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Tuesday 20.08.2019 | Name days: Bernhards, Boriss

Independent Deputies Faction joins forces with Honour to Serve Riga

Riga City Council’s Independent Deputies Faction has signed a cooperation agreement with Honour to Serve Riga political party, pledging support for the party’s mayoral candidate Oļegs Burovs, as LETA was told by the faction’s leader Valērijs Petrovs on Monday, 18 August.

Saeima’s MPC investigation committee requests information on every issued license

The parliamentary committee formed to investigate the mandatory procurement component has requested access to information regarding every issued MPC license and decision made by officials in regards to this field, says the committee’s representative Ilze Vanaga.

Minister: Latvia’s social budget surplus has reached one billion

The surplus of the state social budget has come close of the pre-crisis level – EUR 1 billion, said Latvian Welfare Minister Ramona Petraviča in an interview to LTV programme Rīta panorama on 15 August.

Riga City Council permitted to elect mayor after two-month deadline

In spite of the fact that 21 August will mark two months of Riga City Council working without a mayor, a condition that permits Latvia’s Saeima to dismiss the entire city council, deputies of the municipality will nonetheless have the right to elect a mayor after the deadline, says Environment Protection Minister Juris Pūce’s advisor for legal affairs Valdis Verners.

Village in Russia to be evacuated following nuclear accident

Russian authorities have announced evacuation of Nenoksa village, as it is the closest to the military area where a nuclear accident recently happened. This may mean the situation there is far more dangerous than initially reported, as reported by New York Times.

Regional reform: three municipalities in Latvia proposed to be united in one

Latvia’s Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry’s developed map of Latvian municipalities will include Ulbroka municipalities, which will consist of Stopiņi, Garkalne and Ropaži municipalities, as well as the city of Vangaži, the ministry reports.

Saeima committee may invite parliament to decide on dismissing national media council

This week Saeima’s Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee could schedule a meeting to decide on the request for the parliament to dissolve Latvia’s National Electronic Mass Media Council, said head of the committee Artuss Kaimiņš on Monday, 12 August.

Shortage of workers in Latvia’s Emergency Medical Service remains serious

The shortage of workers in Latvia’s Emergency Medical Service remains serious, and yet the service is able to deal with all challenges, said the service’s head Liene Cipule in an interview to public broadcaster LNT programme 900 seconds.

Latvian ministry offers government a map with 36 municipalities

Based on results from talks with municipalities, Latvia’s Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry has decided to add one more municipality to the new map, as journalists were told by minister Juris Pūce on Monday, 12 August.

Bribery accused Latvian politician to leave National Alliance’s Riga City Council faction

Corruption accused Riga City Council deputy Baiba Broka has decided to leave the city council’s faction of the National Alliance «All for Latvia – For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK», becoming an independent deputy.

July’s unemployment level in Latvia remains at 6%

At the end of July the level of registered unemployment in Latvia was 6% of economically active population, which is as much as there was a month prior, according to data from the State Employment Agency.

Ultimatum. Harmony will support Burovs if party is given both vice-mayor seats

Harmony’s Riga City Council faction will support Honour to Serve Riga mayoral candidate Oļegs Burovs if the party is given both vice-mayor seats, said Harmony’s leader Nils Ušakovs after the faction’s meeting on Friday, 9 August.

Constitution Protection Bureau concludes evaluation of Saeima deputies

The Constitution Protection Bureau has finished its evaluation of 13th Saeima deputies on possible issue of permits to access official secrets. However, SAB will not disclose which deputies aside from Aldis Gobzems have not been issued permits.

Defence Ministry: Russia’s military exercise plays out encirclement of Baltic Sea

Russia’s military exercises play out the encirclement of the Baltic Sea. Nevertheless, Latvia’s army remains on alert, as reported by Defence Ministry.

Cross-border trade between Latvia and Estonia declines

Estonia’s Finance Minister Martin Helme has announced that excise tax revenue from the first month after the rate’s reduction has increased 40% when compared to July 2018, whereas cross-border trade with Latvia has reduced.