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Saturday 18.08.2018 | Name days: Liene, Helēna, Elena, Ellena, Liena

Farmers Saeima dissatisfied with product procurement requirements for Latvian army

Over the course of the past several weeks Latvia’s Farmers Saeima has received calls from vegetable growers, who expressed shock over the food procurement tender organized for the needs of the National Armed Forces. Farmers said they are unable to participate because there are requirements for crops not grown in Latvia, Farmers Saeima reports.

Beer price up 11% in Estonia on year, as consumer prices up 3.5%

Beer lovers in Estonia have not had an easy year as from July last year to July 2018 the price of the beverage has been estimated to have increased by 11,7%, while the overall consumer price index in the Baltic country has risen by 3.5%, official statistics showed.

1 150 firefighters in Portugal battle large fire in heat

In Portugal, over 1,150 firefighters are working to put out large forest fires in the hills of Portugal’s southern Algarve region.

Apple, Amazon and Facebook share prices on a rise; oil prices increase as well

Under dynamics of world stock exchange indexes, different trends were observed on Friday, 3 August. As concerns over trade wars continued, US stock indexes increased thanks to growing prices of shares of technological companies.

British support for UK government's Brexit work at 22%

Voter support in the UK to how its Prime Minister Theresa May is dealing with Brexit negotiations has dropped to 22% from 55% in early 2017, the lowest figure that has been has recorded by a regular opinion poll on the issue.

SKG party union submits its 13th Saeima candidate list

SKG party union, which consists of Latvian Social Democratic Workers’ party, Christian Democratic Union and Honour to Serve Latvia, has picked its leading candidates for upcoming Saeima elections. These candidates are: Latvian Institute of Social Market Economics director Armands Agrums, Dekšāre Elementary School director Daiga Ceipiniece, SIA Gosupi real estate chairman Jānis Dinevičs, unemployed Arvīds Kinstlers, and ‘Energotaupošas tehnoloģijas un sistēmas’ chairman Valdis Šakars.

Petrol prices in Sweden at highest level ever

The cost of petrol in Sweden currently reached its record, which is with its high demand from holiday makers and the low value of the Swedish national currency.

Court commences case on Public Utilities Commission’s approved gas transmission tariff draft

On 30 July, Administrative Regional Court accepted gas transmission and storage operator Conexus Baltic Grid’s plea and commenced and administrative case in relation to the tariff draft approved by the Public Utilities Commission, as confirmed by Conexus representative Dace Baltābola.

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KPV LV party submits 13th Saeima candidate list – Gobzems at the very end

KPV LV political party has chosen Artuss Kaimiņš as its leading candidate in Riga. Aldis Gobzems, who is the party’s prime minister candidate, is the last number on the list, according to the document submitted to the Central Election Commission.

Politicians to not be allowed to host TV and radio programmes from 6 August onward

Monday, 6 August, marked the coming into force of the restriction detailed in the Law on Pre-Election Campaign for Saeima candidates to host TV and radio programmes on election day and 60 days prior to elections, as confirmed by National Electronic Mass Media Council.

SEB Bank issued 2% more mortgage loans than a year prior

In the first six months of 2018, SEB Bank has issued EUR 64.6 million in mortgage loans to private persons, which is 2% more when compared to the same period of 2017. 46% of loans were provided in cooperation with Altum guarantees to families or young specialists, as reported by SEB Bank representative Jeļena Kontusa.

Harmony gathers a number of municipal workers in its 13th Saeima candidate list

Harmony political party has chosen a number of municipal deputies as headliners in its list of candidates. Vjacheslav Dombrovskis will be the party’s first number in Riga. The party’s deputy chairman Jānis Urbanovičs will be candidate number 2. Saeima deputy Andrejs Klementjevs will be Harmony’s third candidate in Riga.

Ecology rules to be relaxed for farmers in drought-affected EU countries

As farmers in the European Union have been affected by intense draught since May from Finnland to Portugal, the bloc's executive has decided to allow EU farmers more flexibility in implementing the green requirements.

Tatyana Zhdanok picked as candidate in Vidzeme in spite of Constitutional Court’s ruling

Even though Latvia’s Constitutional Court decided against cancelling the restriction for persons who worked in certain Soviet organizations after events of 13 January, 1991 to participate in Saeima elections, Latvian Russians Union has decided to propose Tatyana Zhdanok as a candidate leader in Vidzeme, according to candidate lists submitted by the party to the Central Election Commission.

Tallink sees record passenger numbers on its cruiseferries in July

Estonian shipping company Tallink Grupp has reached a record in passenger numbers transported in one month as it counted 1 223 901 passengers onboard Tallink Grupp vessels in July 2018.

Latvian ministries request additional EUR 1.1 billion in next year’s budget

In spite of the forecasted negative fiscal space, Latvia’s ministries request an additional amount of EUR 1.1 billion for budget priorities in 2019, according to information compiled by Finance Ministry.

Second Indonesia earthquake in week turns out more tragic

A strong earthquake has taken the lives of not less than 82 people in Lombok island, Indonesia, causing severe damage to buildings and urging several thousand people to leave of their homes.

Tragic helicopter crash in Russia

In Krasnojarsk region, Russia, 18 people have lost their lives in a helicopter crash, the countrys authorities have stated.

Week’s beginning to be warm in Latvia; heat to come back again soon

Weather in Latvia will be moderately warm at the beginning of the week. However, the heat is expected to return for a couple of days in the middle of the week. No major precipitation is expected, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Week in Lithuania. Conservatives leader doesn't back proposal on Communist Party

Gabrielius Landsbergis, leader of the Homeland Union–Lithuanian Christian Democrats, does not support a move by two conservative lawmakers to declare the Lithuanian Communist Party a criminal organisation.

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LCCI: number of businesses experiencing difficulties with finding workers on a rise

The number of businesses that believe labour accessibility in Latvia has reached a critical level continues increasing, according to a survey performed by Latvia’s Chamber for Commerce and Industry.

Industrial production output in Latvia up 0.4%

Compared to June 2017, industrial production output increased by 0.4 % in June 2018. Production output rise was recorded in manufacturing and mining and quarrying, while as the amount of electricity produced declined industrial production output in electricity and gas supply fell by 8.9 %.

Breathing air thick with political dust; who benefits from putting pressure on Ventspils Commercial port

For two weeks now society has been actively fed misleading information and basically propaganda that Ventspils Commercial Port does not perform its duties before the city’s residents. Reports from the State Environment Service that air moistening is effective and meets required levels do not seem convincing enough for Latvia’s Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry. This institution’s headlines are written misleading – instead of informing society, they scare them...

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