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Ceturtdiena 12.12.2019 | Name days: Otīlija, Iveta

Double-improvement of Belarus economic indicators predicted

The Belarus state administration hopes that during the period from 2011 to 2015 the state economic indicators will redouble. However, the President of Belarus does not agree with such prognoses.

Lithuania energy independence to cost 6 – 8 billion lats

The Lithuania’s self-sufficiency in the field of energy resources might cost 30 – 40 billion lits (6.12 – 8.16 billion lats), and all the required actions to ensure it must be carried out by 2020, indicates the Lithuania’s Minister of Energy Arvydas Semokas.

Gold price hits another record

Gold price in world market has reached another historical record - 1268 dollars per ounce.

Additional fee required to find out child’s marks

During the past several years a new product has been gradually developed – electronic journals, which are made with the purpose to facilitate the work of teaching staff. However, the parents are confused why they have to pay additionally to find out their child’s progress in school.

Price of goods in Latvia - exceeds actual cost 10-15 times

Latvian residents buy clothes, bed linen and footwear at prices that exceeds the actual cost of a finished products ten to fifteen times.

Experts: companies resume struggle for professionals

Despite the fact that Latvia is one of the few countries where this year wage reduction continued, experts have concluded that companies have already started to fight for recruitment and retention of professionals.

Bad service in Latvian Banks

Bad quality service has been observed in several Latvian Banks. Bank employees not giving enough information about money deposits testify for this.

MI budget cut of 17 million lats planned

Ministry of the Interior (IM) might experience another cut of finances in amount of 17 million lats. Specialists indicate that if it happens, the safety level of the country might be questioned.

Dombrovskis: large companies will not be privatised in near future

The privatisation of large enterprises is not planned in the following years, as the situation in the privatisation market is currently not the best, the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis told in an interview for LNT TV broadcast 900 sekundes.

Kalnmeiers: I cannot pander to everyone

«I cannot pander to everyone,» the Prosecutor-General Eriks Kalnmeiers (Ēriks Kalnmeiers) expressed today, September 15th, when commenting the carried decision on the necessity of «inventory» in the case of Ventspils’ enterprises as «a remuneration for the prosecutor general post».

First class roads to be improved for saved 33.6 million lats

The Ministry of Traffic plans to make improvements in several state first class roads with the help of European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) financing and money that has been saved up from the first round 33.6 million lats.

Economists: US likely to experience another crisis

Deterioration of US macroeconomic rates in the second quarter of the year has created serious threat of another recession. Economists consider that there is 20% possibility of another crisis to strike.

EU volume of output stabilizes

According to seasonally adjusted data, the scale of production, compared to the indicators of June and July 2010, has stabilised in eurozone, as well as in all 27 European Union (EU) member countries, shows the Eurostat data.

Subsistence level in August –166.42 lats

According to the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) data, in August the subsistence level has decreased by 1.28 lats, reaching 166.42 lats.

Estonian Air resumes flights from Vilnius

Estonian company Estonian Air from this year October 31 plans to resume its flights on the route Vilnius - Amsterdam, reports Baltic News Service.

Debt recovery service charge - not more than 12 lats

Debt collectors are not allowed to visit people at the weekends and in week days after 9 PM. The government has supported the new law, which governs the extrajudicial debt recovery. The Ministry of Economy intends with the help of the new law to tackle aggressive debt collection. The law still has to be revised in the Saeima.

Situation worsens in 66% of households

The household situation has slightly improved – if in the first quarter 75% of respondents acknowledged that during the last 12 months the economic situation in their household has worsened, then, in the second quarter, 66% of surveyed claimed that their household situation has declined.

Small agency to sell KHL commercial slots

A company which, when compared with all the large ones, does not stand out with its size, has gained rights to purchase Latvijas Televīzija (LTV) sponsorship and advertisement offer for a million euros or more than 700 million lats. This allows the company to sell commercials during broadcast of hockey clubs Rīgas Dinamo and Rīga game translations.

Russia outpaces Europe in construction of new trade centres

This year, the largest amount of trade centres were built in Russia, while in Europe it has reduced twice, concludes the company's Cushman & Wakefield experts.

Latvia to assist Haiti with 250 temporary houses

Latvia will participate in the renovation of earthquake-stricken Haiti by sending to this Caribbean country 250 temporary dwelling units.

Cash-in-hand realized through brokers' commissions

It is possible that in the past and currently through the part of insurance brokers who act as intermediaries between buyers of insurance services and insurance companies, brokers might have realized cash-in-hand. Such schemes, where a broker receives a premium from the insurer, who has won the tender.

China to purchase 150 new airplanes

The world’s largest aircraft manufacturer Airbus SAS has started negotiations with China about the supply of 150 airplanes at the amount of 16 billion dollars.

Buckwheat «snatched out» in Latvia stores

Information on upcoming buckwheat price increase has caused public concern, therefore buckwheat and other cereals products' choice in the stores is rapidly decreasing.

Majority of Russians keep 1000 rubbles cash in wallets

One-third of Russia’s population tend to always keep from 500 (9 lats) to 1000 rubbles (18 lats) by cash in their pockets or purse.

Microsoft to sell out debts

As too much of Microsoft capital is held overseas, the company plans to sell debt already this year to pay for dividends and share repurchases.

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