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Friday 24.03.2017 | Name days: Kazimirs, Izidors

Weekly horoscope (8.06 – 14.06): enjoy positive vibrations

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BNN presents a weekly horoscope for 8th – 14th June…

#Aries: don’t expect too much from others. If you end up in the company of strangers this week, you will be surprised how easy it is to hold a conversation with them. In order to sort out the situation, you’d better discuss it with a close friend. Don’t forget to listen to your heart.

#Taurus: pay attention to what you see and what is going on around you – the time will come for you to make important decisions.

#Gemini: you want to receive too much at the same time. First you need to get rid of the old stuff you have. This applies to things and people. You may meet someone you used to hang out a lot with. The conversation may turn out very interesting and with unexpected confessions.

#Cancer: share your problems and feelings only with people you trust the most. They will help you understand problems and get back your inner peace. You will want change in your immediate environment. Which is good – your finances are in good shape.

#Leo: stop and look around you: so much has changed over the past several months. Enjoy this progress. The Moon will make you feel charmed. Work should be the last thing on your mind.

#Virgo: the beginning of the week will be odd. Concentrate on current objectives and believe that everything will be better tomorrow. Now is the best time to go on a diet. You will not have a strong desire to work this week.

#Libra: the truth always comes out; even unintentional lies cannot ruin everything. If you ask the right questions, you will receive answers. You know things because people trust you. Don’t let them down!

#Scorpio: be patient – people will keep tossing challenges at you. Remain objective, but be neutral, especially if someone wants to get you involved in their problems. If you decide something, no one will stop you. Just be prepared to live with the consequences.

#Sagittarius: don’t give in to pressure from other people; postpone making decisions if you don’t want to make the wrong ones. Meet with an old friend, have fun. The only way to progress forward is to let go of the past. Admit your mistakes – it is the only way to gather strength to keep fighting.

#Capricorn: it is important to search for a compromise. Otherwise you will not achieve anything. Don’t plan anything for the week; be more spontaneous in your decisions. Put off things that can be done next week. Now is the time for you to tackle anxiety caused by others.

#Aquarius: try not to do too much this week. Concentrate on what’s important. Spend time home in evenings and sort out your inner world. Someone will help you look at life from a new perspective and understand your mistakes. Now you just need to continue on your course.

#Pisces: you don’t have to answer for other people’s mistakes. You will meet an old friend and realize he hasn’t changed at all after all these years. The week will be great – you will feel relief and all conflicts will start fading away. What’s important is that you don’t have to worry about the future – you still have time.

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Proportion of HIV-infected tuberculosis patients in Latvia is 17.4% - the highest in EU

The proportion of HIV-infected tuberculosis patients in Latvia is 17.4%, which is the highest not only among Baltic States, but also Europe, as mentioned by Jurijs Perescikovs, director of Disease Prevention and Control Centre’s Infection Risk Analysis Department in a discussion dedicated to the World Tuberculosis Day.

British police names London terrorist

British police has stated that the March 22 terror attack in London was committed by British-born Khalid Masood. Another of his victims has died.

Air temperature in Latvia to remain largely unchanged in coming days

On Friday, 24 March, high atmospheric pressure will remain in the country. Because of that, some clouds will be seen in the sky, wind speed will stay moderate, and air temperature will rise to +3° C…+8° C, as reported by the State Environmental, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Kucinskis hopes to find a new director for State Chancellery within two weeks

Latvian Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis hopes to find a new manager for the State Chancellery within the next two weeks.

InnoEnergy business opens an office in Latvia

International business accelerator company InnoEnergy has opened an office in Latvia. This objective of this company is preparing new and innovative technologies developers for attraction of investments as part of InnoEnergy accelerator.

Bank of Latvia increases inflation outlook for 2017 to 2.7%

The Bank of Latvia has increased its inflation outlook for 2017 from 1.6% to 2.7%, as reported by the bank’s press-service.

CC permits Lithuanian company to acquire decisive influence over Latvian businesses

Latvia’s Competition Council has permitted two mutually associated deals to be performed by W.P.Carey and Kesko, allowing the two concerns to acquire decisive influence over Lithuanian Baltic Retail Properties and three companies registered in Latvia – K Prof, Polo LS and Daugavkrasts M.

