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Wednesday 15.08.2018 | Name days: Dzelde, Zenta, Zelda

Latvia Prime Minister: consumption and property tax should be reviewed

When consolidating the next annual budget, the consumption and property tax should be reviewed, indicated the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis, who, most likely, will lead the next government as well.

airBaltic CEO: with strong private partner - state can be passive

Airline airBaltic experience shows state can be a passive enterprise owner, if the other one is a strong private company, said airBaltic President Bertolt Flick.

Neste joins BalticMiles program in Lithuania and Estonia

BalticMiles partner in Latvia – the fuel retail company Neste – has joined Neste in Lithuania and Estonia.

EasyJet shares value grows by 9%

British airline EasyJet shares value in London market soared by 9% after the company published data on last year's profit.

IMF: growing «currency war» threat

«Currency war» threat of the world's largest economies is growing, moreover there is an idea circulating the world that currency might be used as a political weapon, warns the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Head Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Riga City Council supports 220 apartment procurement for 7.8 million lats

SIA Rīgas pilsētbūvnieks will purchase from the private company 220 finished apartments for 7.8 million lats, decided the Riga City Council Financial and Administrative Affairs Committee.

Financial crisis affects Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize laureates will be awarded the smallest amount of money over the past ten years.

Environmental damage costs in 2008 – 6.6 trillion dollars

The man-made damage to the environment in 2008 accounts for 6.6 trillion US dollars (3.4 trillion lats).

Billionaire Trump interested in becoming US President

American business and real estate magnate Donald Trump believes he could become the next US President.

Nine-month state budget revenue exceeds planned by 1.5%

In nine months of the present year, the state budget revenues plan has been fulfilled even exceeding the planned by 1.5%.

Economists considering US re-recession threat with caution

Most likely, instead of re-recession, a slow growth awaits the global economy, believe the Latvian bank economists, despite the relentless talks about the probability of reoccurring crisis in the US.

Rietumu Capital Center wins Architecture Award of the year

Architect bureau Zenico projekts has been awarded Riga City 2010 architecture prize for the business centre Rietumu Capital Centre (Vesetas Street 7) construction, which is the headquarters of Rietumu Bank.

Economist: current improvements are partly seasonal

The improvement of competitiveness can be achieved by increasing the productivity.

Apartment prices grew by 0.3% in September

Riga apartment prices rose by 0.3% in September.

Latvenergo CEO: our aim - European energy market

The new Board Chairman of Latvenergo Aris Zigurs (Āris Žīgurs) has pointed out Latvia participation in the European energy market as one of his main tasks.

«Test tube baby» father awarded Nobel Prize

The British physiologist Robert G. Edwards won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Growing number of companies registered

Business minded people hope for the economic recovery and register new enterprises almost one third time more than last year.

Lembergs: government’s economic policy is not efficient

At the present moment, the government’s implemented economic policy is inefficient, considers the Mayor of Ventspils Aivars Lembergs.

Dombrovskis: budget development sticks to schedule

The development of the next year's budget is going on according to the set schedule, said the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis.

Produced biofuel totals one-quarter of all Latvia’s fuel

The capacity of biofuel is so great we can provide with it one-quarter of all fuel in Latvia.

Lattelecom to collaborate with Indians

Indian enterprise Tech Mahindra is developing Lattelecom clients management system. The previous one had worn out technologically and morally, informed Lattelecom Tehnoloģijas director Girts Berzins (Ģirts Bērziņš).

Experts: no use delaying state enterprises privatization

When privatizing state-owned enterprises or shares, there is no use waiting for «better times» and delaying processes whose efficiency has already been decided upon, according to organized experts discussion on state-owned enterprises management.

Graphene researchers win physics Nobel Prize

Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov received the Nobel Prize in physics for their revolutionary investigations of the two-dimensional material graphene.

Zigurs appointed Latvenergo Board Chairman

The tender committee recognised AS Rīgas siltums Aris Zigurs as the most suitable candidate for the Chairman post at AS Latvenergo Board.

The Flintstones' 50th anniversary

The Flintstones are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. Here are some facts that people might not know about the famous cartoon and its heroes; as well as ten inventions occuring in the cartoon.

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