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Wednesday 17.10.2018 | Name days: Karīna, Gaits

Former Latvia President advises Zatlers not to behave as an ostrich

When giving advice to the current President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers on what to discuss during the meeting with the neighbouring country’s President Dmitry Medvedev, the Ex-President, now a Saeima Deputy, Guntis Ulmanis recommends focusing on the hard issues, instead of behaving like an ostrich.

Company from Kuldiga obtains 5.25 million euro loan

A company from Kuldiga region in Latvia SIA Kuldīgas siltumtīkli has obtained a 5.25 million loan from SEB bank for building biomass cogeneration plant, the business news portal BNN was informed by SEB Bank.

German man pays 450 euro for knowing a Latvian woman

A German man called Klaus was fined 450 euro due to thinking he was helping a girl from Latvia he met on the Internet. Without being aware of the fact he was actually assisting a gang of swindlers.

Latvia Transport Minister: economy cannot develop without efficient infrastructure

When formulating 2011 budget the Ministry of Transport has to economize 18 million lats. Road cost reduction forms half of these cuts, namely, nine million lats, the Minister of Transport Uldis Augulis indicates.

VAT rise to result in more expensive apartment bills

The government's intention to raise VAT (value added tax) standard rate from the current 21 to 22%, as well as to increase the reduced VAT rate to 12% and raise it for electricity from 10 to 12% will make apartment bills more expensive.

Frost arrival boosts 50% firewood price climb

At the moment, with the arrival of sharp frost, consumer prices of firewood and chippings have increased by 40-50%, compared to late October, points out Didzis Palejs, a Board Member at the Latvian biofuel producers association Latbionrg.

Skele: the emerging budget offers no challenges

The 2011 budget draft does not include any challenges, as the government is simply raising taxes, the Chairman of the party For Good Latvia Andris Skele pointed out.

Neste to import second generation biodiesel

Soon enough Latvian first generation biodiesel producers might have to seek for other markets, as the second generation biofuel is already nearly on its way to Latvia.

For Good Latvia fraction Head: we can recover 60 million lats from shadow economy

Association For a Good Latvia (Par labu Latviju, FGL) Saeima fraction Head and one of the People's Party (Tautas partija, PP) leaders Edgars Zalans (Zalāns) believes it is possible to recover 60 million lats from the shadow economy.

More and more Estonians support the euro introduction

54% of the Estonian population support the transition to the euro, shows the euro surveillance survey, which was ordered by the Estonian Finance Ministry and State Chancellery.

airBaltic to double rentable BalticBike bicycles number next year

The active season of the self-service, rent-out bicycles BalticBike has ended, and airBaltic already plans to double the number of bicycle rental stations next year, to make BalticBike as a uniform transport network, the company announces.

Merkel: Russia still has a long way ahead to modernize economy

Russia Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's idea of economy alliance stretching from Vladivostok to Lisbon is very interesting, however there still is a long way ahead for them to modernize economy, says German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Lithuania’s population assesses Parliament and government’s work negatively

Inhabitants in Lithuania’s major cities assess the Lithuanian Parliament and government’s work negatively – giving 2 out of 10 points.

McDonald's accused of violating under-age workers rights

The violation of under-aged workers' rights have been detected at McDonald’s fast food restaurants near Moscow.

Economist: Latvians living in Ireland might send home less money

Ireland's economic downfall might force Latvians living there to reduce money transfers home, believes SEB bank economist Dainis Gaspuitis (Gašpuitis).

Finland criticized for Roma repatriation

Hindus people are strongly criticizing Finland capital city Helsinki for about 40 Roma sending to Romania.

Ireland’s rescue package - 85 billion euro

The European countries’ leaders have agreed on the volume of Ireland’s rescue package – it will be 85 billion euro.

Growing construction volume in Estonia

During the third quarter of 2010, the volume of built units in Estonia and abroad by the Estonian construction companies has grown by 1.2%.

Drop in 500 major EU companies turnover and profit

Five hundred major European companies turnover indicators show more than 16% drop, while profit has fallen by 27% or almost 7 billion euro, according to credit insurance Coface survey Central Europe Economies Top 500.

Average monthly gross salary grows by three lats

In the third quarter of 2010, the average monthly gross salary in Latvia was 447 lats, which is 3 lats or 0.8% more than in the second quarter.

Comic actor Leslie Nielsen dies

The famous actor and comic Leslie Nielsen has died, reports BBC.

Lithuania Finance minister to resign, if pensions are raised

If the Lithuanian Saeima approves legislation returning pensions to the pre-crisis level, the Lithuania Minister of Finance Ingrida Šimonytė will resign.

Tax for powerful cars – lower than forecast

The Cabinet of Ministers Committee has approved the law on Vehicle Tax, which starting from the next year will stipulate the amount of the annual vehicle tax, yet the tax increase for high-powered cars will be lower than it was suggested before.

11% of Latvia’s population support government’s proposed budget consolidation measures

Most of the economically active inhabitants in Latvia do not support the Latvian government’s proposed budget consolidation measures.

Minimum temperatures hit new records in Latvia

November 29 overnight reports new minimum temperature records, the business portal BNN found out at Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

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