Estonian military transport firm co-operates with leading Norwegian and British companies

Estonian military transport manufacturer Milrem has made a joint product with Norwegian weapon-maker Kongsberg and British remote system producer Qinetiq North America.

Welfare Ministry opposes diverting part of social budget to healthcare

Experts view Finance Ministry’s proposal to divert certain parts of the social budget to pay for certain healthcare services. Welfare Ministry is especially cautious about this proposal.

Saeima agrees to publish names of disciplinary punished judges

Publication of information about disciplinary penalties applied to judges, their names and surnames will no longer be prohibited, as stated by amendments to the Judicial Disciplinary Liability Law supported by the Saeima in the first reading on Thursday, 23 March.

Experts: internet users open up 30% of fraudulent e-mail letters

Cyber criminals are becoming more and more cunning and their fraudulent e-mails – harder and harder to differentiate from real ones. Internet users open up to 30% of fraudulent e-mail letters, explains eScan antivirus developers.

Minister: Latvia supports International Coalition’s fight against Daesh

«The fight of the International Coalition against Daesh has become a very effective instrument to help reduce Daesh military, financial and recruitment capabilities,» said Latvian Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkevics.

New pulp factory planned in Estonia

Estonian entrepreneurs have envisaged building a high-tech pulp-making plant near the city of Tartu and have submitted the plan for confirmation from Estonian national special planning authorities.

Ventspils Freeport Authority announces procurement

Procurement has been announced for the construction of an access road in Ventspils, Talsu Street 200 and landscaping of nearby territories so that one of the land tenants can commence construction of their building there, as reported by Ventspils Freeport.

Estonian investors consider construction of pulp factory in Latvia

Investors that consider building a pulp factory worth EUR 1 billion in Estonia’s southern region allow for the possibility of getting permission for the same project in Latvia, because this process can take a long time in Estonia.

Russian singer barred from going to Eurovision in Kyiv

Ukrainian authorities have banned Russian Eurovision representative from entering Ukraine, where the pop song contest Eurovision is to be held in May.

Travel passports planned to be introduced in Latvia

Deputies have submitted amendments to the Personal Identification Documents Law, suggesting the adoption of travel passports to avoid situations when people are denied the right to travel freely or participate in elections.

Tragic attack in London

In a tragic attack on civilians and police in London, five people have been killed and no less than 40 injured.

Farmers urge voting in favour of preserving land in the hands of local residents

A letter with a request to support farmers, countryside residents and amendments to the Law on Land Privatisation in Rural Areas has been sent to members of the Saeima.

Officials support Finance Ministry’s proposals for medium-term tax strategy

At the 22 March meeting of the National Economy Council, members of the parliament decided to conceptually support Finance Ministry’s proposals for medium-term tax strategy.

Ameriks received nearly 200,000 euros from fast loan companies in interest pay

Vice-Mayor of Riga Andris Ameriks received income of nearly 200,000 euros in interest pay from fast loan companies 4finance and Mogo last year, according to the declaration for 2016 submitted to the State Revenue Service.

Estonia to reduce availability of plastic bags in shops

Having passed amendments to the Estonian «Packaging Law», the Riigikogu has adopted a plan to reduce the use of plastic bags in the Baltic country over the coming years.

Latvian businesses in Japan to be provided with stable tax payment regime

Latvia businesses working in Japan will be provided with a stable tax payment regime that will not be influenced by amendments to Japan’s tax regulations, as stated in Saeima’s report.

Multiple parties to gather in a single candidate list to compete with Lembergs

Latvian Association of Regions, National Alliance, For Latvia’s Development and Unity will start at municipal elections in Ventspils under a single candidate list, said the leader of this unified list Girts Valdis Kristovskis in an interview to Latvijas Avīze.

Reirs: ministry’s offered tax reform will change nothing for most pensioners

Finance Ministry’s offered tax reform will add only slight changes. Most pensioners will not feel any changes from this reform – neither good, nor bad, said Welfare Minister Janis Reirs in an interview to Rīta panorama.