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Sunday 26.01.2020 | Name days: Agneta, Agnis, Ansis

U.S. removes China from its list of currency manipulators

The U.S. has removed China from the U.S. list of currency manipulators as the two countries plan to sign a new preliminary trade deal.

Riga City Construction Office commissions Z-Towers building

On 10 January 2020 Riga City Construction Office issued a positive conclusion on the commissioning of Z-Towers, as confirmed by construction representatives.

Ticket prices increase for regional public transport routes in Latvia

From 15 January onward the price of bus tickets on regional routes in Latvia will increase EUR 0.10. Prices of train tickets will increase EUR 0.10 to EUR 0.20, depending on the region, Road Transport Directorate reminds.

Latvia provides political asylum to Russian journalist Shvaryov

Latvia has provided political asylum to Russian news agency Rosbalt journalist Aleksandr Shvaryov, who is accused of libel against Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov. Russian government has declared an international manhunt for the journalist.

UK’s last state allows same-sex marriage

In the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland was the last part of the country not to register same-sex marriages. This changed on Monday, January 13.

Honour to Serve Riga will not support Mayor Oļegs Burovs’ dismissal

The political party Honour to Serve Riga does not plan to cave in to demands from coalition partners and will not vote for the replacement of Riga City Council chairman Oļegs Burovs, as announced by GKR chairman Andris Ameriks after a meeting of the party’s faction on Monday, 13 January.

Court finally reconvenes to review Lembergs’ case after a long break

After a break that lasted more than six months, Riga Regional Court reconvened again at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, 13 January, to continue reviewing the criminal case involving the suspended Mayor of Ventspils Aivars Lembergs.

Lithuania seeks to regulate social media advertising by influencers

Famous people on social media often endorse to their followers a product or service. Lithuania’s consumer rights watchdog is now requiring to include the word «advertisement» in such posts.

New Rīgas satiksme board approved on last year’s last work day

Multiple decisions were made in the final days of 2019. These decisions had shaken up the already fragile coalition in Riga City Council. It is not only that the previously excluded candidates were appointed to Rīgas satiksme’s board, an opportunity was also rapidly used by the tenants of Riga Central Market. Harmony deputies together with For Riga! bloc are also dissatisfied with Mayor Oļegs Burovs and want him out, Nekā personīga programme reports.

Abkhaz leader Khajimba resigns after election-fraud protests

In Georgia’s separatist region of Abghazia, its «President» Raul Khajimba has resigned after four days of protests in the regional capital, Sukhumi.

This week’s weather in Latvia to remain unusual for winter

The beginning of the week weather-wise will be similar to last week – generally cloudy and windy weather with precipitation, according to Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Iran protests continue after revelations of downing passenger plane

In Iran, for the second day in a row protests have continued after its army admitted shooting down the Ukrainian passenger plane with 176 people on board.

Saeima’s decision to extend mission in Iraq will not be compulsory for Latvian troops

Saeima’s mandate for the extension of Latvian military mission in Iraq is not for making it compulsory, rather to providing legal rights for troops to participate in this mission, Defence Minister Artis Pabriks explained in an interview to Latvijas Radio on Monday, 13 January.

Week in Lithuania: Soldiers removed from Iraq, authorities scramble to inspect polluting facilities

In Lithuania, the top news stories of last week were the withdrawal of Lithuanian soldiers from Iraq, authorities scrambling to inspect polluting facilities, as well as the U-turn on the decision on green arrows on traffic lights.

BNN summary of the week: Lembergs and ZZS stick together. «Borderline arbitrariness». Distrust in Burovs

It seems there is no force in this world that can cut the ties between the Union of Greens and Farmers and the suspended Mayor of Ventspils Aivars Lembergs, who is accused of committing serious crimes. Even US sanctions, which have the potential to undermine funding for ZZS and its very existence, are not enough.

Inflation in Latvia reportedly 2.3% at the end of 2019

Compared to December 2018, the average level of consumer prices rose by 2.3 % in December 2019. Prices of goods have increased by 2.1 % and prices of services by 2.6 %.

Landmanis: FKTK needs to explain what banks should do with Ventpils Freeport companies

It is necessary for the Finance and Capital Market Commission to explain to banks how they should act towards companies operating from Ventspils Freeport. «Then companies will be able to prove on their own if they are controlled or not controlled by a person under sanctions,» says Baltic Association – Transport and Logistics CEO Ivars Landmanis.

Two people injured in railway explosion in Daugavpils

A railway explosion in Daugavpils has injured two people. The incident is investigated by the State Labour Inspectorate, as confirmed by Latgale region’s VDI head and chief state inspector Jānis Butāns.

IKEA drops the use of single-use plastic products

From January 2020 onward household goods trader IKEA will no longer use single-use plastic products, such as drinking straws and bags, as confirmed by the company’s representative Renata Dante.

Seven people die in this year’s influenza season in Latvia

In the last two weeks four more people died from flu. This makes seven in total since the beginning of the flu season, according to data compiled by the Disease Prevention and Control Centre for flu and acute upper respiratory infections.

Brussels signs visa facilitation deal with Belarus

The European Commission has signed with Belarus an agreement on the facilitation of the visa regime, ending talks that begun in 2011.

Transit industry: it is unacceptable for thousands of people to not receive wages because of Lembergs

It is unacceptable for salaries to not be paid to thousands of people who have nothing to do with Aivars Lembergs, punishing them alongside the person who is under sanctions, Delfi portal was told by Aivars Gobiņš, official in multiple Ventspils-based transit companies under management by Swiss lawyer Rudolf Meroni.

Plane crash: Iran open to international investigation; Canada points to missile

Iran has expressed readiness to involve foreign specialists in the plane crash investigation. Canada, meanwhile, says it has evidence of possible missile attack.

Kristovskis believes US sanctions are result of KNAB’s and VARAM’s inaction

The US sanctions against Aivars Lembergs represent what Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry and Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau failed to do – prohibit Lembergs from working in the municipal administration and check a large volume of possibly illegally acquired finances, according to what Ventspils City Council opposition deputy Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis said in an interview to Latvijas Avīze.

Thick layer of snow expected in Latvia at week’s end

Lasting precipitation and strong wind, the speed of which may reach 20 m/sec, is expected for most of Latvia at the end of the week, according to forecast from Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

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