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Tuesday 18.02.2020 | Name days: Kintija, Kora

Tverijons: banks declare war against «shadow» economy

Companies suspected of shadow bookkeeping and balance sheets not in order will have difficulties in getting loans from banks.

Eurozone collapse rumours declared invalid

The rumours of the single European currency disappearance had proven to be highly exaggerated and the increase in the euro rate indicates that the investors are now far more concerned about the inflation and the economic decline in the US.

Kirsons company Lido demands legal protection

The well-known entrepreneur Gunars Kirsons catering company SIA Lido has applied to the Vidzeme Suburb Court of the City of Riga requesting to determine its legal protection.

Lithuania likely to miss 2014 «euro train»

Lithuania might not succeed with the introduction of the euro in 2014, because the country is likely to exceed the Maastricht inflation criterion, while Estonia could manage to entry into the euro zone, considers the SEB Banka advisor Gitanas Nauseda.

Kampars: Latvia has broken out of «HELL» country group

Latvia takes the leader positions in the European Union in terms of the industrial production and the increase in the amount of orders placed to the Latvian enterprises.

Gates still the wealthiest man in America

The crisis has not stopped the American billionaire Bill Gates from accumualting wealth. As about half of US richest men profit grows annually, Bill Gates is still at the top.

Flick might waive his pre-emptive right of airBaltic

The minority shareholder of airBaltic Bertolt Flick would definitely abandon his pre-emptive right, if the company was registered in the Stock, asserts the President of the airline.

Rimsevics hopes Latvia has learnt its lesson

The Bank of Latvia President Ilmars Rimsevics hopes that Latvia has learned to live in accordance with its means, because, in order to acquire a sustainable economy, the state expenditure must not exceed the revenues.

Riga might reduce number of taxis

In order to ensure quality in the industry of taxis, restrictions and number of taxis reduction should be introduced, considers a/s Rīgas taksometru parks marketing manager Anita Pakalniece.

Nazaruks: Latvia is a vital economic partner of Belarus

Latvia is one of the main economic partners of Belarus, even more important than, for example, China or Germany, asserted the representative of the Embassy of Belarus in Latvia Igors Nazaruks.

Kirsons avoids paying wages, instead issuing loans

The owner of Lido Gunars Kirsons has paid wages to several employees in the form of issued loans.

Credit Register available not only to «fast» loans providers but also SRS

Further on the Bank's of Latvia maintained Credit Register will be available to all consumer credit providers, thus making the selection of borrowers more thoughtful.

Flick: possible conflict of interest is nonsense

Bertolt Flick, the President of airBaltic, has applied to the state representatives expressing sharp criticism, indicating that the talks on possible financial conflicts have to end.

Economists: the set course should remain flat after elections

In order to avoid Latvia’s economic stagnation, after the elections the set economic course must remain the same, considers the Latvian and foreign experts.

Berzins: surprises may occur after the elections

It is possible that there might be few surprises after the elections; however, it depends on the election results, believes the Chairman of Saeima Budget and Finance Committee Guntis Berzins.

Dombrovskis: Latvia daily spends 2 million lats more than it earns

The budget deficit still remains high in Latvia. We spend two million lats more than we earn every day, said the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis.

European Parliament supports extension of EU gas network

The European Parliament approved the new Bill on the security of gas supply, which included an offer to unite those countries that practically have been isolated from the gas network of other Member States of the European Union.

Small companies save labour market

Supporting and encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises could be the solution of reducing unemployment and creating new long-term job positions, this opinion was maintained in the discussion Mazie uzņēmumi vs. lielās eksportspējīgās kompānijas – plusi un mīnusi ekonomikai.

Dombrovskis applies to Prosecutor General Office regarding airBaltic

The Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis has turned to the Prosecutor General Office asking for their judgement on whether the Shareholders Cooperation Agreement, which was concluded by the former Minister of Transport Ainars Slesers (Ainārs Šlesers) on March 4, 2009, between the Latvian State and SIA Baltic Aviation Systems, is in compliance with the state interests.

Memorandum against higher education funding cuts signed

Several organizations have signed memorandum of cooperation proposed by Latvian Students Association (LSA), which provides joint work on higher education funding model development and common effort against any reduction of funds in the education sector.

Expert: Latin America’s fate might befall on US

The increasing state debt and budget deficit, the paralyzed and collapsing political system, as well as the passivity of investors, reminds of the processes that happened in Latin America, in 1980’s. If the US does not take an action, the Latin America’s fate might befall on it, believes the Chief Executive of the investment company PIMCO Mohamed El-Erian.

The Baltics first air cargo route to China

A new air cargo route between Lithuania and China has been opened. The regular route between Kaunas and Shanghai was launched today with the aircraft IL-96 cargo landing at the Kaunas International Airport.

Flick can only be dismissed by his own company

With compliance of the shareholders agreement Bertolt Flick can only be dismissed or elected by the company Baltijas aviācijas sistēmas that he himself owns, which means that the state's control in this matter is limited.

Ignorance about real estate valuation system

Neither State Land Service nor the Ministry of Justice (MJ) have succeeded in explaining comprehensibly and clearly real estate valuation system to the tax payers, who are left ignorant about how the state has calculated the value of their property, considers the state Secretary of the MJ Martins Lazdovskis (Mārtiņš Lazdovskis).

VAT rate rise to books rejected

The deputies of Saeima Education, Culture and Science Committee, yesterday, September 21st, rejected the Ministry of Finance proposal to apply the value added tax rate of 21% to book industry, instead of the current 10%.

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