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Tuesday 28.03.2017 | Name days: Ginta, Gunda, Gunta

Weekly horoscope (27.07 – 02.08): time for action

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BNN presents a weekly horoscope for 27th July – 2nd August…

#Aries: let things run their course – stop stressing over things you can’t change. The first half of the week is possible to have a few misunderstandings; they will be resolved quickly. The week will be especially emotional, so it is important to respect the needs of others…

#Taurus: restore your inner piece by relaxing. Let things run their course, and do try to enjoy this process (as much as you can). Remember – the process cannot be rushed, so you had better learn to be patient. Ignore other people’s unreasonable attitude – it won’t last long.

#Gemini: the stars will help you restore stability in your life. The entire week will be spent fixing you inner and outer world… With that, you should finish work that has piled around you…

#Cancer: the feeling of pride and impatience will be in the air from the beginning of the week. The only way to maintain balance is to concentrate on the moment of ‘now’. Enjoy every minute of good moments. Ignore bad moments. Rest and don’t allow negative emotions ruin your balance…

#Leo: be prepared for unexpected changes to your plans. Throughout the week you will face alternatives that will help you better understand yourself. You are not the kind of person to be easily put off-balance with unexpected events. This week will be no exception. Everything will only serve to benefit you! Only it will not seem that way at first.

#Virgo: you have to reason to be jealous. You have everything you need; you just need to look a little closer! This week will likely impact your view on things – it will help open your eyes. Your confidence will be restored by simply avoiding confrontations…

#Libra: your imagination will wake up once again. This will allow you to creatively express yourself. This week is perfect for doing everything related to creative expression, ideas and opportunities. In order to avoid making the old mistakes, you shouldn’t sit at home.

#Scorpio: the week will give you a brand new look on life and everything around you. Create an enjoyable atmosphere for an evening with a friend. There is also a great possibility for a romantic tone.

#Sagittarius: don’t try telling other people what to do and don’t allow others command you this week. You are your own master, and you will have to prove it this week. Address the conflict in your heart; talk to someone…

#Capricorn: meeting friends will evoke nostalgic memories about the good old times. Be mindful just how valuable your friends truly are to you. Do what you want to do! The week will bring about much to your business activities, so don’t slack!

#Aquarius: in order to maintain stable relationships, you need to forget the past and focus on what’s happening around you. The week is not meant for doing nothing – quite the contrary. You have to work hard even if you feel more like lying under the sun!

#Pisces: search for compromises, especially with your loved ones. Share your problems with a friend, it will help you find a solution, because your heart and mind resemble a Mexican soup opera.

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Elvi and Aibe store networks form joint procurement group

Last week, two local Latvian store networks Elvi and Aibe commenced work on the creation of a joint company that would perform centralized procurements, as BNN was informed by representatives.

As UK readies to launch Brexit, interest in Estonian e-residency grows

A growing number of British citizens are applying for Estonian e-residency as the UK government plans to announce that the country will start leaving the EU later this week.

Expert: municipalities are incapable of attracting new residents

One way to increase budget revenue for municipalities is attracting new residents. This is a problem in Latvian municipalities, especially in Jurmala. «The city lacks cheap and accessible housing offers. This does not contribute to the attraction of new residents,» says real estate expert Jevgenija Dmitricenko.

Estonian gas seller: Excise duty hike unconstitutional

Estonian natural gas importer and seller Eesti Gaas has addressed the country’s Chancellor of Justice insisting that the increase of excise duty passed in 2016 was not in line with the rules of the Estonian constitution.

Bulgarian parliamentary election won by Borissov’s centre-rights

In the early parliamentary election of Bulgaria, the centre-rights led by the country’s long-time Prime Minister Boiko Borissov have won.

E-skills week to address the matter of digital security

Priorities of this year’s E-skills week include digital security and digital skills for employment and entrepreneurship, as well as e-services, comments vice-president of Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association Mara Jakobsone.

Strīķe: whenever contraband was associated with parties, SP put up all kinds of barriers

«I would never join any of the political parties that are currently in power,» said former official of Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau and mayoral candidate from the New Conservative Party Juta Strīķe.

