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Monday 12.11.2018 | Name days: Kaija, Kornēlija

Manufacturing turnover drops 3.3%

Last year November, compared to October 2010, the manufacturing turnover at current prices, according to seasonally adjusted data, fell by 3.3%, including in the domestic market – by 3.4%, and export - by 3.1%.

Amendments in Procurement Law to foster shadow economy

After the focus on short-term solutions during the crisis, the entrepreneurs’ interest in long-term investments is starting to return, for instance, in reputation and image creation, the Latvian Public Relations Companies Association Chief Executive Sandra Stepe told the business news portal BNN.

LNT - the most watched channel in 2010

In 2010 LNT was the most watched television channel in Latvia, as 14% of total television watching time was devoted to it, TV3 ranks as the second with 13.5%, followed by PBK with 10.1%.

Online shopping becomes more expensive

This year, with changes in the regulations regarding online shopping outside the European Union territory, purchasing goods on the Internet is not as cheap as before.

Riga City Council concludes 2010 with budget surplus

Even though a budget deficit of 37 million lats was scheduled, in 2010 Riga Municipality did not use all the funds, creating a budget surplus, Riga Mayor Nils Ušakovs points out.

Kogan: fuel price not to exceed one lat

Although most of drivers are shocked about the surging fuel prices, Lukoil Baltija R Deputy Chairman Haim Kogan believes fuel price is unlikely to exceed one lat per liter this year.

Anti GPS tracking device versus service vehicle tax

Anti GPS tracking device available on the Internet for 15 lats threatens the Finance Ministry's intention to collect 12 million lats from the service vehicle tax use for private needs.

Expert: green energy might undermine Latvian national economy

«We look silly with our aim of 40% green energy, grasping the biggest bite without understanding what we have undertaken,» the Deputy Chairman of the Public Utilities Regulation Commission Ivars Zariņš indicates.

8 000 households still left without electricity

Electricity supply still has not been renewd to about 8 000 Latvian households, according to AS Sadales tīkli data.

Interior Minister: Police should become friendlier

The task of the new State Police Chief will be to promote police friendliness towards the society, the Interior Minister Linda Mūrniece points out.

Producer: we risk fragmenting business by diversifying it

There are a lot of things we could produce, but we cannot risk fragmenting the business too much either, says tea Anna Bergmans producer and farm household Upmaļi owner Māra Bergmane.

US navy vessel scuttled deliberately

A decommissioned US navy vessel has been scuttled near Cayman Islands, and from now on will be dive attraction.

Estonian Finance Minister - the best in 2010

The Estonian Finance Minister Jurgen Ligi has been recognized as the best one in 2010 among all Finance Minsters in the European Union, according to The Banker, an international financial affairs publication owned by The Financial Times.

Man in Estonia brings 30 000 kroon coins to bank

The Estonians have already submitted almost 30 million kroon in coins, while one Estonian had collected 30 000 kroon in coins.

A Council building inspector - in 17 official posts

A building inspector of a certain district takes up 17 state official posts at the same time, 15 as a Chairman or building inspector in different municipalities, as well as a Ltd. Board member, thus making illegal income, according to the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB).

Estonia’s electricians to help improve energy supply in Latvia

The company Eesti Energia subsidiary Vorguehitus has decided to send four electricians to Rezekne, as well as two tractors with operators to improve the energy supply situation in Latvia.

Latvian Free Trade Union: let those who caused crisis tackle it

Upon considering further consolidation measures, the government should turn special attention to shadow economy combat; moreover those who caused the crisis should involve in recovering from it more actively, says Latvian Free Trade Union (LFTU) Deputy Chairman Egils Baldzēns.

EU unemployment rate sticks to 9.6%

The seasonally adjusted EU unemployment rate remained flat (9.6%) in November 2010, compared to the previous month, according to Eurostat data.

Suggestion to tie ministers pay to actual results like GDP

Businessmen believe they and the government live in parallel worlds, thus they suggest tieying the government's pay to actual results, for example, GDO (gross domestic product) indicators, just like it is a widespread practice in companies. Such a suggestion was expressed in the business portal organized discussion in Kuldiga.

Farmers Parliament: they make us scapegoats

«Although the Finance Ministry banned discounts for diesel, they blame us,» points out the organization Farmers Parliament representatives.

Kampars: improvements in electricity supply

Since January 6 about 30-40 forest workers are involved in solving the issue of power outages, while it is planned to involve even additional 70-90 workers during the weekend, AS Sadales tīkls informed the Minister of Economy Artis Kampars.

Swedbank: Latvia to expect growth in 2011

Judging from 2010 results, this year will bring growth, say Swedbank economists, adding that non-implementation of qualitative reforms threaten the future development.

Gulbe: Vilnius trades the cheapest food products

In December 2010, the prices of most food products increased in the capitals of all three Baltic Sates, compared to the same period in 2009, suggest the Agricultural Market Promotion Centre (AMPC) data.

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