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Ceturtdiena 24.10.2019 | Name days: Renāte, Modrīte, Mudrīte

Additional information to be asked for in Latvian prosecutor general’s evaluation

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Prosecutor General Ēriks Kalnmeiers

Saeima deputies who initiated the investigation if there are reasons the justify dismissal of Prosecutor General Ēriks Kalnmeiers have been asked to clarify their request by providing more detailed information in relation to conclusions mentioned in their request.

Supreme Court senator Marika Senkāne, who is asked to perform said inspection in relation to Kalnmeiers, has submitted a request for additional information to the Saeima. The request was submitted to ensure objectivity and comprehensive evaluation of all details of the case.

The Supreme Court senator notes that the reason for deputies’ request is the Moneyval report on Latvia’s money laundering and terrorism financing enforcement system. The Supreme Court judge has requested deputies to mention specific points of the report that caused parliamentarians to make conclusions.

Senkāne asks which points of the report concludes that of all criminal cases sent to the prosecutor’s office by State Police in a set period of time only 2% had resulted in criminal prosecution and that organization of investigations was illogical, and that this was the reason why Latvia received a low score for the country’s finance security system.

The Supreme Court senator has also asked politicians to outline judging by which points of the report prosecutors should take on the leading role in the development of guidelines for efficient investigation of money laundering and terrorism financing cases. Saeima deputies have time until 2 August to submit explanations.

As it is known, Supreme Court’s chairman Ivars Bičkovičs has initiated a check of reasons for the request detailing the possible dismissal of Latvia’s Prosecutor General Ēriks Kalnmeiers.

The decision was made following a request from 39 Saeima deputies. The request was submitted to the Supreme Court 17 June. The inspection was entrusted to Supreme Court judge Marika Senkāne. The inspection itself is set to continue until 16 September.

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Exclusive | Gorkšs: Latvian football body has written off large sums needed for development

For the financial crimes of the Latvian Football Federation and the money it has spent unreasonably, we will most likely pay today, taking away tomorrow’s money for the development of football, said LFF’s ousted president Kaspars Gorkšs in an interview with the BNN. «One has to go firmly against the secretaries-general for mistakes permitted in the past. Sanctions should not be limited to some calculated return of a tax, which could be taken from football money. These people have to be called to [real] responsibility».

Estonian minimum wage talks collapse, unions seek mediation

Estonian employers and workers were unable to arrive at a compromise minimum wage for next year and have turned to the country’s nation conciliator to solve the issue.

Latvian doctors to try to sway legislators on health budget

The Latvian Doctors’ Association and the Latvian New Doctors’ Association, voicing a protest against what they call «the hypocrisy of politicians», have sent letters to Seima MPs over the draft state budget seen as unfavourable to health care.

Turkish offensive: Erdogan, Putin agree on withdrawal of Syria Kurdish forces

Turkish and Russian Presidents have reached a deal on giving Kurdish YPG forces more time to move further inside Syria, away from the Syrian-Turkish border so that Ankara would achieve its goal of a ‘safe zone’ where Syrian refugees could return.

Russian politologist: Baltic States should be wary of any changes in Russia

Baltic States should be wary of any changes in Russia, says London-based international relations think tank Chatham House Russian expert Lilia Shevtsova when asked about the possible influence of the change of Russia’s policy on Baltic States.

Audit: higher education reform in Estonia fails to yield results

Estonia’s National Audit Office’s report shows that the transition to free higher education and other associated reforms implemented in 2013 have failed to yield tangible results, as reported by Estonian public media ERR.

Lithuanian biofuel manufacturers concerned about competition with Belarus

Lithuanian biofuel manufacturers are worried that cheap firewood imported from Belarus could push them from the market and make Lithuania dependent on imports from their neighbour. Meanwhile Lithuanian Energy Minister does not consider the situation as dramatic as manufacturers make it out to be, adding that households will only benefit from lower heating costs, as reported by Lithuanian public media LRT.

