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Ceturtdiena 16.08.2018 | Name days: Astrīda, Astra

Cardiologist: people should learn to rest well to avoid heart problems

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUCardiovascular diseases in Latvia remain some of the most common causes of death and disability among Latvia’s residents. What is particularly worrying is that the number of youngsters suffering from such diseases increases with each passing year. In 2016, heart problems were the cause of death for 280 people aged up to 44 (257 in 2015), according to representatives of Euroaptieka.

«Cardiovascular diseases in Latvia are the main cause of death – half of all deaths in the country are caused by such problems. It is very important that people understand that approximately 75% of cardiovascular diseases are associated with risk factors, including low physical activity, obesity, unhealthy diet, increased blood pressure, stress, smoking, etc.,» explains Euroaptieka quality head Zane Melberga. «People ignore these problems and pay no attention to consequences. As a result – medical attention is provided to them too late.»

Cardiologist Svetlana Ratobiļska adds that it is particularly worrying that heart attacks are more and more often recorded for young people: «In the past, whenever we spoke of heart attacks, it mostly applied to residents of the age group 50 or older. Now heart attacks are suffered by people aged 30-35 or younger. The most often cause is unhealthy lifestyle, especially low physical activity and improper diet. One other factor to keep in mind is the rapid lifestyle and lasting stress. Because of that, residents should seriously consider balancing their work/rest time. Modern people should learn to rest better!»

To prevent different cardiovascular diseases, including infarction, healthcare specialists – Euroaptieka network of pharmacies quality manager Zane Melnberg and cardiologist Svetlana Ratobilska – provide a list of the biggest risks residents should keep in mind and avoid:

-lack of regular exercise;

-excessive weight;

-smoking habit;

-unhealthy eating habits;

-increased levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol in blood;

-increased arterial blood pressure;

-sugar diabetes;

-lasting stress, psycho-emotional overload, excessive worries, etc.

The cardiologist underlines that one factor that is impossible to avoid when it comes to cardiovascular diseases is genetic predisposition. The more risk factors a person is subjected to, the higher the possibility of getting the disease. «The earlier risks are uncovered and the sooner treatment is commenced, the higher the possibility of preserving cardiovascular health. It is worth keeping in mind that heart infarction can strike more or less healthy people – ones not subjected to aforementioned risk factors. Because of that, it is important to keep track of and avoid infarction symptoms,» says Ratobilska.

50-70% of infarction cases appear suddenly, in the form of sharp chest pain that may last more than 30 minutes. Aside from sharp pain, there is a number of symptoms that indicate the risk of infarction:

-excessive fatigue;


-cold sweat;

-nausea, vomiting;

-palpitations – the feeling of too slow or too fast heartbeat;

-shortness of breath;

-transient eye and speech problems caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain.

Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to evaluate and uncover risks before they become problematic. «To take care of one’s heart and avoid unpleasant surprises, it is recommended to undergo health checks regularly before reaching the age of 50,» says Melberga.

To involve society in cardiovascular health improvement activities and raise awareness of health risks, Euroaptieka has organized a social project «Heart health school» for the entirety of May. As part of this project, residents can measure blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels and undergo other health checks. Euroaptieka’s pharmacists will not only record residents’ health indexes, but will also measure Latvian residents’ heartbeats during the country’s centenary year.

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    diet and exercise and less stress, caffeine etc.

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SEB Bank survey: 40% of youngsters want to have their own business

Youngsters in Latvia are more ambitious that their neighbours in Lithuania and Estonia and wish to start their own business in the future. 36% of Latvian youngsters aged 18 to 25 have plans to start a business. 4% of them already have a business of their own.

Bank of Latvia acquires securities worth EUR 7.187 billion

As part of European Central Bank’s Public Sector Securities Purchase Program, the Bank of Latvia procured at the end of July securities of international organizations in Latvia and Eurozone worth EUR 7.187 billion, according to information published by the Bank of Latvia.

SLC: there is a desire to please businessmen in language matter

Every now and then a desire to please businessmen, foreigners and investors is noticed in state administration, which surfaces in the form of additional freedoms, said State Language Centre’s director Māris Baltiņš in an interview to 900 seconds programme of LNT.

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