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Saturday 18.01.2020 | Name days: Antis, Antons

Economist: slow and painful economic recovery awaits Latvia

Overall, Latvia has returned to the path of economic recovery; however, this process will be very painful and will happen in long-term, considers the Chief Economist of Danske Bank Lars Christensen.

Court continues to consider Lembergs' criminal case

The Riga Regional Court today at 11.00 continues to consider the so called Venstspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs criminal case.

Banks warn about payment card scams

This week, banks have warned several traders that in the Latgale and Zemgale region a gang of fraudsters have appeared that settles payments for the acquisition of goods or services with counterfeit cards.

Vegetable price to increase due to small harvest

At the present moment, about a half of vegetable crops has been harvested in Latvia, they have grown well and their quality is also good. However, as the vegetable harvest this year will be smaller, the prices will slightly increase in winter.

EU increases beekeeping support by 25%

European Union (EU) has increased support of beekeeping sector by 25% for the period of 2011-2013, which means that it will be possible to spend more money on honey popularization and quality improvement.

Slesers: government is preparing the privatisation of enterprises

The current government is preparing the privatisation of large enterprises, they have to be sold until 2012, because it is the time-limit to start paying back the credits, maintains one of the party association Par labu Latviju! leaders Ainars Slesers (Ainārs Šlesers).

Dombrovskis: government will not open list of non-privatizable companies

The current government does not plan to open the list of non-privatizable companies, tells the Prime Minister of Latvia Valdis Dombrovskis.

Central Bank: eurozone problem - wish for easy money

The main problem of the eurozone is not its huge debts, yet the desperate want of the national governments to obtain easy money, considers the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Jean-Claude Trichet.

EC approves Parex Bank separation

The European Commission (EC) has approved a major restructuring plan regarding the A/S Parex Bank, which was the second largest bank in Latvia before the crisis, informs the EC statement that was issued today, September 15th.

Advertisement with a woman's bottom found obscene in Saratov

Federal Antimonopoly Service of Saratov has found and advertisement, where a woman's bottom is depicted in spotlight, obscene. The advertisement was produced by a local tourism agency Pan-Turist.

Luzhkov's possible resignation worries investors

Rumour that Yury Luzhkov could resign from Mayor of Moscow position have made the Bank of Moscow investors more cautious.

Hotel prices in Riga decrease by 7%

The hotel room prices in Riga have dropped by 7 %, while, amongst the Baltic States the prices have also declined in Tallinn – by 12%.

SRS calculates 88.5 million lats in taxes and fines

In the first eight months of this year the State Revenue Service (SRS) Tax Control Department has conducted 1088 tax audits, ordering to pay 88.5 million lats.

Twitter changes its design

Twitter is to experience serious changes for the first time in four years, announced Twitter Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Evan Williams.

Five-year bonds sold for 12 million lats at state securities auction

All five-year bonds offered at state securities auction were bought amounting to 12 million lats in total.

Ozols refuses to arrange EXPO matters and organize Latvia pavilion auction

The Minister for Economics Atis Kampars on Tuesday September 14 issued an order requiring that the Ministry of Economy (ME)takes over from Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIDA) the matters related to Latvia participation in the international exhibition World EXPO 2010.

Double-improvement of Belarus economic indicators predicted

The Belarus state administration hopes that during the period from 2011 to 2015 the state economic indicators will redouble. However, the President of Belarus does not agree with such prognoses.

Lithuania energy independence to cost 6 – 8 billion lats

The Lithuania’s self-sufficiency in the field of energy resources might cost 30 – 40 billion lits (6.12 – 8.16 billion lats), and all the required actions to ensure it must be carried out by 2020, indicates the Lithuania’s Minister of Energy Arvydas Semokas.

Gold price hits another record

Gold price in world market has reached another historical record - 1268 dollars per ounce.

Additional fee required to find out child’s marks

During the past several years a new product has been gradually developed – electronic journals, which are made with the purpose to facilitate the work of teaching staff. However, the parents are confused why they have to pay additionally to find out their child’s progress in school.

Price of goods in Latvia - exceeds actual cost 10-15 times

Latvian residents buy clothes, bed linen and footwear at prices that exceeds the actual cost of a finished products ten to fifteen times.

Experts: companies resume struggle for professionals

Despite the fact that Latvia is one of the few countries where this year wage reduction continued, experts have concluded that companies have already started to fight for recruitment and retention of professionals.

Bad service in Latvian Banks

Bad quality service has been observed in several Latvian Banks. Bank employees not giving enough information about money deposits testify for this.

MI budget cut of 17 million lats planned

Ministry of the Interior (IM) might experience another cut of finances in amount of 17 million lats. Specialists indicate that if it happens, the safety level of the country might be questioned.

Dombrovskis: large companies will not be privatised in near future

The privatisation of large enterprises is not planned in the following years, as the situation in the privatisation market is currently not the best, the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis told in an interview for LNT TV broadcast 900 sekundes.

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