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Friday 20.07.2018 | Name days: Ramona, Ritma

Putin’s subordinates earn the highest wages in Russian State Administration

The aspirations of young Russians to work in state administration, and, especially, in Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s team, are propelled not only by the prestigious job position, but also by the payment. The data provided by Rosstat show that Putin’s employees are the most lavishly paid public servants of Russian State Administration.

Excise tax on natural gas postponed until June 30 next year

The amendments in the law «On Excise Tax» which exclude the application of excise tax on natural gas during the period from September 1 this year until June 30, 2011, were adopted by Saeima in the second and and the final reading.

Luzhkov supports increasing the range of Latvian goods in Moscow

Moscow Mayor stated in the press briefing that the sales of Latvian goods can be boosted in Russia’s capital city – Moscow.

Gazprom: the gas price will continue to rise

Natural gas prices will continue to grow and will reach the pre-crisis level by 2012.

Lithuania and Latvia are blamed for electric energy record price

The prices of electric energy in Nordic and Estonian joint electrical energy stock Nord Pool Spot reached a record price in 24, August, hitting 461.97 euros (324.67 lats) per megawatt hour.

China in competition with USA

China becoming the second leading country in the world economy, ahead of Japan, has led guesses that soon it will deprive the leadership from the USA.

Kilis: changes in pension system will shock people

Social anthropologist Roberts Kilis (Roberts Ķīļis), who is the chairman of Commission of Strategic Analysis, believes that major changes will take place in Latvia’s pension system that will induce shock in people.

Latvia turns into gold exporting country

Lombards and jewelry makers are purchasing gold, in order to sell it abroad, that way turning Latvia from gold importing country to gold exporting one.

USA recalls 170 tons contaminated meat

USA has recalled 170 tons of contaminated meat, that may have been infected by a dangerous bacteria. Contaminated meat products distributed by the chain Wall-Mart, were detected in the state of Georgia during the tests.

Toyota will offer hybrid features in all car models

On Wednesday Toyota Motor announced its plans to sell 5 million hybrid cars by the end of the first decade.

OpenOffice unfulfilled Register of Enterprises expectations

The Register of Enterprises (RE) admits that the decision to switch to the free software due to economic reasons has been taken in a hurry.

Dombrovskis considers introducing property insurance

The Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis believes that property insurance should be taken into consideration, creating such insurance mechanism which would encourage people to use it.

Tickets for Riga Dinamo game with Coyotes are sold out at a record speed

In 14 minutes time all the tickets for the game between Continental Hockey League (CHL) club Riga Dinamo and Phoenix’s Coyotes, the National Hockey League (NHL) team, available at ticketing service Biļešu serviss were sold out in advance booking.

Latvian builders are requested Turkish

73 job vacancies have been announced in construction work of Riga TEC-2 power units. In order to meet all of the requirements, also good Turkish skills are necessary.

Stress tests will be done more frequently in European banks

In order to gain trust in banking system, there will be more frequent stress tests in the leading banks of European Union (EU).

A photographer has been appointed as Diena’s new editor-in-chief

The head of social relations of Dienas Mediji, Anna Muhka, affirmed that Ilmars Znotins (Ilmārs Znotiņš) has been appointed as the new editor-in-chief of newspaper Diena.

Additional funding to health care is approved by the government

The government has approved the request of the Ministry of Health to allocate additional funding of 26.2 million to health care sector.

Russian banker's wages rise faster than inflation

Thirty largest Russian banks' wages-fund in the second quarter of the current year have exceeded the highest level, in comparison with the last quarter of 2008.

Lost auction earns 2 million dollars

Television company ABC organized an auction where the items used in the popular series Lost shooting were sold. The fans bought the mysterious bunker doors, as well as other things, all in all 1174 items.

Nordea boss: badly operated banks should go bankrupt

The chief executive officer (CEO) of the major bank in Nordic countries – Nordea - Christian Clausen believes that it is an irresponsibility of politicians that they enable the surviving of unsuccessful and poorly managed banks. He states that, sometimes, banks should be allowed to «fall».

airBaltic strives to become the leading airline in Baltics

The Chairman and Chief executive officer of airBaltic, Bertolt Flick, after receiving criticism on the fact that the national airline airBaltic is looking for flight attendants in Estonia, replied that the reason why airBaltic searches for employees in Estonia and Lithuania is because it aims to become the top airline in all the Baltic states.

Slesers: IMF is not interested in leading Latvia out of the crisis

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) does not have an interest in helping to lead Latvia out of the economic crisis, believes one of the leaders from the political association «Par labu Latviju» Ainārs Slesers (Ainārs Šlesers).

Belarusians want to start the production of road transport in Latvia

In the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, Sergej Martinov, the President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers discussed the possibilities to further the economic relations and cooperation between the two countries.

Swedish news: Latvia still needs economical assistance

After assessing the economic situation of Latvia, Swedish newspaper reports that it is not stable enough yet and Latvia still will need external economical assistance.

The amount of written insurance premiums has reduced by 35.1 million lats

Compared with the corresponding period in 2009, the amount of premiums written by Latvian insurance companies in the first seven months of 2010 has reduced by 21% or 35.1 million lats, reports LETA