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Tuesday 19.03.2019 | Name days: Jāzeps

Electricity price to severely hit rural inhabitants

This year the price of electricity is higher than last year; moreover, the new tariff project will harshly affect large families and rural inhabitants in particular.

Banks and insurers conceal benefits available

Banks and insurers are possibly wasting millions on new competitive products development and promotion, as clients do not even get to know about them.

Koziols plans becoming AS Diena sole owner

AS Diena controlling interest (51%) holder Viesturs Koziols has agreed with the Roulends who own the rest of the company to keep negotiating his acquiring their parcel of shares to become the owner of the largest media holding in Latvia.

Sweden suggests raising fine for adult services

«When reviewing the results of the first year after the ban of escort services, we have observed that in 85% of cases, people had to pay fines within fifty days,» the Swedish Justice Minister Beatrice Ask indicates.

40% of Russians support Lenin's burial

The majority of Russia’s population support removing Vladimir Lenin’s mummy from the Red Square mausoleum, to burry it in one of St Petersburg’s cemeteries next to his mother and sister.

Experts: euro saved us from terrible crisis

If there were no euro, Europe would have been hit by a terrible crisis, thus the European system has worked out quite well. It turned out to be stable enough even in such a severe downfall, the expert Maurice Levy says.

Ventbunkers hopes for better results in the negotiations with Litasco

A meeting in Zurich earlier this week, between Litasco and Ventbunkers (VBU), ended with no real results, because Litasco decided to play some games, reports VBU.

DK Daugava changes hands once again

The enterprise SIA Daudznozaru kompānija Daugava has again changed ownership, this time Sindija Vaivare has become the holder of all the company’s shares, indicates the information by the Registry of Enterprises servicing company Lursoft.

FM refuses providing information on restitution of Jewish properties

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not provide a list with properties to be restituted to the Latvian Jewish community, as the issue of the restitution of Jewish properties is in a negotiation stage, but no agreement has been reached yet, the press secretary of the Ministry Jānis Sīlis says.

Russia – US New START ratified

The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has signed the ratification agreement, which ratifies the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty between Russia and the United States.

Windows to lose its leader position in ten years

The decisive factor for the next decade will be Windows departure from the leader operating system position. Although Microsoft’s creation will still be the most commonly used platform; however, ordinary users will be able to fully meet their needs by working in other operating systems to become more and more popular.

Citizenship and Migration Affairs Office brings the budget 4.4 million lats

The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs paid the state budget 4.4 million lats in 2010. The money was charged for various services, including issuance of passports and residents permits for foreigners.

Construction costs down by 2.7%

Compared to the average level of 2009, in 2010 the construction costs in Latvia plummeted by 2.7%. The most notable drop in the main resource groups was in the maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment – by 5.7%. The prices of construction materials fell by 2.3%, while labour remuneration rose by 1.0%.

Retail trade turnover drops 2.2% in 2010

Retail trade turnover at constant prices fell by 2.2% last year, compared to 2009, including companies trading food products - by 5.3%, but non-food products - by 0.4%.

Latvian ports on decline, while neighbours flourish

While the neighboring ports flourish, the Latvian ones face either slight cargo turnover climb or a drop.

Lithuanian heat network companies forced to disclose financial results

The Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius has promised to ensure that companies supplying heat to the inhabitants will have to publish their financial indicators.

Latvia launches Apple iPad sale

Today, January 28, Latvia is officially starting to sell Apple iPad tablet, according to Apple products dealer iDeal Head of Riga store Mārtiņš Amtmanis.

AGA plant to be constructed in Zakumuiza

This April the company AGA will start building a new gas production and filling plant in Zakumuiza to be put in operation in the summer of 2012.

Wikileaks: Estonia's President describes Savisaar as cheap populist

In late 2006 the President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves told the United States Embassy that Edgar Savisaar, the Foreign Minister of that time, is the Estonian Hugo Chavez.

Dealing only with stores would kill dairies

Supermarkets keep manipulating with suppliers, moreover traders statements on small profit, compared to producers income are populistic, says Latvian Dairy Producers’ Central Union’s Board Chairman Jānis Solks.

Prosperity of Latvians to be assessed

It is likely persons owning a property not listed at the state’s official registers, as well as persons with savings and debts over more than 50 minimum monthly wages – 10 000 lats – will have to submit the so-called zero declaration at the State Revenue Service (SRS) starting from July 1 this year.