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Tuesday 23.10.2018 | Name days: Daina, Dainida, Dainis

Programme: UGF member’s owned store teaches employees to circumvent taxes

Union of Greens and Farmers member Askoldam Kļaviņš’s owned store Gandrs not only offers potential employees a double pay system, which creates suspicion about a possible envelope wage system there, but also teaches ways to purchase products while circumventing VAT payment, as reported by LTV programme Aizliegtais paņēmiens.

Latvian Border Guard detain six people for illegal crossing of state border

On Thursday, 30 August, officials of Latvia’s State Border Guard detained six persons for illegally crossing the state border as part of Kordon 2018 operation.

Which Latvian political parties have so far spent the most on their pre-election campaigns?

So far in the current pre-election period political parties in Latvia have declared pre-election expenses worth EUR 1.3 million, as reported by Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau.

Slovenian politician's armed group criticised as unacceptable by President Pahor

President Borut Pahor (Borut Pahor) has criticised as unacceptable the existance of an armed group headed by a formed presidential candidate.

LDz requests EUR 57 million from Lithuania for dismantling Mazeikiai-Renge railway line

Latvian railway company VAS Latvijas dzelzceļš has requested Lithuanian railway company Lietuvos geležinkeliai to pay EUR 57 million as a compensation for the dismantling of Mazeikiai-Renge railway line in 2008.

Myanmar convicts journalists, who reported on atrocities against Rohingyas

Two journalists in Myanmar, who have covered alleged atrocities by the country's military against the Rohingya minority, have been sentenced to seven years in prison for violating a law on official secrets.

Berlin, Paris urges to continue Ukraine peace talks after separatist's death

In Eastern Ukraine, the violent death of the pro-Russian separatist leader, the Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, should not derail negotiations to solve the Donbas war, noted France and Germany, which jointly support the peace process along with Russia and Ukraine.

PHOTO: parade of historic buses in Riga

A parade of historic buses took place in Riga on 3 September. The event was organized by international passenger carrier Lux Express. Buses arrived in Latvia’s capital from Tallinn to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the opening of Tallinn-Riga-Tallinn route.

Russians protest against pension reform, despite softer offer by Kremlin

In Russia, protests and rallies voicing opposition to planned pension reforms have been held in a number of cities, although Russian President Vladimir Putin has lowered the planned steep increase in the age of old-age pensions.

Many promises will drop out – Latvia’s budget to be cut by EUR 300 million

A deficit-free budget has been Latvia’s goal for the past ten years. Unfortunately, year after year the same thing repeats – planned expenditures always exceed revenue and the government is forced to borrow the missing millions.

In pictures: Return to classes in schools from Belgium to Siberia

BNN offers an insight into how the first day of school has been in schools in the world outside the Baltic states.

Latvia’s industrial output up 3.6% in July 2018

Compared to July 2017, industrial production output increased by 3.6 % in July 2018. Production output rise was recorded in manufacturing, mining and quarrying, and electricity and gas supply.

MPC crisis: what do Latvian parties promise?

In the past year, Economy Ministry’s activities, reviewing the fairness of the mandatory procurement component system and its influence on businesses’ ability to compete, have been poor, as reported by Nekā personīga.

Non-bank lender Mogo’s profits down five times in first half-year of 2018

Non-bank lender AS Mogo’s profits were EUR 410,308 in the first six months of 2018, which is five times below the company’s profits for the same period of 2017, according to information regarding Mogo’s financial indexes for the first six-month period of 2018.

Latvian ministry wants EUR 145,700 to finance public media coverage of Pope’s visit

Latvia’s Justice Ministry plans to request additional funding of EUR 145,710 from the emergency budget to ensure public media coverage of the visit of Pope Francis to Latvia.

Murdered Latvian prosecutor had received death threats before her disappearance

A couple of months prior to her disappearance, former prosecutor Biruta Loze had reported to the police that she had received death threats, as reported by De Facto.

Latvian ministry may consider forming institution to monitor fake news

The Criminal Law in the Republic of Latvia does provide criminal liability for persons reporting fake news, but it is nevertheless necessary to form a separate institution to monitor the spread of such news in the internet, says Interior Affairs Ministry’s parliamentary secretary Evika Siliņa.

Weather to become warm again in Latvia this week

On Monday, 3 September, weather in Latvia will be dictated by a high-atmospheric pressure area. With that, the first school day will pass without any major precipitation. In the evening, however, there may be some rain in Latgale.

Week in Lithuania. Lithuania marks 25th anniversary of Soviet army's withdrawal

Last week, Lithuania marked the 25th anniversary of the withdrawal of the Soviet army. The last Soviet army echelon left Lithuania at 11.46 p.m. on August 31, 1993.

Photos of the week, 31.08.18

BNN offers you to take a look at topical, interesting and simply beautiful pictures of this week.

Dubious Latvian Coalition Council or «Let's decide on most profitable way control to Latvia»

The Coalition Council in Latvia is a political instrument used to prepare the political agenda for that Latvian Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers. There is, however, a number of issues that make its existence questionable. Importantly, why do unelected guests take part in the influential meeting alongside coalition party leaders that takes place place every Monday?

Juncker: EU to drop changing clocks in autumn and spring

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has said the EU plans to get rid of the switch between summer and winter time.

433 tons of old tires removed from landfills in Latvia

As part of the attempts in Latvia to recycle heaps of worn out tires accumulated in waste management landfills over years of mismanagement in the sector, this year by mid-August, 433 330 of worn-out tires have been removed, according to the Latvian Tire Management Association.

Merkel supports fellow German Weber's bid to head European Commission

With the European parliamentary election in sight, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has voiced her support for German conservative Manfred Weber’s candidacy to front the center-right European People’s Party’s campaign.

France calls for new, closer EU cooperation with Russia

President Emmanuel Macron of France, who is advocating European defence cooperation alongside NATO, has envisaged more up-to-date, closer relations between the European Union and Russia.

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