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Friday 03.04.2020 | Name days: Daira, Dairis

Turkey seeks new and quick refugee deal with EU

Turkey, which, contrary to its deal with the EU, has stopped keeping refugees and migrants from reaching EU borders, has urged the bloc to implement its visa liberalisation promise, German public broadcaster DW reports.

Marguerite Gas to sell its Conexus shares to Japanese Marubeni Foundation

On Tuesday, 10 March, Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers decided to permit the sale of Marguerite Gas’ owned shares in Latvian gas transmission and storage system operator AS Conexus Baltic Grid to Japanese Marubeni Foundation MM Infrastructure Investments Europe Limited, as reported by Economy Ministry.

As opinions clash, Latvian government decides to not appeal unfavourable court ruling in Muižnieks case

Although opinions differed, Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers on Tuesday, 10 February, decided to not appeal the ruling of the Administrative District Court that declares the government’s decision to not approve Indriķis Muižnieks as the new rector in the University of Latvia as illegal, as reported by Education and Science Minister Ilga Šuplinska.

Why count them? Russian MP proposes removing presidential term limits

In the Russian State Duma, it has been proposed to amend the constitution to remove the limit of two terms for the presidential office. This would grant incumbent Vladimir Putin as chance to be re-elected, Russian state news agency TASS reports.

Latvia to use EU funding to restore three cultural monuments in Riga

Limited project submission selection for the restoration of Dailes Theatre square, Latvian Riflemen Square and the Large Guild Building has commenced, as provided by Cabinet of Ministers requirements approved on Tuesday, 10 March, confirms Culture Ministry’s representative Dace Vizule.

Estonia considers ways to help firms as virus affects business

With the global spread of the novel coronavirus, Estonia is looking at areas, where local companies could be affected, and ways to help businesses, ERR reports.

Šteinbuka: Latvia’s economic growth will slow down because of the coronavirus

Latvia’s economic growth will slow down because of the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19, said Fiscal Discipline Council chairperson Inna Šteinbuka in an interview to TV3 programme 900 seconds on Tuesday, 10 March.

BNN interview | Untouchable caste of oligarchs? Authorities unwilling to evaluate Olainfarm talks

Political forces with their contacts in high posts of law enforcement institutions are simply «pulling the brakes on investigated cases». This means even if a criminal case is commenced, it is left largely uninvestigated or is sabotaged, as BNN was told in an interview with lawyer Alvis Pīlāgs about the criminal case regarding Olainfarm talks.

In Estonian Reform Party, no competition to rule of Kallas

The Estonian Reform Party, which is the largest party in the Estonian parliament, but is working in the opposition, is nearing its leadership contest. Yet, there is only one contender, the current chairwoman Kaja Kallas, ERR reports.

US to begin withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan

The US have announced the beginning of the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan, implementing a peace deal with the Taliban group in the country invaded by the US in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks, British public broadcaster BBC reports.

Latvia’s registered unemployment level down to 6.3% in February

At the end of February 2020 the level of registered unemployment in Latvia was 6.3% of economically active population, which is 0.1 percentage point below the previous month’s level, as reported by the State Employment Agency.

Latvian Welfare Ministry rejects Saeima’s proposal to ban child adoption by foreigners

Latvia’s Welfare Ministry has decided not to support Saeima’s Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee’s proposal to ban child adoption by foreigners. Instead the ministry proposes discussing improving existing regulations, as reported by minister Ramona Petraviča’s advisor.

Italy expands virus outbreak travel ban to whole country

The government in Italy, where more than 9,000 cases and 463 deaths from COVID-19 have been confirmed, has imposed from Tuesday, March 10, nationwide travel restrictions, French news agency AFP reports.

Gold bars arrested in Rīgas satiksme procurement criminal case

Five gold bars worth approximately EUR 100 000 have been arrested in the Rīgas satiksme procurement case, according to information from LETA.

Germany calls on EU members to accept refugee children from Greek camps

The German government has expressed willingness and urged other EU member states to accept vulnerable refugee children from camps in Greece, according to German public broadcaster DW.

Global oil prices drop sharply

Global oil prices have fallen sharply on Monday, March 9, as they lost 30% of value and rebounded to a drop of eight percent after Saudi Arabia cut its prices, AFP reports.

Latvian consular service unable to assist travellers experiencing difficulties due to Covid-19

Due to the spread of coronavirus Covid-19 in foreign countries, Latvia’s consular service is unable to pay for a return ticket to Latvia in situation when the previously bought ticket is invalid, as reported by Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Consular Department.

Latvia’s inflation in February reportedly 2.3%

Compared to February 2019, the average level of consumer prices rose by 2.3 % in February 2020. Prices of goods had increased by 1.9 % and prices of services by 3.1 %. Compared to 2015, consumer prices were 9.4 % higher in February 2020.

SIFFA: Latvian residents reportedly pay EUR 114.3 million in medicine markup

Last year, patients in Latvia paid a total of EUR 114.3 million or 49.24% of medicines’ self-cost in markup applied by wholesale traders and pharmacies, as reported by International Innovative Pharmaceuticals Producers director Valters Bolēvics.

Estonia to give up state road maintenance company for privatisation

AS Eesti Teed, the Estonian state road maintenance and construction firm, is profitable and the current market ensures favourable prices to the state, so the firm will be up for privatisation, ERR reports citing the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

Magnitsky case-related assets worth half a million dollars arrested

Latvian State Police’s Economic Crimes Enforcement Unit has arrested assets related to Magnitsky case worth half a million dollars, as reported by State Police Public Relations Office’s senior specialist Elīna Priedīte.

Estonia advises travellers to return from quarantine areas, if without fever

Estonian citizens have been recommended over the introduction of quarantine in northern Italy to return home from the areas if they do not have symptoms of the coronavirus-caused disease COVID-19, according to a statement by the Estonian Foreign Ministry, as cited by the ERR.

Latvia's Economy Minister Ralfs Nemiro spits in the eye of US sanctions

Why does Nemiro continue risking Latvia’s economic state by maintaining friendly relations with people of questionable reputation and standing?

Dutch court starts trial into flight MH17, murder of 298 people in Ukraine

A court in the Netherlands, is opening proceedings into the downing of the flight MH17 and the murder of 298 people in 2014, in eastern Ukraine. Three Russian and one Ukrainian citizen is the suspect, British public broadcaster BBC reports.

For years tram and trolleybus drivers in Riga have lacked appropriate license

Because of Riga municipality’s negligence, tram and trolleybus drivers in Riga have not had appropriate license for ten years. Nor are there any regulations that require trams and trolleybuses to undergo regular technical examination as reported by TV3 programme Nekā personīga.

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