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Tuesday 18.02.2020 | Name days: Kintija, Kora

Export in Latvia hits a new record

The growth in export, broken down by year, has hit a new record, but the increase in the external environment is not as favourable as it was at the beginning of the year, believe the economists.

Head of Latvian Pensioners’ Federation: any reduction in pensions will result in judicial proceedings

Any reduction that will be applied to the pensions, will result in proceedings, emphasized the Head of the Latvian Pensioners’ Federation Aina Verze, when commenting on the World Bank final report documents that were submitted to the government.

More than a billion worldwide lack food

The number of undernourished people, especially children, has increased over the recent years. More than a billion people worldwide are currently suffering from poor nutrition, according to the latest Global Hunger Index data.

Security Company: Estonians have started to steal more

Number of people who have started to steal due to the tough economic situation has increased in Estonia, mostly they wander in foodstuff sections trying to get something to eat.

LMT profit shrank by 56.07% last year

The mobile communications operator Latvijas Mobilais telefons consolidated profit last year, after the tax deduction, was 25.18 million lats, which is about 56.07% less than it was gained in 2008 – 57.32 million lats.

Pure Food granted BRC Global Food Safety Standard certificate

On continuing its activities in export markets, the company Pure Food was granted BRC Global Food Safety Standard quality certificate in early October.

Lithuanians go to Poland for food purchase

Many Lithuanians, who live near the borderline, go to Poland’s shops in the hope of buying the basic products at much less expensive prices than in Lithuania.

Export grows by 28.3%, import - by 15.7%

In the first eight months of the present year, export has reached 2.86 billion lats, which is 28.3% more than in August, 2009. While import forms 3.55 billion lats, which is 15.7% more than in the previous year.

Invitation to participate in Brave Idea Support Programme

The competition Brave Idea Support Programme is being organized, during which the most innovative business idea authors will be awarded financial support and given valuable expert advice.

Lattelecom profit decreases by 31.8%

The consolidated profit of the telecommunications enterprise Lattelecom in 2009 after the tax deduction accounted for 20.26 million lats, which is about 31.8% less than in 2008, when the concern earned 29.7 million lats.

Estonian export grows by 37% in a year's time

Export of Estonian goods has increased by 37%, while import - by 34%, when comparing August 2010 and 2009.

Eurozone investors exaggerate with judgements on austerity measures

The investors, who invested in the eurozone bond markets, are accused of instinctive statements that have affected the judgments on the European countries non-fulfilment of obligations. In this way, a situation was created where the financial markets were able to «pressurize» the weaker countries to excessively reduce the budget.

Gazprom: geographical position - advantage of Latvia in LNG terminal construction

As it is not profitable to build liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals in each of the Baltics, we have to seriously examine which project would be the most rational, cheaper and financially advantageous one, believes the Russian energy concern Gazprom director of the Latvian representative office Evgeny Roldugin.

Unemployment rate drops to 14.6%

The registered unemployment rate at late September 2010 went down to 14.6%.

IMF was threated in Latvia two years ago

In the past, the International Monetary Fund mission members in Latvia received threats, and rushed to leave the country, confirmed both the Security Police and the former Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis.

SIA Latio Board Chairman: property price bubble still exists

It is a global practice to calculate prices after the algorithm that an apartment's price is equal to 100 rentals. The proportion was destroyed in Latvia and currently considering the residents solvency - the prices are too high, believes SIA Latio Board Chairman Edgars Sins (Edgars Šīns).

Food producers abroad pushed out by local protectionism

Several Latvian food industrialists have experienced considerable protectionism abroad, promoted by the local producers.

Jaunzeme-Grende: seat change instead of situation improvement

We can see in Latvia such management where revenues are smaller than the expenditure, yet to alter the situation, huge changes must take place. Currently, instead of thinking what has to be done to improve the situation, there is a struggle for seats, considers the Chairperson of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board.

Oil and fuel price to grow

Although other European countries are not witnessing sharp price climb, fuel in Latvia has become more expensive, as it is influenced by the oil price increase in the global Stock Exchange.

Former Swedbank Head: rapid crediting years needed government's restrictions

On noticing the first signs of economy overheating - the years of rapid crediting needed strict government and finance sectors institutions' measures, limiting amounts of loans instead of relying on the owners of companies expected to make the right decisions, believes former Head of Swedbank Maris Avotins (Māris Avotiņš).

TM Security loses security company license

The security company TM Security, which has been involved in several scandals, has lost its security company license.

Is latvian lawyer Martins Kveps master of falsified shareholders' meetings?

The Dutch Investment Company Geit B.V., one of the largest foreign investors in the Port of Ventspils, filed two criminal complaints against the notorious lawyer Martins Kveps for falsifying two Shareholders’ Meetings of AS Kalija Parks and AS Ventspils Commercial Port.

Latvia Prime Minister outlines the new government forming priorities

The Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis has introduces the coalition partners with the new government forming priorities, principles and conditions.

airBaltic makes advance payment for airport's services

The national airline airBaltic has made the requested advance payment for the services provided by the Riga International Airport.

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