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Ceturtdiena 09.04.2020 | Name days: Valērija, Žubīte

Million euro invested in Radio 101

Although all the plans have not been fully implemented yet, about a million euro (703 000 lats) has already been invested in the development of Radio 101.

Latvian product competes with HP and IBM

The prospects of the infrastructure monitoring program Zabbix, which was developed in Latvia, in the world are huge, and it can compete in the global market.

Bank of Latvia President: spending cuts instead of tax rise

It is important that the next year's budget reduction does not take place at the expense of tax rise but expenditure cuts, considers the Bank of Latvia President Ilmars Rimsevics (Ilmārs Rimšēvičs).

Retail trade sector recovers

According to the most recent data, for the first time over the past few years, Latvia retail trade turnover, broken down by year, has increased.

Ventspils Mayor: «economic anorexia» awaits Latvia

Latvia could experience an «economic anorexia», if the expenditure is reduced even more recklessly.

Ryanair to launch flights from Tallinn

The Irish discount carrier Ryanair has decided to launch flights from Tallinn Airport in December.

Economists: tax rise in inevitable

Without rising taxes 2011 budget adoption at the necessary amount is unlikely, as it is not enough with expenditure cuts, consider economists of the leading banks of Latvia.

Retail trade turnover grew by 1%

In August, the total retail company turnover increased by 1%, compared to this year’s July. The turnover of non-food product retail trade increased by 1.6%, while the food product retail turnover has shrunk by 0.1%.

Krumins: Lembergs guilty of Latvia's economic failures

The government did not participate in the privatisation of Ventspils Nafta, instead, it received a huge amount of money so that everything would work in the interest of the involved entrepreneurs, pointed out the millionaire Julijs Krumins.

Irish government to invest more in Allied and Anglo Irish banks

The Irish government is about to the take majority control of Allied Irish banks and divert extra cash into Anglo Irish Bank, in order to avoid the financial crisis burden.

No cash payments at wholesale from next year

Although starting from the next year’s July it will not be possible to make cash settlements at wholesale places, the deputies decided not to support other proposed restrictions.

Latvia and Hungary not to expect economic growth

Although there are certain risks that in the second half of the year the Eastern Europe countries economic growth might slow down because of global economic situation worsening, improvement is to be expected in all the region's countries, except Latvia and Hungary.

Angela Merkel prefers Soviet cuisine

German Chancellor still has the habits acquired during the Soviet era, while a particular weakness of her is the Soviet cuisine, Angela Merkel indicated during Germany reunification 20th anniversary.

3rd pension tier regarded the most beneficial

When saving money for retirement, it is possible to accumulate private supplementary pensions in different ways, yet the 3rd tier of pensions has been regarded as the most advantageous one.

Latvia gets half a billion euro more from EU budget than pays in

Over the last year, Latvia has received half a billion euro more from various European Union budgetary payments than it has paid in the block‘s budget.

No significant price drop in medicinal products

Despite the impact of the crisis and the current socio-economic situation, the drop in prices of medicinal products has not been seen in Latvia, or other countries in the world.

Stock exchange CEO: state property management could be more efficient

The state-owned property is not managed efficiently and transparently enough, points out the Chairperson of NASDAQ OMX Riga Board Daiga Auzina-Melalksne.

Krievars: EU funds allow to build dairy factory next year

The EU allocated funds allow to build a new dairy factory next year; it would be able to provide 15-20% of Latvian milk production, indicates Trikātas siers Board Chairman Uldis Krievars (Uldis Krievārs).

Estonian economy - one of region's leaders

The economy of the Central and Eastern Europe stabilizes, yet there are still many risks left. Estonia is one of the region's leaders in economy stabilization indicators.

Luzhkov to challenge his dismissal in court

The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev is likely to appoint the new Moscow Mayor within the following month’s time; however, the former Mayor Yuri Luzhkov intends to challenge his dismissal from the post in the court.

Tallinn Mayor revokes school and day-care centre budget cuts amendments

The Mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar dubbed the Financial Director’s letter, concerning the budget cut implementation to day-care centres and schools, as a technical document, whose main aim is to ensure the discipline.

Saab signs contract with BMW

Saab Automobile and BMW have officially announced an agreement providing that BMW engines are used in the next-generation of Saab vehicles, said Spyker's owner Victor Muller in a statement.

Construction costs decrease by 0.4%

In August 2010, compared to July, the construction costs in Latvia declined on average by 0.4%.

5 years «silent» period at State Audit Office

The State Audit Office has not completed any audits for nearly five months already, which is the longest period of the last five years, the Auditor General Inguna Sudraba (Ingūna Sudraba) explains this with the reduced budget of the establishment, which is by far not enough to secure the institution's proper activities.

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