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Tuesday 12.11.2019 | Name days: Kaija, Kornēlija

Baltics’ celebrating the Baltic Way, 30 years after historic human chain

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About two million people joined hands across the Baltic states on August 23, 1989, forming a unique human chain to peacefully protest against Soviet occupation. 30 years on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are holding events to remember the spirit that won freedom for the region.

The Baltic Way 30 events on Friday, August 23.

Concerts, discussion and poetry in Estonia


– 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Baltic Way 30 History Day at the Museum of the Popular Front: discussions, Latvian and Lithuanian folk music concerts, announcement of the winners of the poetry contest «The Spell of Freedom» on Freedom Square, Tallinn;

– 4 p.m. Commemoration ceremony at the Maarjamäe Memorial for the Victims of Communism, 80 years from entry into the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact;

– 7 p.m. – 12 a.m. Opening party of the exhibition «Baltic Way 30: One History, Two Million Stories» (Vabamu) dedicated to the Baltic Way 30 / MRP 80 at Telliskivi Creative City (Vabamu)

Estonian-Latvian border:

– 5 p.m. – 11 p.m. Concert at the Lilli-Unguriņi border crossing point, Estonian-Latvian border;


– 9 p.m. movie night: the screening on the new Estonian history drama Truth and Justice at the Rapla Tammemäe Song Festival Ground.


Metal opera, films and exhibitions in Latvia


– Photography exhibition «The Baltic Way 1989. The Manifestation Turns 30» at the Freedom Square. A photography exhibition from the collections of the national archives of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

– Exhibition: Latvia’s Centenary / The Rebirth of Self-determination. The Re-instatement of Latvia’s Independeance (1986-1991) at the National History Museum of Latvia. One of the features is a time-line of the major developments of the late 1980’s. Another focus is on the restoration of the national state symbols as well as changing the historical memory of society during this period.

– 6 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. Baltic Film Days at the Splendid Palace Cinema. The Baltic Film Festival is an initiative, created and jointly organised by the three national cinema institutions – the National Film Centre of Latvia, the Lithuanian Film Centre and the Estonian Film Institute for the purpose of strengthening co-operation between the three Baltic States in the field of cinema and promoting information about each country’s films to its neighbours.

– 10 p.m. «Kurbads. Son of the Mare». A Metalopera at Lucavsala. It received only one performance in Limbaži in the summer of 2017 becoming a cult legend in Latvian culture, enjoying the critical acclaim of both the general public and professionals. Performed by the folk-metal group Skyforger and contemporary dance performers.

Grenctāle, Bauska municipality:

– Twinning event «Brālība. Brolybė. Brotherhood» In Grenctāle, Bauska Municipality. The programme of the twinning event Brālība. Brolybė. Brotherhood includes addresses by local officials, recollections of people involved in arranging the Baltic Way, symbolic Baltic Way – human chain around Grenctāle Culture House, concerts by Latvian and Lithuanian folk music and dance groups and popular musicians a.o.


A marathon, jeeps and new human chain in Lithuania

– 6 a.m. The start of the 28th traditional international marathon The Baltic Way.

«As of August 21, we have 37 runners registered for the relay-type marathon stretching to Tallinn. A total of 75 NATO troops will join the Lithuanian runners in Vilnius, and NATO troops will enter the race in Riga and Tallinn, too. The whole distance will take up nine separate stage, with a total of nine runners completing each of them while the rest of the group will rest on the bus for their next stage of the running. We plan to get to Riga at 2 pm roughly. We will exchange our national flags on the border,» Vidmantas Dobrovolskas, president of the amateur Lithuanian runner association, told BNN.

– 9 a.m. Launch of Jeep Club Lithuania in Vilnius

As many as 6,000 cars and motorbikes are expected to hit the road toward Tallinn in the morning of August 23. «We have invited all Baltic auto clubs to participate in the event and most responded positively. Our first major stop will be around 2 pm at Riga townhall, where the cavalcade will be greeted by Riga mayor. We will hand Latvians the Lithuanian and Estonian national flags, pick the Latvian national flag and we will continue the journey with the flags hoisted on all the cars to Tallinn along with our Latvian friends. In Tallinn, we will do the flag exchange, too,» Nerijus Laurinaitis, president of Jeep Club Lithuania, told BNN.

– Noon. The Lithuanian School Students’ Union invites all to an event at the King Mindaugas Monument, where one will be able to get to know Lithuanian youth organizations and their activities, take part in career development classes, and the little ones will be able to get involved in educational activities prepared specially for them.

– 6 p.m. The event «The Baltic Way is all of us» will replicate the 1989 Baltic Way through a live human chain stretching from the Cathedral Square till the Akropolis Mall on Ukmerges road 10 kilometres away. «As of August 21, we have over 4 thousand participants registered for the chain and we expect other 2 thousand people to join it until the event. We estimate that, with the hands of 6 thousand people clasped together, we will cover the distance of over 10 kilometres,» chairwoman of Lithuania’s Ethnic Culture Care Council, told BNN.

– 7 p.m. The final Baltic Way 2019 concert in the Cathedral Square in the heart of Vilnius. Prior to it, a unique installation made of over 2 thousand radio sets will be opened for all.

«All the radio sets were brought to the places of their collection, the National TV and Radio (LRT) and Vilnius Post. But we will continue accepting them until the very revelation of the unique installation, so the number will certainly go up. Afterwards, the radio sets will be brought to Vilnius’ Park of Europe, where a permanent installation will be built. When erected, it will go 17 meters in height and 20 meters in width. As far as we heard, no one ever created such a unique contemporary artwork, so we look forward to registering the installation with the World Guinness Record Book,» Justina Vaitkevičiūtė, a senior project manager at LRT, told BNN.

