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Saturday 25.01.2020 | Name days: Sigurds, Zigurds

Foreign investment volumes in Latvia reach EUR 7.03 billion in 2019

The volume of foreign investments in Latvia reached EUR 7.03 billion at the end of 2019. However, when compared to 2018, this amount has declined EUR 125.42 million, according to information compiled by Lursoft.

Court: Lithuania’s failure to investigate hate-speech on Facebook was discriminatory

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Lithuania's refusal to investigate hate-speech comments about same-sex kiss on Facebook was discriminatory.

Tragic factory explosion takes place in Spain

In Spain, a chemical plant has been hit by an explosion and a large fire that have resulted in the death of one person and left eight others injured.

European Commission to invest one trillion euros into climate neutrality promotion

The European Commission has presented a massive European green course investment plan worth one trillion euros for the promotion of climate neutrality, as confirmed by EC Latvian branch office’s press-service.

In U.S. presidential campaign, democrat leaders spar before first caucuses

In the year of U.S. presidential election, the competition for the nomination of the Democratic Party is focusing around Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

IKEA pulls thermal cups from circulation over possible chemical residue

IKEA urges consumers to refrain from using Troligtvis thermal cups with Made in India label because results of laboratory tests show a potential migration of chemicals, IKEA reports.

LTV: Latvian State Police chief to step down soon

Chief of Latvian State Police Ints Ķuzis will soon step down from his position, as reported by LTV News Service.

Ventspils opposition: Lembergs continues using Ventspils City Council for his interests despite sanctions

«Latvia’s problem is that authorities are focused only on areas in which the person under sanctions – Aivars Lembergs – has ownership rights. At the same time, authorities do not look towards the state of his control and influence through politician, associations and state institutions after having been applied with sanctions.» Ventspils City Council opposition deputies Aivis and Ivars Landmanis explain to BNN the situation in Ventspils City Council and legal persons associated with Lembergs after US sanctions.

Drunk driver in Estonia causes crash with three fatalities

A crime, not an accident, Estonian police summarised the events of the past weekend in Saaremaa island, where a man with 3.6 blood alcohol content caused a crash that took the lives of three people.

Bus company asks Estonia to help fund natural gas-powered buses

The public transport company Lux Express Estonia has asked Estonian ministries of finance and environment for funding that would help it buy natural gas-powered buses aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Europeans in Iran nuclear deal trigger dispute mechanism

France, Germany and the United Kingdom have reacted to Iran stepping away from its commitments in the international nuclear deal and launched a dispute mechanism. It could lead to the 2015 deal falling apart.

Estonian residents continue actively purchasing alcohol in Latvia

Estonian alcoholic drinks retailers say cross-border trade with Latvia remains active. On top of that, Estonian residents purchase not only cheaper alcoholic beverages but also new tobacco products.

Purgaile: the number of banks may decrease in Latvia this year

The number of banks operating in Latvia may become smaller, said Finance and Capital Market Commission chairperson Santa Purgaile said at a meeting of Saeima’s Public Expenditures and Audit Committee on Tuesday, 14 January.

Iran ready try people involved in downing of Ukrainian passenger plane

In Iran, the first arrests have been conducted over the downing of the Ukrainian passenger plane, where 176 people were killed. Iran’s President has states that people responsible for the mistake of its armed forces have to be punished.

Opinion: ZZS's blind faith in Lembergs may result in serious loss of finances for party

Intentionally blind faith – this is the way it is possible to describe the way Union of Greens and Farmers sticks with the suspended Mayor of Ventspils Aivars Lembergs, who is accused of committing serious crimes and applied with international sanctions, and his party For Latvia and Ventspils. Their faith is so unbreakable, in fact, it is not shaken even by threats of taking away state funding.

Public Advisory Council considers several potential NEPLP candidates

Latvian National Electronic Mass Media Council Public Advisory Council considers publicist Ilmārs Šlāpins, journalist Jānis Eglītis, once Culture Ministry’s Media Policy Office manager Roberts Putnis and journalist Ieva Kalderauska as the most appropriate candidates for posts in the council.

Estonian energy giant cuts CO2 emissions, plans new oil plant

Estonian energy producer Eesti Energia has stated it has reduced energy production from fossil oil shale resulting in a considerable cut in CO2 emissions and expressed plans to build a new oil plant.

Initiative registered to reduce the number of Saeima deputies to 50

On Tuesday, 14 January, the Central Election Commission registered a proposal that suggests reducing the number of Saeima deputies from 100 to 50, CVK reports.

PHOTO: city council commences demolishing of kiosks at Riga Central Market

The morning of 14 January opened up with the dismantling of kiosks at Riga Central Market. The kiosks behind the fence stand empty, but around them there is a big mess – boxes, books, empty plastic bags, pieces of clothes and other items can be seen everywhere around.

Avian influenza infection cases registered in Hungary

Highly pathogenic avian influenza has been found in a domestic bird enclosure with more than 50 000 turkeys in Esztergom district of Komárom in Hungary, as reported by Latvian Food and Veterinary Service.

Statistics: Lithuania registers first population growth year since 1990s

In Lithuania, for the first time since the 1990s, its population has grown during the year 2019, according to Statistics Lithuania. The top emigration destination for Lithuanians was the United Kingdom.

In Slovak journalist’s murder trial guilt admitted by army veteran

In a Slovak court trying the double murder case of journalist Ján Kuciak, a suspect former soldier has confessed to having killed the couple.

Pūce still waiting for Ventspils City Council’s reaction to sanctions against Lembergs

Latvian Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry is still waiting for a response from Ventspils City Council’s deputies in relation to the invitation to prevent the influence of the suspended Mayor of Ventspils Aivars Lembergs, who is accused of committing serious crimes and is applied with international sanctions, over municipal administration’s work, said minister Juris Pūce in an interview to 900 seconds programme.

Libyan warring governments sign settlement deal, army opts out

In the Libyan conflict, the warring sides and competing governments are looking for a peace deal. The competing governments have signed after talks in Moscow a draft settlement deal, yet the Commander of the Libyan National Army has refused.

Rīgas satiksme council chairman Klincis dismissed from his position

After reviewing submitted documents detailing public transport company Rīgas satiksme personnel selection process, the company’s shareholder Juris Radzevičs has decided to dismiss the company’s council chairman Rolands Klincis from his held position.

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