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Ceturtdiena 02.04.2020 | Name days: Imgarde, Irmgarde

Kristovskis maintains Minister of Foreign Affairs post

Today, November 9, at the emergency meeting Saeima Deputies did not approve the opposition’s expressed mistrust to Dombrovskis’ new government Minister of Foreign Affairs, the party Unity and the Citizens’ Union leader Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis.

Foreign trade turnover increases by 7.7%

This year in September the total foreign trade turnover at current prices comprised 1008.3 million lats – by 7.7% or 71.7million lats more than a month ago, and by 30.5% or 235.6 million lats more than in September 2009, suggest the Central Statistical Bureau data.

Lapsa claims 23 340 lats compensation from Kristovskis and Civil Union for defamatory statements

The journalist Lato Lapsa has sent pre-judicial claims to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the party Civil Union, emphasizing the party's and the politician's statements to press regarding the correspondence between the US doctor Aivars Slucis and Kristovskis were false, thus he is claiming 23 340 lats compensation.

GDP grows by 2.7%

During the third quarter of 2010, gross domestic product (GDP) volume at constant prices (according to seasonally unadjusted data) has increased by 2.7%, in comparison with the third quarter of 2009.

Harmony Center merges with Latvia's First Party/Latvia's Way to run in local elections

The political parties association Harmony Center and Latvia's First Party/Latvia's Way today, November 9, agreed on establishing a joint bloc in Riga City Council to run jointly in the next local elections in 2013.

Latvia Finance Ministry: more consolidation expected, if budget is not adopted by late 2010

If 2011 budget is not adopted until the end of the year, more consolidation measures will be necessary next year than it is possible at the present moment, estimated the Ministry of Finance.

Balsts: clients ready to overpay to obtain coveted properties

Even though in October considerable changes did not take place in the real estate market, the customer activity in several real estate segments has notably increased, suggests the real estate company Balsts observations in October.

Poland completes world's tallest Jesus statue building

The statue of Jesus Christ, which is 52 meter high, has been built in Poland. Its height exceeds the statute of Christ in Bolivia by 18 meters.

Forum informing about micro-enterprise matters

A forum will be organized to inform about improvements implemented in connection with micro-enterprises support, by introducing legislation on micro-enterprises and taxes, as well as how the new regulations work in practice. The forum «What does it mean to become a micro-enterprise?» will be organized on November 25.

Major landowners in Riga – the same as in 2009

Last year, changes, though not so rapid and extensive as during the «fat years», have also taken place in the list of the owners of Capital’s largest and most valuable land– many familiar names and surnames have been replaced with new ones. However, the major owners of land in Riga have retained their positions.

Farmers Parliament: there is no flour famine threat

This year's harvest has not been critically poor, so there should not be a considerable lack of products. Despite this, unfortunately, there have been other negative factors, for example, the weather, said Farmers Parliament (Zemnieku saeima), a non-governmental organization, Chairman Juris Lazdins.

Expert: 2nd Tier pension scheme should be inherited

It was previously promised contributions to the 2nd Tier scheme will be at the extent of 4%. Now the previously made promises to one million workers have been broken. If in the long term the rate is less than 6%, then our future pensions will be lower, indicates the Director of Swedbank Investment Management Harijs Svarcs.

Latvia Transport Minister: Free Port needs someone capable of representing the state

The Freeport of Riga needs a person who is an analyst and economist; therefore, Jānis Straume (the political party FFF/LNNK) could resign from his post, states the Minister of Transport Uldis Augulis, adding that it is enough with the ministers’ and the government’s loss of political confidence to leave office.

Latvia Minister of Justice reviews cadastral values

The new Minister of Justice Aigars Štokenbergs has started to reconsider real estate cadastral values, in order to make them more residents friendly.

Latvijas Finieris shareholder Apfelbaums: the company develops successfully

Up to now the company has been developing successfully, believes AS Latvijas Finieris shareholder Armands Apfelbaums, who is currently managing the minority shareholders merger, at the same time approving the Board and Council's work.

Lido catering business to be preserved

An insolvency process has been initiated against two more Lido owner's companies, in order to protect the catering business.

Economists: modest price level increase to be expected in future

The consumer prices have resumed the path of growth and moderate inflation can be expected in the future, yet there are no grounds for concerns about a significant peak in the consumer prices in the nearest future, consider the economists.

RVR: Pasažieru vilciens adjusts the tender to one of the applicants

The joint-stock company Riga Railcar factory has filed a complaint to the Procurement Monitoring Bureau on the VAS Pasažieru vilciens action regarding the train supply tender, pointing to the PV discriminatory treatment of RRF and series of illegalities in PV action and decisions. Considering all this, RRF is requesting the PMB to stop the procurement procedures and prohibit PV to conclude procurement contract, as well as instruct PV to prevent irregularities in the candidate selection, revoking its unlawful decisions, the business portal BNN was informed by RRF.

Forbes recognizes Roubini as world’s most influential economist

Forbes magazine has recognized Nouriel Roubini, a Professor at the New York University, Advisor to US President Barack Obama, the CEO and Chairman of the analytical company Roubini Global Economics Monitor, as the world’s most influential economist.

Kristovkis possibly lied when claiming he responded to other Slucs' letter

The new electronic mail correspondence fragments of Aivars Slucs together with the politician Girts Valdis Kristovskis reluctance to reveal the full correspondence with the contradictory American Latvian eliminate uncertainties and create a conviction that the correspondence really took place, and Kristovskis was lying publicly, when he claimed that he responded to a completely different e-mail letter by Slucs.

1% of social contributions could be directed to 2nd Tier pension scheme

The agreement on redirecting 1% of social contributions to the 2nd Tier pension scheme next year has been reached, admitted the new Minister of Welfare Ilona Jurševska.

Government plans to submit 2011 budget draft to Saeima on December 7

In the following weeks, the government intends to work in accordance with a very intense work schedule so that the next year’s state budget could be submitted to Saeima on December 7.

Latvia Finance Ministry State Secretary: VAT raise – considered only in theory

The tax changes are inevitable next year; however, the value added tax rate increase is the last option, which is only considered in theory.

Inflation grows by 0.4%

This year in October, compared to September, the inflation has increased by 0.4%, indicate the Central Statistical Bureau data.

Grindex goal for 2015 – to attain 300 million lats turnover each year

I want to ensure that the company Grindex turnover is 300 million lats a year, and this objective will most likely be attained by 2015, admitted the Head of the company Kirovs Lipmans, when revealing his major plans for the future.

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