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Monday 17.12.2018 | Name days: Teiksma, Hilda

Swedbank CEO: Estonia should continue the reforms

The Estonian government should continue the started reforms – the country needs proficient Exchange Institute, more rapid judicial system and better consumer rights protection, considers Swedbank CEO Michael Wolf.

Latvia to take part in worldwide anti-banking campaign

Latvia residents plan joining Germans proposal of December 7 - to withdraw all cash from banks, thus taking part in the anti-banking campaign.

Industrial production output grows by 1.2%

October this year reports industrial production output at constant prices - 384.9 million lats.

Disciplinary action launched against another CPCB Deputy-Director

Disciplinary action has been initiated at the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau on Friday, December 3, against the Deputy-Director Juta Strike.

RIGIBOR – smaller than EURIBOR

In late November, the three-month RIGIBOR fell to 0.82% mark; consequently, the three-month RIGIBOR rate is smaller than the three-month EURIBOR rate, which is uncharacteristic, because historically RIGIBOR has almost always been above EURIBOR rate.

LNT - the most watched channel in November

In November LNT was the most watched television channel in Latvia, as 15.5% of total television watching time was devoted to it, according to TNS Latvia data.

Government approves 2011 budget draft

In an emergency meeting the Cabinet of Ministers approved the next year’s state budget Bill and the medium-term macroeconomic development and fiscal policy framework for 2011/ 2013.

Expert: Estonians aspire money, not work

The unemployment rate in Estonia is that high not because there is a lack of job openings, but because the unemployed people ask disproportionately high salaries, says Estonian academician Endeli Lippmaa.

Flick: euro must be introduced as soon as possible

I advocate joining the eurozone as soon as possible, moreover there is no other alternative for Latvia, believes airBaltic President Bertolt Flick, as he is convinced the current euro crisis will propel introducing changes to the European financial system.

Wikileaks might have documents about Kalvitis government

There is a possibility WikiLeaks documents contain information on the time when Aigars Kalvitis was a Prime Minister and Vaira Vīķe Freiberga - the President.

Agriculture Minister: we cannot prohibit foreigners buying land in Latvia

The transitional period for restrictions on foreigners to buy land in Latvia ends in May, next year. The government has supported the extension period, and now «the Deputies have to decide on it,» indicates the Agriculture Minister Janis Duklavs.

Skonto būve Co-owner and Head: lat should be kept by all means

«I support those countries who have retained their currency, and I believe that this is one of the instruments, which in case of a larger European Union crisis, would allow these states to operate and survive,» indicates the Co-owner and Head of SIA Skonto būve Guntis Ravis.

More than 200 banks might be providing services in Latvia

Since 2004 up to October this year 243 credit institutions from the European Union have reported they provide services in Latvia.

Judges have large debt commitments

Debt commitments of several judges exceed even 200 000 euro, which could be linked to the judges’ resistance to the inclusion in the single remuneration system.

Union of Local Governments President: IMF experts are incompetent

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) experts are incompetent, because they are providing absurd suggestions, Union of Local Governments (ULG) President Andris Jaunsleinis is convinced.

Aldaris: Lithuania's decision to extend alcohol sales time sets example for Latvia

The Latvian beer producer AS Aldaris positively evaluates the Lithuanian government’s decision to extend the alcohol trade time by two hours, and hopes that Latvia will follow this example.

Amazing Lingerie Football League

The United States most important Cup is approaching - Los Angeles Temptation team is preparing for a big game with Dallas Desire, BNN offers a photo gallery with Los Angeles Temptation team members.

Latvia Finance Minister: government’s 2011 priority– shadow economy combat

Next year, one of the government’s priorities is the shadow economy prevention; therefore, the responsible authorities have been ordered to carry out the measures that would reduce the proportion of illegal economy, and lessen the administrative burden on diligent entrepreneurs, indicates the Minister of Finance Andris Vilks.

Latvia current account surplus - 1% of GDP

Third quarter this year reports positive current account balance, reaching 37 million lats or 1% of the forecast GDP.

Trichet: euro is a credible currency

The single European currency is a credible one, not in crisis at all, says European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet.

Estonia’s total business sector profits double during the year

This year, during the third quarter, the total profit of enterprises registered in Estonia amounted to 9.7 billion kroon, which is two times more than during the second quarter, informs Statistics Estonia.

Expert: lending will resume only after bigger Swedish banks do that

Latvia will report lending resumption only after two biggest Swedish banks do that, but is seems they do not intend to, says Monetary Policy Department of the Bank of Latvia adviser Mārtiņš Bitans, without mentioning exact banks.

South Korea Parliament members fight over free school meals

A fight erupted in South Korea Parliament, when several members discussed a bill on free school meals too passionately.

Lithuanian Prime Minister dismisses resignation option

The Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius does not want to discuss the possibility of resigning if the Lithuanian Parliament supports the opposition’s proposal to increase pensions next year.

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