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Friday 22.02.2019 | Name days: Rigonda, Adrians, Ārija

Defence Minister: Deployment of allied missiles in Latvia is «dreaming»

The issue of the deployment of the missiles of allied forces in Latvia is far from being relevant, «it's dreaming», commented Latvian Defence Minister on Monday, February 11, in an interview with LTV's news programme Rīta panorāma

Hungary' s mothers of four to be exempt from paying income tax

In Hungary, the government is boosting financial support to families with several children, according to measures presented by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. On Sunday, February 10, the significant measures announced by Viktor Orbán during an annual address, encouraging women to have more children.

UK government pushes for more time for Brexit negotiations

A month and two weeks before the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union, the government of Theresa May seeks to buy more time in the British parliament for her talks with Brussels to reach concessions that would allow the adoption of the Brexit deal.

Week in Lithuania. Lithuanian court postpones January 13 ruling until late March

Vilnius Regional Court on Tuesday, February 5, decided to postpone its ruling in the January 13 case until late March. The ruling had been expected on February 18 but it was postponed to March 27.In a statement, the court said it would not be able to issue the ruling in February due to one member of the judicial panel being on a long-term sick leave.

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Latvian start-up Funderful acquired by U.S. giant in fundraising

Latvian start-up Funderful, which provides artificial intelligence-based communication tools to university campuses, has been bought by U.S. firm Ruffalo Noel Levitz, according to a press release by the Latvian firm.

Latvian Ambassador: Hopes of Russia's U-turn on missile treaty are little

Addressing Russia's decision to suspend its participation in the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, Latvian Ambassador to Russia Māris Riekstiņš has noted to LTV's Rīta Panorāma that there was hope that Russia would change its mind, but the hope was little.

EU Commissioner: People won't feel much the slowdown of EU growth

Population will not significantly feel the impact of a slower growth of the European Union economy in 2019 and 2020, but people should prepare for stagnation, as economy is by its nature cyclical, European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis to LTV programme Rīta Panorāma.

Netherlands pushing for talks with Russia on responsibility about MH17

Dutch diplomats have said they were in contact with Russian authorities to arrange formal talks concerning the finding of the Dutch government that Moscow is responsible for supplying the missile that was used to down a passenger airplane in Ukraine, killing 298 people.

UK and EU agree to continue talks on «adding words» to relationship document

The European Union has agreed to continue talks with the United Kingdom over the country's withdrawal process, excluding the possibility of renegotiating the withdrawal agreement itself.

Most valuable firms in Latvia: Latvenergo, Kronospan Riga, Latvijas Valsts meži

The most valuable companies in Latvia in 2018 were state energy giant Latvenergo, chipboard producer Kronospan Riga and state forestry company Latvijas Valsts meži, according to research of business valuations by Lursoft.

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Corruption watchdog hopes for valuable auditor info on Riga transport firm

In the procurement criminal case of Riga city's transport firm Rīgas satiksme, the Latvian corruption watchdog might find valuable information in a recent report by the State Audit Office on the administration of the transport infrastructure of the capital, said head of the watchdog Jēkabs Straume to LTV programme Rīta Panorāma.

Saeima backs simplifying tax payments to single monthly payment

Tax payments in Latvia are currently made to nearly different 50 tax accounts every month. To radically simplify the payment of taxes both to businesses and private individuals, the Latvian Saeima has given its initial backing to plan to allow a single tax payment every month.

NATO opens doors to Macedonia; Russia worried about Balkans' security

The member states of the NATO military alliance have signed an accession protocol with Macedonia that would allow ex-Yugoslav country to become the 30th member of the organisation.

Lithuanian intelligence adds China along with Russia to list of national security threats

Lithuania’s intelligence has released this week the annual National Threat Assessment 2019 report, with core threats coming from the hostility of Russia in a vast spectrum of aspects.

Latvian MP Gobzems expelled also from KPV LV's Saeima faction

In the Latvian Saeima, the KPV LV party has on February 6 expelled its former candidate for the post of the Prime Minister, Aldis Gobzems, from its parliamentary faction.

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Two conflicting rallies over Riga Mayor to be held at same time on Saturday

As the embattled Mayor of Riga, Nils Ušakovs, whose premises have been searched as part of a corruption scandal, faces a no-confidence vote, the National Alliance will hold a rally against Ušakovs on Saturday, at the same time, when his support rally is expected to be held.

EU and Ireland in talks to support food industry in no-deal Brexit

Dublin and Brussels are discussing the possibility of the European Union allocating large emergency funding to buffer that losses to Irish EUR 4.5 billion food exports to the United Kingdom in case of a no-deal Brexit.

Subjecting whistle-blower MP to persecution – indication of oligarch power in Latvia, says Justice Minister

«In the current situation with MP Juris Jurašs, we can see indications that point to a political witch-hunt against him and the New Conservative Party that is motivated by economic crimes. It shows that oligarchs are eager to show that they are still hold the power in their hands,» said Latvian Justice Minister Jānis Bordāns about his fellow party member being subjected to persecution over revealing graft investigation information.

U.S. and North Korean leaders to meet in late February in Vietnam

The second meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump would take place on February 27-28 in Vietnam, the U.S. President has announced.

Latvian Instagram star @dailypurrr holds first real-live exhibition

The man behind the @dailypurrr account on Instagram social network, where his funny cat comics have attracted a worldwide audience of over 100 000 followers, is unveiling his first real-life exhibition at the Lūdznava Manor.

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Minister: Mayor of Riga avoided supervisory duties in city transport firm

The Mayor of Riga, being a shareholder of the municipal transport firm SIA Rīgas satiksme, was obliged to supervise large-scale procurement at the company, but so far it has not been confirmed that the Mayor has done it, stated Latvian Environmental Protection and Regional Development Minister in LNT news programme 900 sekundes.