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Sunday 19.08.2018 | Name days: Melānija, Imanta

Tukuma piens exports surge 250%

This year, the milk-processing company AS Tukums piens export volume has risen by 250%, mainly due to the successful operation in the Lithuanian market, where fresh milk products are actively traded.

Most interesting company names in 2010

The Commercial Register registered 12 604 new businesses and their branches this year, which is 3 514 more than a year ago. The number of registered non-governmental organizations grew as well, from 1 644 in 2009 to 1 768 in 2010, according to Lursoft data.

Usakovs: Riga is a positive brand in Russia

At the moment, Russia’s attitude towards Latvia is neutrally positive, yet, whether we manage to use this in our advantage solely depends on us, asserts Riga Mayor Nils Usakovs.

Kampars almost «negotiated» costlier gas for Latvia

When meeting with the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, during the President of Latvia official visit to Moscow, the Minister of Economics Artis Kampars fell flat by almost «negotiating» a higher gas price for Latvia for winter, instead of a lower one.

Ekmanis believes the strongest survive, while the weakest get eaten

The financial policy of Latvia reminds me of getting on a tram, without considering its route, says Latvian Academy of Sciences President Juris Ekmanis, adding that currently only the active ones are succeeding.

Investment protection depends on Russia

The preparation and signing of the intergovernmental agreement on investment protection between Latvia and Russia depends on the latter – the Minister of Economics Artis Kampars replies to the fundamental question in business circles about the signing of investment protection contract.

Expert: most of sectors to succeed more in 2011

Next year will be better than this one for most of the national economy sectors, DnB Nord bank economic expert Pēteris Strautins (Strautiņš) is convinced.

Prime Minister: additional 50 million lats consolidation - in January, February

The coalition has agreed to comprise a working team to deal with the 50 million lats consolidation starting from early 2011, thus it is a matter of January, February, informs the Prime Minister of Latvia Valdis Dombrovskis, adding that the Finance Ministry is already drafting its proposals.

Aigars Vitols to head Latvijas Pasts

At an emergency shareholders’ meeting, the Ministry of Transport adopted a decision to introduce changes in VAS Latvijas Pasts Board, assigning the long-standing employee Aigars Vītols as the Chairman of Board.

iPhone cookies receive unexpected popularity

Apple iPhone fans who feel that it is not enough to carry around their favourite device, can now take a bite in a special biscuit that resembles the smartphone.

airBaltic recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies

The Latvian national airline airBaltic has been recognized as one of the world’s ten most innovative airlines in 2010.

People ask for wide range of fireworks

This year reports growing demand for different types of fireworks for the New Year celebration in Latvia. The key principles of opting for one or another type of fireworks is the price and quality, say pyrotechnics market representatives.

Estonia to become the poorest eurozone country

After transferring to the single European currency euro, Estonia will become the poorest eurozone’s country with the smallest gross domestic product, increasing the total eurozone’s GDP by about 0.01%.

Long customer line-ups at Estonian banks

Despite it will be possible to exchange kroons for euros at Estonia’s banks until June 2011, but at the Bank of Estonia for unlimited period, all major branch banks in Tartu have very long customer queues.

Veshnakov: Medvedev, Putin or Patriarch Cyril might visit Latvia in 2011

The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin or the Patriarch Cyril might visit Latvia next year already, says the Russian ambassador to Latvia Alexander Veshnakov.

What colour will Zatlers tie be in New Year's speech?

While 2011 is approaching, people are given the possibility to bet on the President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers tie colour in the New Year's speech.

Fewer people consider themselves financially secure

In late 2010, only every third (33%) of Latvia’s residents regard themselves as financially secure. This is less than a year ago, when 39% believed they are financially provided.

2010 stabilised transport and logistics industries

Only serious companies with long-term development plans are left in the market. The second half of this year reported positive tendencies already, which gives grounds for forecasting further market growth in 2011 as well, the business news portal BNN was informed by the company DHL Freight.

Survey: non-Latvians more concerned about keeping jobs

The majority the residents in Latvia are confident about holding onto their current job positions for the coming year, adding that it does not mean economic stabilisation, as it is still too early to speak about the end of the crisis, according to DnB Nord Latvijas barometrs survey.

Lithuania Prime Minister: Russia is blackmailing us

Gazprom’s decision to exclude Lithuania from receiving discount gas prices in 2011, unlike in the case of other two Baltic States, can be considered as economic blackmail, which is increasingly reinforcing Lithuania’s arguments on why competition in gas supply should be strengthened, points out the Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius.

Number of fast loans takers surges 50%

The number of issued loans has climbed by 50.5% in December. Newly-obtained loans number has surged 70.6%, while amount of loans taken repeatedly has increased by 30.4%.

Reasons for queues on Latvia – Russia border to be clarified

The Interior Minister Linda Mūrniece has ordered the State Border Guard Chief Normunds Garbars to prepare and file for review (by January 24, 2011) information on reasons for road transport queues at Latvia–Russia border checkpoints, the business news portal BNN was informed by the MI.

Microsoft grants 890 000 US dollars for job seekers training

Microsoft has allotted a grant of 60 000 US dollars, as well as software donation at the extent of 827 870 US dollars to the Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association. The funds will be used to support job seekers and improve the unemployed persons’ computer skills and professional career development, the LICTA informs the business news portal BNN.

People buy Christmas trees together with decorations

In the pre-celebration period people bought pot grown Christmas trees the most, while shortly before Christmas Eve they actively purchased also cut spruces, the business news portal BNN was informed by the chain store K-Rauta representative Ingus Laumanis.

Tangerine sales boost during Christmas

During the Christmas week from December 20 to 26, Latvia’s major shops reported a significant increase in the sales volume – the most purchased food products were tangerines, gingerbread and chocolates.

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