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Wednesday 11.12.2019 | Name days: Valdis, Voldemārs, Valdemārs

Ex-LDz chief Magonis claims 500 000 euros was payment for lobbying interests

The ex-chairman of state company Latvian Railway Uģis Magonis has testified in court that the EUR 500 000 was paid to him not as a bribe but as payment for lobbying the interests of Estonian millionaire Oleg Osinovsky’s indirectly owned companies’ interest in Russia, as reported by public media

Estonian economy grows 4.2% in Q3 on year

Estonian gross domestic product has grown in the quarter three of 2019, compared to the respective period of 2018, by 4.2%, the official statistics of the Baltic country indicate.

Nurse in Germany sentenced to life in prison after attacks on babies

A court in Germany has been sentenced to life imprisonment after found guilty of attempted murder of prematurely-born infants. It was found she administered unnecessary injections to three babies in her care.

Justice Minister suspects «high level» cover of illegal cigarette business

Law enforcers’ failure to put a stop to circulation of illegal circulates raises suspicions about «high level» cover of this criminal activity, said Justice Minister Jānis Bordāns in an interview to LTV programme Rīta panorama.

MEPs call on Russia to stop illegitimate prosecution of Lithuanian judges

The European Parliament has passed a resolution, where it calls on Russia to stop illegitimately prosecuting Lithuanian judges and EU countries should refuse any legal assistance.

Excellent reputation and «backbone» – qualities Latvia’s next prosecutor general should have

Some of the potential prosecutor general candidates have no desire to stand candidate or they refuse to publicly comment their decision in the event of them being offered such an opportunity.

Turkey blames NATO ally France for siding with «terrorists»

French President Emmanuel Macron «sponsors terrorism», Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has said a week before a key NATO summit next week.

Ultimatums from Harmony and For Riga! bloc slow Burovs’ efforts to form coalition

The political party Honour to Serve Riga has not agreed to multiple conditions set by Harmony and For Riga! bloc for the formation of a new coalition in Riga City Council. This includes Harmony condition to create a third vice-mayor post, as well as the party’s proposed changes to the approach for supervision of businesses.

For Riga bloc may Burovs’ remainder as Riga’s mayor; pick their own man to be vice-mayor

For Riga bloc in Riga City Council is prepared to support Oļegs Burovs’ remainder as mayor of Riga. Additionally, deputies have picked Druvis Kleins as their candidate to become vice-mayor of Riga, as confirmed by the bloc’s leader Oskars Putniņš.

PHOTO: doctors gather for a repeated protest outside Saeima

Another protest act was held by organizations representing Latvian doctors outside the Saeima at the end of November.

70 people receive acute intestinal infection in Liepaja

70 people who dined at Baltic Restaurant, which is located on the territory of Lauma Fabrics company, fell ill with acute intestinal infection in Liepaja, as reported by SPKC.

Overall level of construction costs in Latvia remains unchanged

Compared to September, level of construction costs in Latvia in October 2019 remained the same. Labour remuneration of workers increased by 0.2 %, maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment did not change significantly, but prices of building materials reduced by 0.1 %.

Doctors protest outside Saeima: Let’s not be like beaten dogs returning home!

During the protest held on Thursday, 28 November, leaders of doctors’ organizations urged deputies of the Saeima to study healthcare workers’ everyday life and promised to not act like beaten dogs returning home.

Analysts: Lithuania gained politically from funeral of 1863-1864 uprising commanders

In a spectacular three-state celebration, Vilnius hosted last week state funeral for commanders of 1863-1864 uprising. Despite the lingering solemnity, some analysts however noted that Lithuania, politically, gained a lot from the event.

Minister: number of universities in Latvia is not optimal

Considering the current situation with Latvia’s national economy and demography, the number of universities in the country is not optimal, said Education and Science Minister Ilga Šuplinska in an interview to Latvijas Radio on Thursday, 28 November.

Germany to increase its NATO spending to U.S. level

Germany plans to spend more in its payments to NATO budget seeking to match U.S. contribution from 2021, German media report after Berlin has been criticised by Washington of not meeting NATO recommendations in national defence spending.

Swedbank’s head: rumours about finance sector’s stability have become more speculative

Rumour campaigns about the stability of the finance sector are a phenomenon observed in Latvia, said Latvian Swedbank board chairman and Finance Industry Association council vice-chairman Reinis Rubenis.

Estonian fish factories closed after lethal cases of food poisoning

Food safety watchdog in Estonia has ordered the closure of two factories of the fish processing company M.V.Wool in relation to the presence of listeria bacteria blamed for several deaths in the country and abroad, ERR reports.

Rail Baltica employees: the project is in critical state due to poor management

The Rail Baltica railway project is in a critical state due to poor corporate management and conflict of interests, as outlined by 62 employees of AS RB Rail joint Baltic company in a public statement.

Free diploma anyone? Lithuanian academics stage protest in Vilnius

The academic staff of Lithuanian higher education institutions has held a protest, where «free diplomas» were handed out to people as protesters called for adequate funding to education and science.

Latvia’s president announced next year’s state budget

On Thursday, 28 November, Latvia’s President Egils Levits announced the country’s budget for 2020. Both the Law on State Budget 2020 and 27 accompanying laws have been published in the Latvian Herald.

Revelation of Riga Central Market's «cigarette mafia» prompts thoughts about penalty changes

Reacting to the reveal of a so-called cigarette mafia at Riga Central Market, officials from Interior Affairs Ministry and Justice Ministry will meet on 29 November to discuss possible penalty policy changes against people engaged in circulation of illegal cigarettes.

Apple complies with Moscow’s wishes in Crimea map

The U.S. tech firm Apple has complied with the demands of Moscow and introduced to the users of its smartphone in Apple Maps a map, where illegally-annexed Crimea is shown as a part of Russia not Ukraine.

Risky SEB Estonia clients have transferred 8 billion euros, Sweden’s SVT reports

The Estonian branch of the SEB bank has been used by risky clients to transfer eight billion euros, according to Swedish public broadcaster SVT.

Bank: one-third of Latvian residents cannot afford saving on all pension levels

36% of Latvian residents lack sufficient financial capabilities to make savings on all available pension levels, including voluntary pension 3rd level. In Lithuania such an option is not available to 25% of residents and in Estonia – to 18% of residents, according to data from Luminor bank’s survey.

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