political party, Pietiek reports.

Last November, there was mentioning in court news regarding a small claim against Margarita Jurinenok from Latvijas Gāze. It was stated that this particular civil case will be reviewed as part of a written court hearing.

However, Bailiff Aiga Augustova reported this month that Jurinenok’s property will be sold on an auction on September 9. The property is not being sold with her consent, but as part of a debt return of DNB Bank.

Nevertheless, according to the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau’s database on HC finances, this very unpleasant situation did not prevent Jurinenok from donating LVL 3,000 to HC at the end of January 2013 – this fact was reported by Chairman of the party Nil Ushakov.

HC traditionally does not provide any comments about its most selfless sponsors, whose financial capabilities make it questionable to believe they can donate such enormous amounts of money to the party.

Up until now the CPCB has been investigating HC’s generous Sponsors without particular enthusiasm. Only one out of five sponsors seemed suspicious to the bureau.

BNN had previously reported that HC can be proud of having one of the most loyal sponsors among Latvian parties. Leo Dobrushin, born 1955, has pledged his only property – a small apartment on Murjāņu Street – paid for his previous credit and gave nearly half of the earned money to his favourite party.

According to information from the public database, Dobrushin was never considered a wealthy man – he is not involved in any notable entrepreneurship. Only in the end of August this man registered a small capital firm Octoforis by investing 1 LVL in its base capital and thereby becoming its only Board member.

Dubrushin does not earn in state managements as well – his name is not stated in any of the State Revenue Service’s (SRS) public database of state officials’ declarations. According to Lursoft, he is no official of any private companies as well.

Finally, Dobrushin has never had any valuable real estate. According to data from Baltic Screen, his only real estate property is a 44 m2 large apartment in Riga, Murjāņu Street 36, which, according to the State Single Land book, was pledged many times in the past.

According to CPCB’s database, Dobrushin donated 2 600 LVL to HC on September 28, as this information was provided to the bureau by the leader of the party Janis Urbanovics.

However, this is not the only case of sponsors being especially responsive. HC has had many one them over the years.

2 800 LVL were donated to HC by Yelena Aleksane. According to Lursoft, she has no shares in Latvian companies; she is not an official at some enterprise, and the State Revenue Service shows that she is not a state official either.

September 26 shows a 7000 LVL large donation by Sergey Yeremut. SRS data shows that he holds no well-paid state official’s post. Yeremut does own 100% of shares at Fruteks, but the company was only founded in July this year.

The 7000 LVL sponsor’s only real estate property is a 48 m2 apartment in Riga, a gift from the now passed Nina Yeremut.

Another HC sponsor, Andris Tumins, who donated 2 000 LVL in the end of October, has already donated two monthly salaries to the leading Riga City Council party at his new job – Riga municipality’s managed Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks.

It should be added that CPCB also investigated strange donations to HC in the past as well, but there was nothing suspicious uncovered in the end.


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