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Tuesday 17.10.2017 | Name days: Karīna, Gaits

Weekly horoscope (May 5th – 11th): analyse everything

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BNN presents a weekly horoscope for May 4th – 11th.

Aries – you will be rather talkative throughout this week: you will say a lot. You will also be able to formulate your wishes more accurately. Many will ask four your advice…If you try listening to others, you will be able to better understand the situation around you and within you.

Taurus – let go of your anger. It is not worth ruining the entire week for you. Enjoy your freedom and do try to spend this time without hassle! Always think about consequences of your decisions before making them, especially about consequences for the people around you. Remember – the key to success lies in you!

Gemini – what you do to others will come back to you! The work you have been avoiding will remind you about itself! Do try and be less emotional. Pay attention to your health. Engage yourself in healthy exercises…

Cancer – there is no happiness found in fortune. Happiness lies in the people around you. Do try and find the time to be with them. Make your plans more flexible this week. You will be all the richer for it. You should also find the time for yourself as well.

Leo – it is time to leave all past responsibilities where they belong (in the past). You will find new opportunities soon. Do not hesitate: you have plenty of strength for all of them. You tasks will be carried out quickly. However, do try to find a balance between work and leisure.

Virgo – you will feel considerable progress in the things you thought forgotten. There will be positive developments with your personal life. Do not be egocentric. Pay attention to what’s happening around you. This is especially important for compassion – help others. This will benefit you and those around you…

Libra – be more confident in yourself and take risks – you will achieve things that seemed beyond your reach. Be more open to new ideas and thoughts. You will hear your intuition. The week promises a lot of luck!

Scorpio – expect change. You have two options: either combat them or accept them. Help will not come on its own. You will have to be tougher or simply ask for help. Make plans and start your tasks in due time. This will help you become more productive and not waste your time on irrelevant tasks.

Sagittarius – it is time to take on new habits in order to finally decide what kind of person you want to be. You will finally complete what you have begun. Listen to your intuition. Your financial state will improve. This will bring about temptation to make some large purchase…

Capricorn – you will face obstacles that will only serve to protect you. Spend this week calmly. Review your emotions and thoughts. Sort out the chaos around you. This will help you maintain spiritual and emotional peace. If you do not have the answers, try finding them by asking for advice. Do not let everything go!

Aquarius – if you end up swamped by negative emotions, try not to get down. Maintain faith – soon everything will be sorted out. Your endeavours will be the key for your success in the future! Don’t wait until others start acting in your place. Take on the initiative and act!

Pisces – nothing is what it seems. You will understand this this week. Leave out all meaningless emotions to start developing. Take on new opportunities. Focus on the here and now in order to solve all problems.

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Ašeradens to leave Latvian government at the end of November

Latvian Economy Minister Arvils Ašeradens intends to leave the government after approval of the 2018 budget in the Saeima, which is scheduled for the end of November, as confirmed by Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis.

Islamic extremists blamed for tragic terrorist attack in Somalia

The death-toll in a tragic terror attack in the eastern African state of Somalia has reached 320 people and local authorities have stated that a key member of the cell that allegedly launched the attack on Mogadishu has told them that al-Shabaab was responsible for the crime.

Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks gets new management

From now on Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks will have a new chairman: once the head of Latio Namsaimnieks has been appointed as the new head of the company. The other vacant post has been given to Ardis Pāvilsons.

Catalonia misses ultimatum deadline, Spanish government vows to act after Thursday

The separatist Spainish region of Catalonia has missed the deadline to clarify, if it has declared independence and Madrid has received a letter from the President of the autonomous region, which still needs analysis.

What will be the consequences for companies that cheated with electricity production permits

Businesses that were caught using fake permits for electricity production in mandatory procurements will not have their permits extended, says Latvian Economy Minister Arvils Ašeradens.

Latvian tourist accommodation facilities experience increase of overnight guests

The number of nights tourists and other guests spent in Latvian hotels and other tourist accommodation facilities in the first eight months of 2018 has grown 12.2% in comparison with the same period of last year, reaching 3.524 million.

