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Wednesday 22.05.2019 | Name days: Emīlija

PUC: residents do not often complain about internet, TV and mobile services

The number of residents who complain to the Public Utilities Commission about electronic communication services – internet, TV and mobile communications – had dropped last year, as reported by PUC.

February 28 in pictures

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Rīgas satiksme’s temporary chief receives Riga mayor’s support and remains in office

Temporary chief of Rīgas satiksme Anrijs Matīss will remain at the help of this company even though earlier this week he allowed for the possibility of leaving the company if no clarity in regards to his proposed changes is achieved. He said as much after more than an hour-long meeting with Mayor of Riga and RS shareholder Nils Ušakovs.

Retail trade turnover in Latvia up 1.2% in January

Compared to January 2018, the total retail trade turnover rose by 1.2 % in January 2019. Turnover of retail trade in non-food products increased by 2.3 %, turnover of retail sale of automotive fuel by 2.5 %, while turnover of retail trade in food products reduced by 0.7 %.

Researchers: income increase is the solution for prevention of inequality

The main solution for preventing inequality among residents is increasing their income. This includes increasing minimum wages, as mentioned in a study on the influence of tax reform on taxpayers.

Swedbank drop in share value by 20%, attracts many small investors

Swedish lender Swedbank, which faces allegations of possible suspicious transactions in the Batics, has suffered a 20% drop in share value. The situation has drawn in Swedish retail investors as the bank seeks clarity over the allegations.

Ministry: Latvia has accomplished a lot in ensuring gender equality

Latvia is among six countries in the world with the highest index for gender equality on the labour market. This is shown as much in World Bank’s published study that analysed legislation on gender equality in 187 countries.

U.S.-North Korea summit in Vietnam ends abruptly with no-deal

U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un did not manage to to reach a nuclear deal Thursday. They negotiations ended early, effectively leaving North Korea a nuclear power burdened with serious American sanctions.

Freight transport between Latvia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will not require permits

An agreement has been reached in regards to permit regime’s cancellation for mutual freight transport between Latvia and Bosnia and Herzegovina starting from 1 January 2020. This means transit and mutual freight transport will be liberalized and allowed to be performed without permits, as reported by Latvian Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Communication Office.

EU urges for restraint in nuclear-armed Southern Asia, as bullets fly in Kashmir

The European Union and other world powers have called for calm between India and Pakistan, which have both downed enemy jets on Wednesday and continued with trading fire on Thursday.

Bank of Latvia governor has no plans to request permit to access official secrets

Ilmārs Rimšēvičs, governor of the Bank of Latvia, does not plan to request a permit to access official secrets, says the bank’s press-secretary Jānis Silakalns.

UK Parliament accepts May's Brexit vote timetable

The British Parliament has given its backing to a timetable of the decisive Brexit votes, as offered by the country's Prime Minister Theresa May with the novelty of allowing the chance of delaying the day, when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

Committee: funding for innovations should be no lower than 25% of the total envelope

Funding for research and innovations in the next planning period should be below 25% of the total EU fund envelope. It is preferable for funding to reach 40%. This was unanimously supported by Saeima’s Sustainable Development Committee during a meeting on Wednesday, 27 February.

Saeima: Latvia’s 2019 budget couple be approved around April

Latvia’s budget of 2019 approval in the final reading is planned for the first week of April, said head of Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee Mārtiņš Bondars after meeting with Finance Minister Jānis Reirs on Wednesday, 27 February.

Ukrainian ex-Prime Minister calls for impeachment of President Poroshenko

Ukrainian ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko urges impeachment of the country's President after reports of high-level embezzlement. Both are running for the post of President.

February 27 in pictures

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Portal: do «former colleagues» provide Lembergs with influence over Latvian Railway?

Who holds the reins over Latvia’s transit sector? One of the highest ranking officials is Latvian Railway board chairman Edvīns Bērziņš, whose career has crossed paths with Aivars Lembergs’ owned companies on several occasions ever since Latvian Shipping Company’s era. This is nothing surprising, considering Lembergs’ close ties with Latvia’s transit sector. At the same time, one must ask if Bērziņš’s presence at the top of LR is a mere coincidence, writes.

Lido invests EUR 10,000 in new equipment and products

Lido restaurant network has invested EUR 10,000 to procure new cooking equipment and develop new products, as confirmed by Lido representatives.

Construction costs in Latvia down 0.2% in January

Compared to December 2018, the level of construction costs in Latvia reduced by 0.2 % in January 2019. Prices of building materials had decreased by 0.5 %, while labour remuneration of workers and maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment grew by 0.1 %.

Large coalition possibility in Estonia discussed by Reform Party

As the two largest political parties race for victory in the Estonian parliamentary election, both ruling Centre Party and opposition Reform Party have not ruled out working together. Reform's Kaja Kallas listed its firm principles in interview with ERR.

Survey: last year’s best development in agriculture – compensation for floods

According to Latvia farmers, the best thing to have happened in the industry last year was state support for the losses caused by floods in 2017 (47.8%), whereas the worst development in 2018 was the lasting drought and consequences it had caused (82.3%), according to results of Swedbank survey.

Opinion: Citadele Bank wants to be active on the stock market

Citadele Bank wants to become active on the stock market, says the bank’s governor Guntis Beļavskis.

Warfare between nuclear powers. Pakistan downs Indian warplanes

As tension rises in Southern Asia between regional, nuclear-armed powers Pakistan and India, two warplanes have been shot down by Pakistan on Wednesday in response to Indian air strikes on its territory.

Ombudsman on taxes: give with one hand and take with the other

«Give with one hand and take with the other,» said ombudsman Juris Jansons, commenting on Latvia’s last tax reform in his interview to LNT programme 900 seconds.

Bank of Latvia may give former governor a job if he comes to work

The Bank of Latvia is prepared to give a job to it bribery-accused governor Ilmārs Rimšēvičs if he comes to work on Wednesday, 27 February. It is likely he will, as confirmed by the central bank’s press-secretary Jānis Silakalns.