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Saturday 18.08.2018 | Name days: Liene, Helēna, Elena, Ellena, Liena

EC: water re-use in European Union is significantly below its potential

European Commission proposes new rules to make re-use of water for irrigation of agricultural land in member states easier and help farmers use water not meant for drinking in an optimal manner, as well as reduce water deficit, protect the environment and consumers.

Italy looks for way out of political impasse with interim government

President Sergio Mattarella of Italy has invited a former economist of the International Monetary Fund to build a government, after the largest parties in the parliament lost their bid to form a majority government.

Estonia: airBaltic’s decision to buy 60 aircraft is surprising – investments might not pay off

Estonia’s national Nordic Aviation Group believes the decision made by Latvia’s airBaltic airline to procure up to 60 new Bombardier CS300 aircraft may be a sign of this airline entering the low-cost airline market for major companies. This could allow Nordica enhance its positions on the regional flights market.

Europe seeks to end its single-use plastic era

The European Commission has presented a set of proposals aimed at reducing the use of throwaway plastic and them ending up in seas, where 84% of all waste is estimated to be parts of single-use plastic.

Latvian government proposes establishing green fuel quota for traders

On Monday, 28 May, the Cabinet of Ministers Committee decided to forward to the government Economy Ministry’s developed Transport Energy Law that provides for promotion of green fuel.

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airBaltic signs contract for purchase of 60 more CS300 aircraft

Latvia’s national airBaltic airline and Bombardier Commercial Aircraft have announced the signing of a procurement contract for 30 Bombardier CS300 aircraft with option to procure 30 more in the future, as BNN was informed by the airline.

Authorities revoke Bank of Latvia governor’s access to official secrets

Constitution Protection Bureau has officially revoked the permit held by governor of the Bank of Latvia Ilmārs Rimšēvičs, who is accused of bribery, denying him access to official secrets, as confirmed by his lawyer Saulvedis Vārpiņš.

Latvia’s regular population numbers declined 15.7 thousand last year

At the beginning of 2018, Latvia’s population accounted for 1 million 934 thousand, which is 15.7 thousand people fewer than a year ago. Compared to 1.0 % in 2016, population declined by 0.8 % in 2017. Urban population reduced by 8.3 thousand people or 0.6 %, while rural – by 7.4 thousand or 1.2 %.

Study: there are as many perspectives in Latvia’s energy sector as problems

Most interviewed farmers are worried about energy-related issues in Latvia. Farmers mentioned end product prices, dependence on energy supplies from third countries, as well as wasteful use of energy as the most serious problems in the country’s energy sector, according to results of a barometer study performed by Baltic International Bank.

Russian TV monitoring finds focus on negative portrayal of Ukraine

Monitoring analysis of Russian state television channels as to the reporting on foreign countries has found that a third of the information spread has been about Ukraine, overwhlemingly portraying it in negative light.

MEP about Riga Mayor’s desires: maybe all three of his wives should be given jobs?

«One of the rare mistakes admitted by Nils Ušakovs as the head of Harmony is picking journalist Andrejs Mamikins as a candidate for a spot in the European Parliament. Harmony’s leader announced as much during the last congress in December. The conflict between the two started shortly after Mamikins made it to Brussels in 2015. In an interview to Nekā Personīga, Mamikins said the reason for the conflict was Ušakovs’ attempt to force him to accept the mayor’s ex-wife Jeļena Ušakova as an employee in his office in Brussels,» the programme reports.

11 billion euros legalised via Estonia, police establishes

Banks in Estonia have experienced the laundering of over 11 billion euros between 2012 and 2016, financial investigators in Estonia have stated.

This June «it shouldn't snow», Estonian climatologist predicts

As the Baltics have been experiencing warm-to-hot temperatures and little rain in May, weather forecasts for Estonia show there is a warm June ahead and snow should not surprise people on holiday as it has in the past.

Politicians’ election tricks: tailoring and hosting programmes

The pre-election period will start in Latvia in two weeks from now. During this period, parties will have to compile all revenue and expenditures associated with 13th Saeima elections. But even before this period several parties have commenced their campaigns on radio, television, as well as in residents’ mailboxes.

Irish voters lift tough abortion ban

In Ireland after a landslide vote in favour of repealing the country's constitutional ban on abortion, its government has pledged to introduce a new abortion law by the end of 2018.

Italy fails to form government, impeachment of President suggested

In Italian parliament, its largest political party has urged for the impeachment of the country's President as the latter vetoed a choice for finance minister and designated Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte handed back his mandate to form a government.

Intense heat expected in Latvia at week’s start; cooler weather expected in second half

Intense heat is expected in Latvia in the first half of the week. Maximum air temperature is expected to reach +30° C in the middle of the week. The heat will back off in the second half of the week. Colder masses of air will flow into the country along with northern winds, as reported by Latvia’s State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Week in Lithuania. Seimas discusses state recognition to Lithuanian Neopagans

The Lithuanian parliament has started debates on a proposal to grant state recognition to Romuva, a religious community of the ancient Baltic faith. The proposal on Thursday, May 24, passed the first reading in the Seimas and will now go to parliamentary committees.

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Minister: Latvia and Croatia have absolute understanding on EU multi-year budget matter

Latvia and Croatia have an absolute understanding when it comes to European Union’s multi-year budget, said Latvia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs after his meeting with Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Minister Marija Pejčinović Burić.

Shocking tendency: narcotics consumption on a rise among youngsters

Crimes involving illegal turnover of psychotropic substances comprised 5.9% of all crimes registered in Latvia in 2017. There is also a worrying trend observed – use of narcotics is on a rise among youngsters, as reported by Latvia’s State Revenue Service during a press-conference on Friday, 25 May.

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NATO member states propose exchanging information more actively

NATO member states should exchange information more quickly and more actively to remain ahead of Russia, said NATO intelligence head Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven.

Study: Riga residents remain dissatisfied with house management

Nearly every second Riga resident is dissatisfied with the quality of house management service quality, according to results of a recent study performed by Latvijas namsaimnieks on residents’ satisfaction with apartment building management in the capital.

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