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Wednesday 22.05.2019 | Name days: Emīlija

Latvian minister: reducing residents’ electricity bills is more important than MPC abolishment

If Latvia were to abolish mandatory procurement component system for electricity, the country would have to procure electricity from foreign countries, said Latvia’s Economy Minister Ralfs Nemiro in an interview to LTV programme Rīta Panorama.

Lithuania convicts ex-Soviet officers for death of 14 in 1991 January Events

Seeking justice for the January Events in Vilnius in 1991, a court in Lithuania has convicted a former Soviet Defence Minister and a senior KGB figure of war crimes and crimes against humanity, when Lithuanians sought to reestablish their independence.

Estonian party's threats of unrest condemned by 12 ex-interior ministers

Estonia's controversial Conservative People's Party has warned that it not becoming part of the country's next government, would mean «throwing the match into the powder keg». 12 former interior ministers have denounced such talk.

Latvian Saeima: audit results of Riga public transport company should not be kept secret

Results of the audit performed at Riga municipality’s public transport company SIA Rīgas satiksme should not be kept a secret, because they cover he use of public resources, according to members of Saeima’s Public Expenditures and Audit Committee.

Ventspils opposition lists Latvia’s government reasons to fire Lembergs

Questionable payments to Ventspils Development Agency, breached prohibition to lead Ventspils City Council, ties with Business Development Association in which his wage nears EUR 200,000 – these rare but some of the reasons Ventspils City Council opposition has listed in its request to fire Aivars Lembergs sent to Latvia’s Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš and other ministers.

Intergovernmental talks start with Russia about downing of MH17 in Ukraine

Seeking justice for the killing of 298 people, when the MH17 flight was shot down over Ukraine in 2014, Dutch and Australian government representatives have met with their Russian colleagues.

Environment reforms in Europe that will benefit environment and wallet

On Tuesday, 26 March, members of the European Parliament approved new rules intended to create a more consumer and environment-friendly EU electricity market, as reported by European Parliament’s representative in Latvia Signe Znotiņa-Znota.

Departure of UK PM May sought to support her Brexit deal in third attempt

The resignation of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, is pushed for by influential members of her own Conservative Party in exchange for their support of the Brexit deal, rejected twice before.

Latvian minister: FCMC board should be compiled of people free of external influences

The board of the Finance and Capital Market Commission should be composed of people free of external influences, said Latvia’s Justice Minister Jānis Bordāns after a government meeting.

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Europe to abolish summer and winter time

On Tuesday, 26 March, members of the European Parliament voted in favour of the proposal to abolish summer and winter time starting with 2021, as reported by EP press-secretary in Latvia Signe Znotiņa-Znota.

Latvian parties organize candidate lists for upcoming European Parliament elections

In the European Parliament elections coming this May, Latvian Russians Union with Tatyana Zhdanok at the helm will start with Nr. 1 in Latvia. New Unity with Valdis Dombrovskis as the helm will be the last party among all submitted candidate lists.

Latvian State Roads: country’s roads suffer from fewer potholes than before

Fewer potholes have been noted on state roads in Latvia this year when compared to a year prior, said Latvian State Roads board chairman Jānis Lange in an interview to LTV programme Rīta Panorāma on Tuesday, 26 March.

Chances of molten salt nuclear reactor to be considered in Estonia

Estonia's energy company Fermi Energia and Moltex Energy, a British-Canadian firm, which is pushing for the implemetation of the salt nuclear reactor technology, have agreed to look into the feasibility and chances to licence a molten salt nuclear reactor in the Baltic country.

Allowance for invalids in Latvia suffering from motor disorders to be increased by EUR 100

Starting from 1 July 2019, allowances for children and adults suffering from severe motor disorders since childhood and who require special care will be increased by EUR 100, as provided by amendments to the Law on State Social Allowances approved in the final reading by Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee.

Estonian coalition far from agreed on by centrists, anti-abortionists

As the coalition-building talks in Estonia continue between the ruling Centre Party, the Conservative People's Party of Estonia, which stands against migrants and abortions and national conservative Isamaa, no breakthrough is in sight.

Latvian television company employee fired after Russia Today incident

Latvian Television employee Harijs Lavkinaitis has been fired from his job because of the interview to Russia Today shown in LTV News Service’s studio, LTV board member Ivars Priede told Saeima Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee during a meeting.

Latvian Saeima to study Estonia’s experience with packaging deposit system

Saeima’s National Economy Committee and Environment and Climate Sub-Committee plan to hold a joint meeting on Wednesday, 27 March, to discuss Estonia’s experience and principles in the implementation of a beverage packaging deposit system, BNN was told by Saeima’s press-service.

Facebook, YouTube sued for spreading videos of New Zealand shootings

U.S. social media platforms Facebook and YouTube have been sued by a French Muslim organisation blaming them of inciting violence by allowing the streaming of footage of the recent New Zealand massacre online.

Latvian ministry urges development of voluntary fire-fighting organizations

To assist with development of voluntary fire-fighting organizations and municipal fire-fighting services, it is planned to implement a pilot project in which five voluntary fore-fighting teams will be picked from different regions to receive training and later assist with putting out less serious fires and participate in preventive measures in a specific region, as reported by Latvia’s Interior Affairs Ministry.

UK Parliament takes control of Brexit decisions to find way forward

The Parliament of the United Kingdom has reached an opposition majority to seek a parliamentary consensus on a Brexit option, however, British Prime Minister Theresa May has warned she does not promise her government would abide by the majority decision of the members of parliament.

Latvia's MPC abolishment plan includes plans A, B and C; more information to come later

Latvia’s Economy Ministry has completed Saeima’s given order and has prepared amendments to regulations for abolishment of electricity procurement component as early as the end of March 2019, as confirmed by Economy Minister Ralfs Nemiro after a coalition meeting.

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PHOTOS: 70 years pass after tragic events of 25 March 1949 in Baltics

2019 marks 70 years since the deportations of March 1949, when USSR occupational forces performed forced large-scale deportations of Baltic residents to far-away regions of USSR. More than 90,000 Baltic residents, with nearly half of them from Latvia, were deported as a result.

Latvian State Revenue Service director says new cash register reform may be needed

The possibility of a new cash register reform cannot be excluded if it turns out new requirements have become outdated and no longer applicable to the actual market situation, says the head of Latvia’s State Revenue Service Ieva Jaunzeme.