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Sunday 19.02.2017 | Name days: Zane, Zuzanna

Ventspils municipality’s planned budget expenditures are higher than revenue

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUOn 12 January, Ventspils City Council approved the budget for 2017. It is stated in the document that the base budget’s planned revenue is EUR 13,584,298. Budget expenditures are planned at EUR 22,652,396, as reported by Marlena Zvaigzne, editor of Ventspils Novadnieks.

According to her, it is planned to cover exceeded expenditures from the surplus left from the previous year (EUR 1,414,991) and a loan from the State Treasury (EUR 8,550,500). The latter is intended for the realization of municipal infrastructure projects and projects co-financed by the European Union.

«When planning the 2017 budget, an objective was established to ensure equal development of all industries. The budget is economically rational. Finances have been balanced for infrastructure and different projects. This includes the use of EU funds and necessary investments in human resources,» – admits chairman of Ventspils County Council Aivars Mucenieks.

The municipality’s main source of income is PIT, which is planned to be collected in the amount of EUR 6,129,599 or 45.1% of the base budget’s total revenue in 2017. Tax revenue from real estate tax in 2017 is planned at EUR 1,121,600, which is equal to 8.3% of the municipality’s base budget revenue, the editor says.

She adds that the biggest volume of expenditures is planned to be allocated for the management of territories and housing – EUR 6,345,465 or 28% of budget expenditures.

EUR 5,427,379 or 24% of the budget is intended to be used for the functional category of economic activities. It is planned to use finances from EU projects, co-financing from the municipal budget, a loan from the State Treasury and EU funding.

«For example, it is planned to invest in measures to sort out school catering, as well as finance restoration of school sports fields, renovation of buildings of education institutions and landscaping of territories in the county. Finances are also planned to be allocated for the realization of projects co-financed by the European Union – programmes intended to help sort out countryside roads, preservation of coastal cultural and natural heritage in Targale and Jurkalne, development of business environment and support of Leader programme from the Agricultural and Fisheries Fund,» – the editor explains.

In addition, the second largest budget expenditure segment is education. It is planned to allocate EUR 5,695,846 (25.1%). This includes increase of grants for teachers’ pay.

The municipality plans to allocate EUR 261,665 to ensure student transportation. EUR 23,685 will be allocated to ensure summer employment of students. This includes EUR 7,000 from the Social Service budget. EUR 80,806 will be allocated for the procurement of educational materials.

EUR 1,012,006 will be allocated for leisure, sports and culture in 2017. Some of those finances are planned to be allocated for cultural events, expansion of library stores and support of athletes.

Ventspils county budget will allocate EUR 1,301,304 for social needs. Expenditures remain unchanged in all existing social assistance opportunities. Cooperation will continue with Latvian Samaritan Association.

Road Foundation is planned to be provided with EUR 487,113. Expenditures are planned to maintain roads and streets, development of projects for road reconstruction using EU co-financing and realization of lighting programme.


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