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Healthcare Ministry’s proposed model for wage increase for doctors is unfair is goes against the previously voiced desire to raise wages for all healthcare workers equally, said chairman of Latvian Young Doctors Association Kārlis Rācenis and Latvia Health and Social Care Workers Trade Union chairman Valdis Keris.

NATO planes intercept one Russian war plane

In the Baltics, NATO fighter jets from the air policing mission, were last week scrambled once to respond to an alert of a Russian military aircraft.

Proposal to merge FKTK and Bank of Latvia makes it to third reading in Saeima

On Tuesday, 12 November, Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee decided to submit to the Saeima amendments to the Law on the Bank of Latvia for the third reading. These amendments, among other things, provide for the merging of the Bank of Latvia and the Finance and Capital Market Commission.

Estonian village for autism care under construction

In Estonia’s north-west, a village, where different forms of the care of persons with autism spectrum disorder is under construction.

Value of September’s exported goods in Latvia up 2.5% when compared to 2018

In September 2019 the foreign trade turnover of Latvia amounted to EUR 2.44 billion, which at current prices was 1.6 % less than a year ago, of which the exports value of goods was 2.5 % higher, but imports value of goods was 4.6 % lower.

Court declares Latvian cosmetics manufacturer Dzintars insolvent

On Tuesday, 12 November, Riga City Pardaugava Court declared Latvian cosmetics manufacturer AS Dzintars insolvent. Jānis Ozoliņš was appointed as the company’s insolvency administrator, as confirmed by the court’s representative Viktorija Mežance.

EU’s hand extended to Belarus as Lukashenko visits Austria

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko is on Tuesday, November 12, on a visit to Austria. It is his first foreign visit to an European Union member state in three years.

Latvia’s Healthcare Ministry proposes increasing wages for residents by 20%

Healthcare Ministry has come forth with a proposal to increase wages of local residents by 20% and wages of all other healthcare workers by 10%.

«The children arrive truly traumatised». Lithuania hosts 500 Ukrainian pupils

In Lithuanian schools, there currently learn more than 500 students from Ukraine, including the war-torn east of the country.

Internal Security Bureau’s investigations fail to improve situation in interior affairs services

Results of pre-trial investigations of the Internal Security Bureau (IDB) do not inspire improvement for the situation to improve within interior affairs services, which remain riddled with crimes of various categories, the bureau admits.

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Valeria Gontareva, whose family has been targeted in car and arson attacks, has linked the unclear events to an Ukrainian oligarch and the nationalisation of Ukraine’s largest bank PrivatBank.

Saeima Budget Committee’s head says it is hard to vote against popular things

«It is very hard to vote against popular things. In politics there will always be a situation when initiatives exceed abilities,» said chairman of Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee Mārtiņš Bondars in an interview to Latvijas Radio, commenting on the approval of the country’s budget for 2020.

Ex-finance supervisory office’s head applies for Bank of Latvia governor’s post

Ex-chairman of Latvia’s Finance and Capital Market Commission Uldis Cērps has officially submitted his candidacy for the post of governor of the Bank of Latvia.

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Tender for public transport service rights under fire over questionable rules

Latvia’s Procurement Monitoring Bureau has prohibited Road Transport Directorate from continuing the procurement procedure without amendments and signing the contract for regional public transport services for 2021-2030, according to the decision made by IUB Submissions Review Committee.

Saeima’s budget committee supports Latvia’s 2020 budget outline in first reading

On Monday, 11 November, Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee concluded work on the next year’s budget, supporting its submission to the parliament for the final reading.

Ankara begins sending Islamist extremists back to West

Turkey has on Monday, November 11, announced the start of deporting foreign radical Islamist fighters back to their countries of origin. Turkey has over a thousand foreign Islamic State fighters in custody.

Number of murders and murder attempts up in Latvia this year

When compared to 2018, there has been an increase in the number of murders and murder attempts in Latvia in the nine months of 2019. The majority of those crimes were committed during alcohol drinking, according to data from Latvia’s State Police.

Tallinn’s payments into EU’s budget to increase by some EUR 120 mln

The payments of Estonia into the multiannual financial framework of the European Union could grow by around 120 million euros annually from the year 2021, yet the Baltic country still expects to receive considerably more than it contributes.

Construction output in Latvia increases 5.9%

Compared to Q3 2018, construction output had increased by 5.9 % in Q3 2019. Construction output rise was observed in construction of buildings as 11.7 %, civil engineering as 2.1 % and specialised construction activities as 2.4 %.

Economist: high rent prices in Riga contribute to emigration

The high rent prices may be the reason why in spite of low unemployment levels and shortage of labour force people from Latvia’s regions depart to foreign countries, not Riga, says Citadele Bank’s economist Mārtiņš Āboliņš.

Russia starts selling train tickets to annexed Crimea

A Russian railway company has begun selling train tickets from St. Petersburg to Crimea, the peninsular illegally seized from Ukraine. The first trip from St. Petersburg for Sevastopol in December will take 43.5 hours.

Latvia celebrates 100th anniversary of Lāčplēsis Day

Today, 11 November, Latvia celebrates Lāčplēsis Day and the 100th anniversary of the Bermondt affair, honouring the troops who died in Freedom Fights and other defenders of the state.

October’s unemployment level in Latvia at 5.7%

The registered unemployment level in Latvia was 5.7% of economically active population in October, which is as much as a month prior, according to data from the State Employment Agency.

Doctors urge government to postpone budget approval; prepare for strike

Latvian Doctors Union, Latvian Young Doctors Association and Latvian Nurses Association urge the government to postpone budget approval and continue talks about allocation of additional funding for healthcare in 2020 and future years, associations report.