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Tuesday 18.02.2020 | Name days: Kintija, Kora

Experts: no use delaying state enterprises privatization

When privatizing state-owned enterprises or shares, there is no use waiting for «better times» and delaying processes whose efficiency has already been decided upon, according to organized experts discussion on state-owned enterprises management.

Graphene researchers win physics Nobel Prize

Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov received the Nobel Prize in physics for their revolutionary investigations of the two-dimensional material graphene.

Zigurs appointed Latvenergo Board Chairman

The tender committee recognised AS Rīgas siltums Aris Zigurs as the most suitable candidate for the Chairman post at AS Latvenergo Board.

The Flintstones' 50th anniversary

The Flintstones are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. Here are some facts that people might not know about the famous cartoon and its heroes; as well as ten inventions occuring in the cartoon.

FT: Dombrovskis victory sets an example for Greece and Ireland

Valdis Dombrovskis’ victory has given hope for many European leaders that it is possible to maintain the voters confidence, even by drastic budget cuts.

The State Police recognise TM Security activities as unlawful; the company may lose its licence

The State Police acknowledged that the security company TM Security, which has occupied AS Ventbunkers premises since the end of January, has violated the law and, as a result, the enterprise could lose the security company licence.

Russian bank employees not to get bonuses until 2015

Leading specialists of MDM in Russia have decided to abandon any kind of bonuses and premiums until 2015.

Government to consult Saeima when undertaking new obligations

The government will not be able to undertake obligations, which exceed 20% of the country’s GDP, without the Parliament’s approval.

Greece sets ambitious 2011 draft budget

Greece has come up with an ambitious 2011 draft budget, including in it a smaller budget deficit of the next year than requested by the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Tax amnesty could be offered to 121 557 debtors

A total of 121 557 debtors in Latvia could be granted an amnesty of tax debts, indicates the Ministry of Finance prepared plan on combating the shadow economy and ensuring fair competition.

The rich buy tons of gold

The world's richest persons have responded to the banks' suggestion to hold 7-10% of assets in gold. Some credit institutions clients are purchasing the precious metal at very large quantities.

Housing prices increase by 26.1% in year's time

Although serial apartments market experienced small price fluctuations in September, apartment prices have increased by 26.1% on average since September, 2009.

Russian expert forecasts Estonia’s economic downturn

All the assumptions about the benefits after Estonia’s transition to the single currency euro are based on a legend that the economic crisis is over, but it will continue for another 5 – 8 years, believes one of the leading Russian economists Mikhail Khazin.

Vilnius Airport fires more than 100 employees

Vilnius International airport, starting from October 1, has made redundant more than 100 employees. The dismissal has taken place within the company's restructuring program.

MF: increase in domestic demand enables industrial growth

Currently, the Latvian industrial growth is enabled not only by the external demand, but also by the constantly increasing domestic demand.

Analysts: Investors are pleased with the election results

Investors are glad about the results of the Parliament (the Saeima) election results, because another outcome might be less certain, impede economic reforms and threaten the society with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), consider analysts.

Aviation expert: Latvia is fortunate to have airBaltic

The Latvian market is not appropriate for having an airline base, according to a well recognized airline industry expert Jay Sorensen.

Experts: telecommunication companies should be privatized first

The telecommunication companies Lattelecom and Latvijas mobilais telefons, on which there where lengthy discussions in the society and government, should be privatized entirely as the first from the state-owned companies.

Russia decision threatens international road haulage growth

Starting from January 1, Russia is going to introduce road transport restrictions in its territory by reducing permissions issued to foreign carriers.

Superjet to be launched next year

The company Aeroflot hopes that the first Sukhoi Superjet 100 planes will be delivered in 2011, indicates the air carrier development strategy until the year 2025.

Unity offers Harmony Center to conclude a cooperation agreement

The party association Vienotība might conclude a cooperation agreement with the party Saskaņas centrs and may give SC some minister’s post, told the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis.

5520 companies liquidated this year

So far 5520 companies of Latvia have been liquidated, which is almost the corresponding figure of the whole last year - 5715.

Growing interest for cheap projects

Local residents' interest for cheap housing projects has been observed in September, for example, for the so called Khrushchev housings in such regions as Iļģuciems, Āgenskalns and other boroughs of Riga.

The most expensive Riga suburb – Teika

In September, similarly as in the previous months, the property market has not experienced significant price changes, whereas Teika still remains the most expensive Riga suburb.

Rental market activity drops

The activity in the apartment rental market, compared to August, has declined because the students' inflow in Riga, which had caused the greatest activity in August, is now over.

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