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Wednesday 23.01.2019 | Name days: Strauta, Grieta

NCP leader on Jurašs’ persecution: conspirators afraid of losing power

«We are witnessing an intentional state capture attempt. Conspirators are afraid of losing power,» said New Conservative Party leader Jānis Bordāns about the request to commence criminal prosecution of Juris Jurašs.

ABLV Bank successfully repays 80.9% of guaranteed remuneration amount to clients

The liquidated ABLV Bank has paid off EUR 388.356 million or 80.9% of the total amount of remuneration to clients, as confirmed by Citadele external communications manager Regīna Ikala.

Kristovskis vs. Lembergs’ running mouth: opposition wants answers

Aivars Lembergs’ running mouth and the scandalous statements he has made over the years no longer surprise people. There have been some addressed to journalists, calling them ‘political prostitutes’, and ones addressed to prosecutors. He has been penalized multiple times for this.

Producer prices in Latvia’s industry grow 5.4%

Compared to December 2017, the level of producer prices in Latvian industry rose by 5.4 % in December 2018. Prices of goods sold on the domestic market grew by 7.3 % and prices of exported products by 3.7 %. Prices of both products exported to euro area countries and products exported to non-euro area countries went up by 3.7 %.

CPB starts evaluating Kariņš’s government members for issue of access to official secrets

Latvia’s Constitution Protection Bureau has commenced the evaluation of potential members of Krišjāņa Kariņš’s emerging Cabinet of Ministers, as confirmed by CPB representative Iveta Maura.

All coalition-forming parties in Latvia affirm participation in Kariņš’s government

All parties forming the coalition in Latvia have made official decisions on participation in prime minister candidate Krišjāņis Kariņš’s government.

Latvian residents urged to pick milk produced in Latvia

Only 52% of Latvian residents can differentiate local dairy products from imported ones, according to results of a study performed by Agricultural Cooperation Council and SKDS.

Kariņš: policy of Latvia’s new government to surface during 2020 budget talks

It is planned that the next government will start working immediately after approval in order to continue the work started by the last government and start tackling the 2020 state budget as early as spring, said prime minister candidate Krišjānis Kariņš in an interview to Latvijas Radio.

15.1% less oil products were carried from Latvia in 11 months of 2018

When compared to the same period of 2017, 77,683 tonnes or 15.1% less oil products were carried from Latvia in the deferred excise tax payment regime in the first 11 months of 2018, according to State Revenue Service’s compiled data on turnover of goods.

Weather to remain chilly for most of this week in Latvia; snowfall expected on weekends

Weather will remain stable under influence of an active anticyclone in Latvia – no major precipitation is expected, days and nights will be rather chilly. At the end of the week, as a cyclone nears the country, some precipitation is expected. Air temperature will increase slightly and the sky will be covered by clouds.

New Unity’s candidate to continue talks with partners on government declaration over weekends

New Unity’s prime minister candidate Krišjānis Kariņš plans to continue working on the government declaration, cooperation agreement and fiscal discipline agreement over Saturday, 19 January, as confirmed by New Unity’s press-secretary Sandris Sabajevs.

MEP: Britain’s non-exit from EU is no longer possible

It is no longer possible for Britain to stay in the European Union. Even British politicians who have spoken against Brexit admit as much, said Latvian MEP Roberts Zīle in an interview to Rīta panorama.

Latvia’s forming coalition promises to be more open to opposition

The forming coalition in Latvia may consider proposals from the opposition and even support the more constructive of them, said prime minister candidate Krišjānis Kariņš in a conversation with journalists on Thursday, 17 January.