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Sunday 22.07.2018 | Name days: Marija, Marika, Marina

CPCB restarts criminal action regarding secret agreement between Ryanair and airport Riga

The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, taking into account the State Audit Office complaints, restarted criminal procedure regarding the secret agreement between the low-cost airline Ryanair and the airport Riga, which was carried out by Ainars Slesers assistance and also contains his signature.

Clothing buyers in Latvia overpay 16 times

Clothing prices in Latvia are comparatively high, therefore purchasers often overpay 16 times, said Latvian Light Industry Head Guntis Strazds.

Three containers of euro coins delivered to Estonia

First two trucks carrying euro coins have reached Estonia, reports

Old Riga parking costs reduction on the way

Parking costs in Old Riga are planned to be reduced from five to three lats for the first hour and from eight to five lats for each additional hour.

Latvia elected in UN Economic and Social Council

On October 25, the United Nations General Assembly in New York with 155 majority votes elected Latvia in the Economic and Social Council for the period from 2011 to 2013, the business portal BNN was informed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs press centre.

Facing risk of clients leaving, LMT offers special tariff

Another Tele2 «meteorite» of four lats a month has influenced LMT as well: when Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT) clients want to leave the operator, they are offered a copy of Meteorite called Special Tariff 4, which is not actually on sale.

Greens and Farmers offered five minister posts

The association Unity (Vienotība) might have offered its coalition partners - The Greens and Farmers Union (Zaļo un Zemnieku Apvienība, GFU) five minister posts.

VAT rate likely to be raised next year

The value added tax rate could be raised up to 23-24% next year – such budget deficit reduction variant is currently being actively discussed within the political circles.

Deutsche Post DHL might acquire Latvian Post

Deutsche Post DHL might acquire the post offices of the Baltics.

50 Latvijas Finieris shareholders interested in stock sale to Sveza

Up till now, already fifty AS Latvijas Finieris shareholders expressed an interest in selling company’s shares to the competitor – Russian plywood manufacturer Sveza, specified the company’s spokesperson Ieva Kukule.

Latvia Auditor General not to involve in parties’ ambitions driven government

First of all the country must have fundamental objectives, and the policy will be further developed to achieve these objectives. A policy should not be created from the bottom, so that each institution does as it wishes to, which, in a way, happens in Latvia at the moment: each minister has been allotted a budget sum, based on which their policies are planned. Yet there is no link between these policies, said the Auditor General Inguna Sudraba.

Latvia shows EU record number of future businessmen

Currently one out of 20 economically active population is a future businessman and another - an owner of a new enterprise, which is one of the highest indicators among the European Union (EU) member states.

Bank sector loss this year – 314 million lats

Over the nine months of 2010, the bank sector total loss reached 314 million lats, which is 45.7% less than during the corresponding period last year when the losses totalled 579 million lats.

Month and a half delay in payments for water in Riga

Clients' payments for water supplied by the company Rīgas ūdens delay for a month and a half on average.

Issued mortgage loan volume in Estonia hits year and a half record

In September, the total volume of issued mortgage loans in Estonia is estimated at the extent of 610 million kroon (27 389 000 lats), which is the highest sum over the past year and a half.

Armenia exported 5 tons of frogs last year

Despite Armenia exported more than five tons frogs last year, the program has been recognized as not profitable.

Estonia Finance Minister: price growth is not connected with transition to euro

The price increase that has been observed in Estonia during the past few months should not be associated with the transition to the euro, indicates the Estonian Minister of Finance Jürgen Ligi.

Trichet dissatisfied with new EU rules

The European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet has expressed his concern the new EU rules on government borrowing will not be able to protect the eurozone's economy, as they are not strict enough.

Citadele Asset management new Chairman – Vladimirs Ivanovs

Vladimirs Ivanovs is elected new Chairman of Citadele Asset Management IPAS Board, the business portal BNN was informed by the enterprise.

Losses from shoplifting in Europe reach 29.3 billion euros

European traders have lost 29.3 billion euros (20.6 billion lats) this year due to shoplifting, which is 3 billion euro (2.1 billion lats) more than last year. The losses of the Baltics comprise 177 million euro (124.4 million lats), which is 29 million euro (20.4 million lats) less than in 2009, according to Centre for Retail Research data.

AFL–FFF/LNNK not included in the new government coalition

The political association Unity Board decided not to include the national association All for Latvia – For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK. Therefore, two parties will form the coalition – the party Unity and the Green and Farmers Union.

Russia admits the pension system failure

In order to accumulate money for retirement, the use of state support is pointless, because the majority of the population even in 30 year’s time will not manage to store up at least an adequate amount of money, the Russian government officials have calculated.

Latvian unemployment rate drops to 14.4%

Despite the registered unemployment rate keeps falling in Latvia, reaching 14.4%, this month several State Employment Agency (SEA) branches witness unemployment rate growth or remaining flat.

Polish discount airline to launch flights from Vilnius

Starting from the next year’s April it will be possible to fly from Vilnius to a variety of new destinations with the Polish low cost airline Wizz Air that has signed an agreement with the Vilnius International Airport.

Only 1/3 of Latvian residents know they can choose electricity supplier

Only 35% of inhabitants of Latvia have heard there is free electricity market in Latvia, namely, companies and people of Latvia can choose the electricity supplier, according to Market and social research center Latvijas Fakti conducted poll.