Antāne: transit industry has been on thin ice lately

«The transit industry has been on thin ice lately. Russia’s decision to divert all cargoes to its ports will only smash the ice. The government and state policy-makers have two choices – wait for the ice to break completely and watch the industry drown until finally stepping in, or act now to at least reduce the crisis for the country’s national economy, workers and their families,» says President of Baltic Association – Transit and Logistics Inga Antāne.

Kučinskis evasive in evaluation of Unity’s Economy Minister candidates

Latvian Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis remains evasive when it comes to assessing Unity’s Economy Minister candidates.

Amid alleged harassment scandal, Rõivas leaves post in Riigikogu

The former head of Estonian government Taavi Rõivas, who has been pointed to as allegedly having groped a woman during a visit to Singapore, has denied the claims, but has nevertheless decided to leave the of the second deputy speaker of the Estonian parliament.

De Facto: only one person was convicted of corruption in politics by KNAB in 15 years

In the past fifteen years, Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau completed only one political corruption case, as concluded by De Facto programme of LTV.

Centre party victorious in Estonian local government elections

In the Estonian municipal election, held on October 15, the largest overall support has been won by Centre Party that is also the ruling party in Estonian central government.

Week to kick off warm in Latvia; weather to become colder down the line

At the beginning of the week, several cyclones will pass over Scandinavia. Cyclones will also dictate weather in Latvia. Atmospheric fronts will pass over the country multiple times throughout the week. Nevertheless, the sun will appear every now and then, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

CEO of Samsung Electronics resigns, citing unprecedented difficulties

At the world's second largest electronics firm Samsung Electronics, its co-chief executive officer Kwon Oh-hyun has stepped down, pointing to management problems in the massive South Korean company.

Accreditation fees for sign language interpreter programmes may be reduced in Latvia

Latvian Welfare Ministry intends to work with Education and Science Ministry to find a solution for the situation with accreditation fees in the existing sign language interpreter programme, as reported by Welfare Ministry’s representative Aiga Ozoliņa.

Austrian government expected to be headed by 31-year old Kurz

In the Austrian parliamentary election, held on Sunday, October 15, victory is projected to the right-wing Austrian People's Party and its leader Sebastian Kurz could be become Europe's youngest head of government.

Week in Lithuania. Lithuania buying Norwegian air defence systems

Lithuanian defence officials have announced intention to buy Norwegian medium-range air-defence systems NASAMS in hopes of patching one of the biggest defence gaps.

Dryer and warmer weather expected

This weekend and next week, dryer and warmer weather is expected in Latvia, according to forecasts by the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Orkla Foods Latvija invests 122 000 euros in new production line and design

Juice and sauce producer Orkla Foods Latvija owned by the Norwegian conglomerate Orkla Group is investing 122 000 euros in a new production line and in the development of new product packaging design.

Return to military conscription discussed in Latvia

The restoration of mandatory military service would need three preconditions – the need expressed by the military, political will and public support, evaluated Latvian Defence Ministry State Secretary Jānis Garisons at an academic discussion on the necessity to restore conscription.

London housing rent prices have risen sharply to low-income renters, study finds

UK low-income renters currently on average pay 28% of their monthly income on housing rent, which is a considerable increase from 21% in the mid-1990s, researchers have found.

Italian court: sick pay applies to woman, who cared for her ill dog

A woman in Italy has won a trial on right to receive sick pay for being absent from work to care for her dog after surgery.

Passenger trains in Latvia to have wireless internet

Wireless internet is to available in all passenger trains in Latvia operated by the state-owner railway passenger carrier Pasažieru vilciens.

With central banks keeping mum, talks of RE bubble deemed unfounded

The Baltics‘ real estate market remains bubbly and robust, but the exuberance the market shows seems worrisome to some. Yet the majority points to the Baltic central banks. Unless they send a message of distress, followed with the tightening of lending, there’s nothing to worry about.

Poll: Ethnic minorities feeling closer to Latvia, express limited support on NATO

The majority ethnic minority residents in Latvia feel a deep or a very deep sense of belonging to the country in 2017, which is an increase by 4% since last year and a 16%-increase since 2015, showed results of opinion polls by the Latvian Ministry of Culture.

Latvian Economy Minister to leave post

The Latvian Minister of Economics, Deputy Prime Minister Arvils Ašeradens has decided to leave the post in the government and assume the mandate of a member of the Saeima so he could chair the parliamentary faction of his party Unity.

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