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Ceturtdiena 17.01.2019 | Name days: Tenis, Dravis

Election interference should be viewed as act of war, Ilves says

Now, when U.S. intelligence services have confirmed there had been Russian meddling in the elections and when their German counterparts have confirmed breaking into IT systems of the German parliament by same groups of hackers, all liberal democrats needed to reconsider how their electoral processes could be defended, Estonian ex-president Toomas Hendrik Ilves has stated.

Syrian refugee suffers severe burns in Estonia

Estonian police is investigating, why a young Syrian refugee woman suffered severe burns this week in Tallinn in currently unclear circumstances.

Concern about migrating birds returning early to Estonia

Population and ornithologists have noticed that the first species of migratory birds – geese, swans, lapwings and larks – have started returning to Estonia.

Finland, Estonia see multi-speed EU as acceptable, if model stays open

The presidents of Estonia and Finland, The multi-speed model of member state future cooperation in the EU is acceptable, in case closer cooperating countries remain open to for other member states to join in.

Prices to rise three percent in Estonia

The prices of goods and services in Estonia will climb 3 percent in 2017, the Estonian wing of Swedbank predicted. Meanwhile, salaries should increase somewhat faster than prices, the bank’s chief economist, Liis Elmik, evaluated in a press release on Tuesday, March 7.

Example collective agreement – Estonian trade union praises Telia

The collective agreement agreed to by telecommunications firm Telia Eesti is an example to how an employer can treat its employees, evaluated the Estonian Communication and Service Workers' Trade Union.

Estonia allows testing self-driving cars on public roads

Estonia has allowed self-driving cars to take part in public traffic for testing purposes, if a vehicle has a driver who can take over driving, when necessary.

Estonia to continue to develop 25 small ports with EU fund money

A funding programme worth five million euros to develop 25 small ports in Estonia has been signed by Estonian Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology.

Estonian off-shore wind farm project approved; others follow

Estonian renewable energy firm 4Energia has been permitted to build a 700 MW to 1,000 MW off-shore wind farm northwest of the island of Hiiumaa in the Baltic Sea.

Estonia seeks to limit chances of officials to conceal business interests

Estonian Minster of Justice Urmas Reinsalu is pushing for new rules that would prevent present and former public servants and politicians from having hidden business interests. «I instructed the ministry to work out certain rules concerning the prevention of the acquisition of concealed holdings or concealed options by those who have left positions of public power or are exercising power,» Reinsalu stated on Monday.

Estonian company total profits down 10%, total sales – up 2%

The total profits of Estonian firms in 2016 have continued to decrease for the second year in a row and were 2.7 billion euros last year, which is a 10% fall, if compared to 2015.

Estonia celebrates 99th anniversary since declaration of its independence

On February 24, it is Estonia’s Independence Day, which commemorates the time in February 1918, when a short period of foreign power vacuum was used to declare the establishment of the Republic of Estonia.

Estonia with its start-up visas attracts specialists from Ukraine and India

In January 2017, Estonia introduced a special start-up visa programme, to which 50 specialists have applied, mostly from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and India.

State has to register adoptions by same-sex couples, Estonian court rules

According to a ruling by the Tallinn administrative court, the Estonian Interior Ministry should have made entered in the population register adoptions made by a same-sex couple that has registered its partnership.

Estonian anti-humantrafficking helpline contacted by 420 people last year

As human trafficking-related crime is on the rise in Estonia, a special helpline, received calls from 420 people last year, with people reporting mostly, when they are already in trouble not preventively.

Trump calls Estonia «valued ally and friend» in letter to Kaljulaid

In letter to Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid on the occasion of the upcoming 99th anniversary of the independence of Estonia, U.S. President Donald Trump has referred to the Baltic country as «a valued ally and friend».

Cargo volumes in Estonian ports drop by third January-on-January

The amount of cargoes handled at Estonian ports managed by the state port company Tallinna Sadam has fell by 38.7% comparing January 2017 to January 2016.

Estonian retailer weighing shops’ closure as buyers seek cheaper prices in north Latvia

Coop, the Estonian cooperative retail network, will decide in March on whether to wind up a number of shops, which struggle as excise duty hikes motivate buyers in southern Estonia to seek cheaper prices across the border.

Record year for Estonian startups – 102 million euros raised

In 2016, Estonian startup companies attracted a record sum in total investment – 102.5 million euros.