Penalty for not complying with state language rules – up to EUR 10,000

Amendments have been prepared for Latvia’s Administrative Violations Code. These amendments provide for a major increase of fines for non-compliance with state language regulations, as reported by the National Alliance.

Navalny jailed in Russia after organising anti-corruption mass protests

Russian anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny has been convicted for disobeying police at a mass protest in the weekend.

Imants Liegis becomes Latvia’s first ambassador to Algeria

Submitting a copy of credentials to Algeria’s Foreign and International Cooperation Minister Ramtane Lamamra, Imants Liegis became Latvia’s first ambassador to Algeria with a residence in Paris, France, as BNN was informed by Foreign Affairs Ministry’s press-service.

EC develops stricter requirements for EU competition institutions

The European Commission invites member states to provide competition institutions with resources, independence and effective authority, as BNN was informed by Competition Council.

Tallinn Airport summer schedule to contain 36 routes

Tallinn Airport has announced its summer schedule that will include direct flights to 36 destinations and take effect from mid-April to late May depending on the airline.

«Elf» movement created to oppose internet «trolls»

«While the internet is the leading platform for topical news, it is also an environment for intentional disinformation and lies,» says researcher of the Eastern European Policy Study Centre Maris Cepuritis.

Construction costs in Latvia up 0.8% in February

Compared to January, the level of construction costs in Latvia increased by 0.2 % in February 2017. Labour remuneration of workers rose by 0.8 %, prices of building materials as well as maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment grew by 0.1 %.

Pärnu property sold for building plywood plant

Finnish capital company Metsä Wood Eesti has bought 104,000 square metres of land with plans to construct a 50 million euro plywood factory that would employ 200 workers.

Green farmer Krauze does not agree that circus animals have earned «freedom»

«When we were fighting for our freedom, I never would have imagined that we would start closing different circuses, because they present historical and cultural values. I believe we should not restrict that on a legislative level. If any circus owner wants to do that, they can. But we should not establish such restrictions on a national level,» said Armands Krauze, member of the Union of Greens and Farmers.

Providus/Delna notice major risks in approval of KNAB chief’s retirement pension

Saeima’s decision to support amendments to the Law on Retirement Pension of the Chief of Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has signs of state take-over, as stated by Providus and Delna in their Saeima work monitoring report for February 2017.

Programme: new TV3 and LNT owner will likely sell channels to someone else

The next owner of TV3 and LNT television channels, American Providence Equity Partners investment company, will likely sell these channels to someone else after some time, as concluded by De Facto programme of LTV.

Opinion: multi-speed development idea in Europe is not in Latvia’s interests

The idea of having a multi-speed Europe, as described in the Rome declaration signed by EU member states, does not comply with Latvia’s interests, says president of European Movement – Latvia Andris Gobins.

European Regional Development Fund allocates 15 million euros for start-up ideas in Latvia

For the first time in Latvia, Altum development financial institution has announced a search for acceleration fund managers. These funds will allocate so-called smart money for the realization of different business ideas in their early stages of development. Businessmen will be able to receive up to EUR 250,000 to realize their ideas.

Navalny detained as series of anti-corruption protests held across Russia

The leading Russian opposition activist Alexey Navalny has been detained in Moscow as series of anti-corruption protests were held across Russia.

Hundreds of protesters arrested in Belarus after mass protests

Several hundred people in Belarus have been arrested after participating in mass protests in Minsk and other cities.

Latvia to experience contrasting weather conditions this week

Major weather contrasts of the weather in Latvia are expected to take place in the last week of March – rainy and chilly weather will be replaced by significantly warmer weather at the end of the week, as reported by the State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Week in Lithuania. Foreign minister dismisses Lukashenko's accusations as fiction

Lithuania's Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius has dismissed the statement by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko about training of armed provokers in Lithuania as fiction out of the blue.

BNN summary of the week: 5G in Latvia, fight against Lembergs, foreign trade balance deficit

BNN offers a summary of this week’s topical news in a variety of categories: Change; Business; Fight; Decline and Growth.