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Tuesday 11.12.2018 | Name days: Valdis, Voldemārs, Valdemārs

Baltic states offer condolences after death of U.S. ex-President Bush senior

After the death of the former U.S. President George H.W Bush at the age of 94, the leaders of the three Baltic states have expressed their condolences to his family and the U.S. The death of George Herbert Walker Bush, who served as the U.S. President from 1981 to 1989, was announced on Friday, November 30. The cause of the death was not announced.

«KGB bag» to be opened before Christmas

Latvia’s National Archive plans to publish the first portion of information from ‘KGB bag’ this year. However, it is expected people will have a hard time taking in the contents. Some disappointment is expected, says LNA director Māra Sprūdža.

De Facto: failure to form a government in Latvia forces use of mechanism not used in decades

Parties’ inability to reach an agreement on the new government has forced the use of a mechanism that has not been used in Latvia in more than a decade. The next year will start with a temporary budget, which means the state will not finance any new initiatives and the state will have to live in accordance with the previous year’s budget, as reported by De Facto programme of LTV.

airBaltic receives 14 Airbus A220-300 aircraft and successfully achieves fleet expansion goal

Latvian airline airBaltic on December 1, 2018 in Riga welcomed the last Airbus A220-300 jet for the year, registered as YL-CSM. Currently airBaltic has a total of 14 Airbus A220-300 aircraft on its fleet.

Mass protest in Tbilisi against presidential election outcome

The Georgian capital a mass rally has been held, where the results of the Georgian presidental election have been critised as the election of Salome Zurabishvili with the backing of the ruling Georgian Dream party. At the Sunday, December 2, rally in Tbilisi Vashadze, who lost in the run-off in presidential election addressed thousands of his supporters.

NCP leader: government formation process is taking too long

If KPV LV is prepared to make compromises we were not prepared for in the past, government formation may be realistic, says former prime minister candidate and leader of New Conservative Party Jānis Bordāns.

Riot in Paris over Macron's policies followed by condemnation from President

In yellow vest protests in France over the weekend, a total of 263 people were injured with 133 injured in Paris, among them being 23 members of the security forces.

Weather to become warm in Latvia at week’s beginning; wind speed to pick up later

This week will begin in Latvia with warm weather and precipitation – snow, increased air temperature, wet snow and rain. At the middle of the week air temperature will drop. Wind speed will pick up, reaching 15-19 m/sec, as reported by Latvian’s Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Week in Lithuania. Government set to raise teachers' pay only in 2020

Lithuania's government on Thursday, November 29, proposed to trade unions that an agreement of political parties on raising teachers' pay should be signed. But due to failure to make any decision on teachers' salaries, the negotiations at the Ministry of Education and Science were postponed.

BNN summary of the week: creative government formation; bigger fees at Ventspils Freeport; municipal nihilism

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Riga Freeport decides it is easier to pay fines and breach the law than respect CC decision

«Riga Freeport authority is the only institution to have been penalized by the Competition Council the most in Latvia. No other company in Latvia has received four fines [from CC]. All other companies had learned their mistake after the first or second fine. Riga Freeport, on the other hand, continues with its illegal activities...

NATO cyber exercise with 700 participants held in Tartu

Large NATO cyber defence Cyber Coalition has been held this week in in Tartu, Estonia aimed increasing the ability to defend NATO and national computed networks.

BATL: Ventspils Freeport’s decision to raise fees will not bring in more cargoes

The decision of Ventspils Freeport authority to raise fees for port services starting with 1 January 2019 will not bring in more cargoes to Ventspils, says Baltic Association – Transit and Logistics.

Latvian parties refrain from predicting success for Gobzems government

Politicians participating in government formation talks organized by KPV LV prime minister candidate Aldis Gobzems refrain from saying if the government composition proposed by the party is realistic.

Estonian economy grew faster in quarter three

Estonian economy has grown faster in the third quarter of 2018, with its gross domestic product being by 4.2% higher in the third quarter of 2018 than in the respective period last year, the country's official statistics showed.

BTA Baltic Insurance Company appoints new board chairman

BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS makes changes to the composition of its Management Board on 30 November 2018 – BTA Management Board Member Wolfgang Stockmeyer has been appointed as the Management Board Chairman.

Germany's leading bank raided over alleged money laundering

The offices of Germany's biggest lender, Deutsche Bank, have been raided as part of an investigation into alleged money laundering.

Zhdanok’s party fails to secure state funding and access account in Bank of Latvia

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has decided to not pay Tatyaja Zhdanok’s party Latvian Russians Union the confirmed state budget funding.

Weekends in Latvia to be chilly; thaw expected next week

Weather is expected to remain cold in Latvia at the end of the week. No precipitation is expected. However, there will be snow, wet snow and even rain at the beginning of next week.

KPV LV leader: check for issue of permits to access official secrets should be sped up

The law should state that the inspection to see if a person can be provided with a permit to access official secrets should not take longer than three weeks, says prime minister candidate from KPV LV Aldis Gobzems.

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Home free? Corruption watchdog does not apply penalty in possible information leak case

In conclusion of the service inspection regarding the possible information leak in the criminal case involving former Saeima deputy Askolds Kļaviņš, Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has not punished a single official. The report from the inspection was instead forwarded to Security Police.

Badmouthing against legendary partisan costs Klaipėda politician a Council seat

Where is the delicate boundary between freedom of speech and outright calumny? A member of Klaipėda City Council, Viaceslav Titov, paid a costly price for what court has found to be slander.

European Parliament supports new temporary border control rules for Schengen Area

Instead of the two-year period, the temporary border control within Schengen Area should not exceed one year, MEPs say. In accordance with the current Schengen Borders Code, member states are allowed to organize temporary border control checks within internal borders if there are threats to public order or internal security.