Sweets and electrical appliances – theft on trial 25 years after the fact

Romans Siņicins is on trial in Latvia for theft of sweets, electrical appliances and other items from stores, all of which had occurred 25 years ago. Several teenagers were arrested in relation to these thefts in the 90s, including Siņicins, who was 14 at the time, as reported by LTV programme Panorāma.

Brexit stuck in British parliament; PM considers snap elections

British Prime Minister Boriss Johnson may push for general elections if the European Union decides to postpone Brexit until January 2020, BBC reports.

International relations expert says Russia is on the eve of changes

Russia has ended up on crossroads, as a large portion of its population and political elite believe the current government has exhausted itself and its policy has led the country to a dead end, because it is basically impossible to reform, the elite is not able to propose any new concepts and there are no other alternatives, says prominent Russian expert Lilia Shevtsova.

Latvia, being short of doctors, not planning more funds to training

Latvia, despite its shortage of young specialists in health care, has attributed in the 2020 state budget no additional funding to the training of resident medical specialists.

Baltics have to do more to strengthen defence, American think tank says

The Baltic states should do more to strengthen their defence capabilities, according to the respected U.S. think tank The Jamestown Foundation quoted by the Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT.

PM Kariņš wants vision of new Latvian tax reform by Easter

Latvian prime minister Krišjānis Kariņš has told legislators that for the planned tax reform, officials should find the least painful way to the population to arrive at a vision of a tax system that would increase state budget income.

With Liepāja Prison construction stalling, minister concedes reopening of old prison

As the Latvian government is unwilling to invest in the modernisation of prison infrastructure, the reopening of the old Brasa Prison could be needed, said Latvian Justice Minister on Tuesday, October 22. Brasa Prison in Riga was closed this spring.

Video: Canadian general election won by ruling Liberals losing majority

In the Canadian general election, the Liberal Party led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has won, staying in power, yet with a minority government.

Estonian capital readies to limit use of leaf blowers

The municipality of the Estonian capital is preparing restrictions on leaf blowers on its streets, reported ERR broadcaster referring to Postomees newspaper.

Latvian five-party coalition agrees on consensus budget proposals only

Working on the Latvian state budget 2020, government’s five ruling parties have agreed that in the parliament, the separate factions would not submit separate proposals for amendments, said MP Atis Zakatistovs after a coalition sitting.

Maxima tragedy: Court rejects slow proceedings’ criticism, as victims protest

As a court in Riga continues the criminal proceedings over the Maxima tragedy to determine the guilty persons in the death of 54 people in a 2013 supermarket collapse, the Latvian Court Administration has rejected criticism of the process as being delayed.

Lithuanian firefighters warn of strike over low pay

Lithuanian firefighters have warned of plans to hold a strike over low funding that makes paying wages and attracting new workers difficult.

In Slovak journalist’s double murder, four charged as one pleads guilty

Prosecutors in Slovakia have charged a well-known businessman and three other persons for alleged involvement in the double murder of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée in 2018.

Ventspils extends mandate of Lembergs and allies in freeport

The Ventspils City Council has on Friday, October 18, confirmed the extension of mandate to another five years in the board of the Ventspils Freeport Administration to long-standing municipal politicians Aivars Lembergs, Jānis Vītolņš, Didzis Ošenieks and Guntis Blumbergs, according to information available to the BNN.

Estonian interest in third pillar pensions lowest in EU, study finds

In Estonia, the interest of consumers in free-of-choice pension funds, is the lowest as compared to other member states of the European Union, a study of Better Finance investor rights group found.

Lithuanian manufacturers worried about new U.S. tariffs

Lithuanian manufacturers have voiced concern over the indirect effects of U.S. import tariffs introduced last week on products such as pork, milk products and others.

One of Latvia’s most wanted suspects found

Police in Latvia have found – thanks to reports of fellow citizens – suspect Angeļina Sacjuka, who was wanted for a deadly attack on a woman, the State Police said. The crime she was wanted for could bring her a prison term of three to 15 years

LTV: Moscow suspected of seeking more power in Latvian Orthodox Church

The Moscow Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church may be attempting to force Metropolitan Alexander of the Latvian Orthodox Church to retire to replace him with more acceptable person to the Russian side, reported LTV’s programme De facto.

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