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Monday 20.01.2020 | Name days: Aļģirds, Orests, Oļģerts, Alģis

Exclusive | ReRe’s [ir]responsibility and Maxima Tragedy’s dusty trails. Interview with Artuss Kaimiņš

«Six years have passed since the tragedy in Zolitude. However, [construction company] SIA Re&Re still has not accepted responsibility. And then the news suddenly surface with New Riga Theatre, as a result of which the State Real Estate made a decision worthy of praise – the company that is one of the main involved parties in Maxima tragedy had a construction object taken away rather than provided,» Saeima deputy Artuss Kaimiņš told BNN.

Russian authorities challenge child custody of protest participants

Russian authorities seek to challenge the custody rights of parents, who came to a Moscow protest for fair elections. Prosecutors allege that the toddler had been put in danger as the parents had given it in the hands of a protester.

UK blames Brussels of unwillingness to negotiate, despite EU’s readiness to talk

The European Union has expressed its readiness to discuss Brexit with the United Kingdom, yet the unwillingness to remove the Irish backstop from the current withdrawal deal has angered London.

Latvian corruption watchdog suspects eight people of violations in Island Bridge project

Latvia’s Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has asked the prosecutor’s office to raise charges against eight people for different crimes related to the reconstruction of Island Bridge. This includes Riga City Council’s Transport Department official Uģis Brožs.

Riga City Council member denies issuing ultimatum and sticks to his candidacy

Riga City Council deputy Sandris Bergmanis denies having issued any ultimatum for his election as Riga’s vice-mayor.

August 6 in pictures

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Rīgas satiksme wants a council member with «spotless reputation»

Riga municipality’s public transport company Rīgas satiksme has announced a personnel selection process to pick the fifth company council member, according to information published in Latvian Herald.

Estonia – no-country for Russian citizens from Ukraine’s Donetsk, Luhansk

Russian passports of people from Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts in Ukraine, which are illegally controlled by pro-Kremlin separatists, will not be recognised in Estonia, the Estonian Foreign Ministry has stated.

British MPs opposing hard Brexit preparing no-confidence vote against PM

In the British parliament, opposed to the hard Brexit scenario pushed for by new Prime Minister Boris Johnson are both the Labour Party and the inner opposition of the ruling Conservative Party. A no-confidence vote is an intention of both.

Borrow to pay off a debt? Latvian residents’ loan obligations on a rise

Last year there was an increase of the number of people who experienced problems with paying back their loans and who were forced to push back loan repayments three or more times, said head of Consumer Rights Protection Centre Baiba Vītoliņa at a press-conference on Tuesday, 6 August.

Coalition tax policy development committee adopts a common position

The Coalition Tax Policy Development Committee has adopted a common position, stating that during the preparation of the 2020 state budget, parties forming the coalition in Latvia will cooperate and that the next year’s budget will be result of joint work, not mutual competition, says the committee’s head, Finance Ministry’s parliamentary secretary Atis Zakatistovs.

Economists: industrial growth is slowing down. Should people brace for drop?

Looking at the latest industrial output indexes, opinions of various economists tend to lack optimism. Some of them expect negative indexes in the coming months, while some already mention the word recession.

Moscow wants arms negotiations with U.S. as nuclear treaty ends

Moscow has announced that Russia would only deploy new intermediate-range missiles in case Washington chooses to do so and urged to hold arms control talks to prevent a chaotic arms race.

Corruption watchdog accuses Riga 1st Hospital board member of attempted fraud

Latvia’s Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has asked the prosecutor’s office to raise charges against Riga City Council deputy and Riga 1st Hospital board member Genādijs Sevastjanovs for fraud attempt.

U.S.-China trade tensions rise after Beijing called currency manipulator

Washington has called Beijing a currency manipulator increasing the stark trade tensions between the U.S. and China.

Average electricity price in Baltic States declines 9%

The average price of electricity at Nord Pool system had increased 5% last week – to 39.78 EUR/MWh. In Baltic States the average electricity price has declined 9% and was 50.67 EUR/MWh, as reported by Latvian energy giant Latvenergo.

August 5 in pictures

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Politologist: events in Moscow are a strong signal for protests to expand further

The cause of protests in Russia is the government’s disrespectful treatment of the people. On top of that, the recent protests in Moscow are a strong signal for similar activities to repeat on a larger scale, considering residents’ exhaustion with Russian President Vladimir Putin, says politologist Kārlis Daukšts.

Bear hunt starts in Estonia as hunters warn of expanding bear territories

Bear hunting has commenced in Estonia. A practice, which would seem surprising to many European countries with small bear populations, is, however, seen as necessary by hunters in the Baltic country.

«From child refugee to president»: BBC interviews ex-Latvian president

As part of a series of programmes «Her Story Made History», BBC has interviewed ex-Latvian President Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, giving the interview the title «From Child Refugee to President».

Industrial production output continues increasing in Latvia

Calendar adjusted data at constant prices shows that when compared to June 2018, industrial production output grew by 4.4 % in June 2019.

Iran seizes another foreign tanker in Persian Gulf, local media report

Iranian paramilitary has arrested another foreign tanker in the Persian Gulf, making it the Revolutionary Guard's third seizure of a vessel in July.

MEP: we are prepared to do all we can to hand Ušakovs over to authorities

«If need be, we are prepared to do everything to have Nils Ušakov handed over to Latvian law enforcement institutions and prevent him from hiding behind immunity,» said European Parliament member from Latvia Ivars Ijabs in an interview to public broadcaster LNT programme 900 seconds.

Latvian minister: government could decide on territorial reform around October

In August 2019 Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry will push the administrative territorial reform forward so that the government can decide on it around October and forward it to the Saeima, said the Environment Minister Juris Pūce.

Police in Moscow arrests 800 people in another election protest

As Russians took to the streets of Moscow for another protest to demand free and fair elections, police arrested hundreds of people and used violence against protestors.

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