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Tuesday 25.09.2018 | Name days: Rauls, Rodrigo

Four Estonian parties have strong support, enough to enter Riigikogu

Four Estonian parties are believed to currently have enough support to enter the Estonian parliament, a broad opinion poll showed, as leading parties compete for voter backing.

Estonian internet user growth strongest among elderly

The share of internet users in Estonia has continued to grow in 2018 and has over the past three months increased the most among 65–74-year-olds, official statistics show.

Estonia bank watchdog points to Denmark's responsibility over Danske

As to the allegations of doubtful billions flowing via the Estonia branch of Danske Bank, the Estonian watchdog of financial institutions has noted that the Danish supervisory authority was responsible for the lender's risk control.

Estonia sees continued passenger decline in Tartu Airport

The airport near Estonia's second city Tartu has experienced continued decline in passenger numbers, down to 2 000 per month in August, which offers flights to and from Helsinki in Finland every day.

Probe in accidental missile launch over Estonia points to pilot's mistake

As the accidental missile launch in Estonia from a Spanish fighter is being investigated, Spanish military investigators have found that the incident, which ended without casualties, came from a pilot's mistake, Spanish and Estonian media report.

Two Estonians suspected to have been spying for Russia for years

A court in Estonia has ordered the arrest of two men suspected of spying for Russia, the Estonian Office of the Prosecutor General has stated.

Estonian life expectancy continues to grow, while still below EU average

Estonian life expectancy has over the past ten years increased by 3.5 years for women and six years for men, official statistics show.

Estonian construction activity experiences 28% jump in Q2

In the Estonian construction market, its volume in the second quarter of 2018 compared to the respective period last year has jumped by 28%, official statistics show.

Memorials for Holocaust victims defiled in Estonia

In Kalevi-Liiva, a site of Nazi German atrocities in northern Estonia, memorials for Holocaust victims have been vandalised and the police are looking for the vandals.

Police wages in Estonia raised by cutting number of jobs

Less police officers are visible on the streets in Estonia as the country's Police and Border Guard has conducted a reduction of the number of position to increase wages of patrolling officers, thus working on a more motivated force since 2015.

Accidental missile in Estonia: Military finds possible landing site

Following the accidental missile launch by a Spanish NATO fighter jet in Estonia, the Estonian Defence Forces have stated that the area, where the missile fell, has been found.

Estonian Reform Party wants to lower alcohol excise tax

With Estonian political parties positioning themselves for the parliamentary election of March 2019, the opposition Reform Party has decided to focus on changing the current government's tax policy.

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