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Sunday 22.09.2019 | Name days: Maigurs, Mārica, Māris

Scandal-stricken Danske Bank to search money laundering in Estonian branch

In relation to the «Azerbaijani Laundromat» scandal, where journalists have found that the ruling elite of Azerbaijan has used USD 2.8 billion to pay to European politicians, Danish Danske Bank has pledged to investigate alleged money laundering via its branch in Estonia.

Ansip: New cyber security measures would respect national sovereignty

With the European Commission readying to unveil new measures to increase cyber security, the Commission's Vice-President, Estonian politician Andrus Ansip pledged that the new measures would not take away too much power from EU countries’ national institutions.

Estonia wishes to support railway company with EUR 8 million

The Estonian government has received a proposal to support in the amount of eight million euros the state railway company Eesti Raudtee, which has seen its revenue decrease considerably.

Estonian Centre Party to expel election renegades, except Savisaar

With the Estonian local government election nearing, Estonian Prime Minister and leader of the Centre Party, Jüri Ratas has stated that told ERR apart from the corruption-suspected former chairman Edgar Savisaar, members running outside of the party's list would be expelled from the party.

Estonia to get less EU fund money by 35 million euros

With its gross domestic product increasing considerably quicker than previously forecast, the money Estonia will receive from the Cohesion Fund of the European Union is to be reduced by a percent, of 35,4 million euros by 2020.

Estonian combined power plant receives LNG boiler unit

The Paide combined power plant in Estonia, which mostly produces energy from burning wood chips, has received a new liquefied natural gas boiler unit for covering demand in peak periods.

Estonia refuses to accredit reporters from Russian state-owned news agency

Estonia has denied accreditation to journalists from the Russian state-owned news agency Rossija Segodnja, who have sought to attend a meeting of European Union foreign ministers due to take place in Tallinn in early September.

Estonia sends 30 000 euros to Sierra Leone after tragic mudslides and floods

In order to help Sierra Leone recover from the situation caused by tragic mudslides and floods earlier in August, the Estonian Foreign Ministry has allocated 30,000 euros to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which operates in the West African country.

Estonia seeks to improve reputation of state as employer

As the Estonian Ministry of Finance wishes to boost the reputation and brand of the Baltic country's public sector, it has announced a procurement tender aimed at preparing an action plan for reaching these goals.

Estonian e-Residency programme in deal with Paymentwall

International payments facilitator Paymentwall in collaboration with the Estonian programme of e-Residency program started this week Passport, a new service, with which businesspeople around the world will have the opportunity to found an EU company and access payment and other supporting services via internet.

City of Tallinn urged to quit paying PBK TV 500,000 euros

Tallinn city government should allocate the 500 000 currently spent per year in buying television programmes in the Russian-language TV channel PBK to the Estonian state Russian-language TV channel, ETV+.

Estonian agencies blamed for little interest in quality of e-services

Majority of government agencies in Estonia do not care much about the quality of their e-services, has evaluated Taavi Kotka, the former Deputy Secretary General of Information Technologies at the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

Savisaar trial: Defendant rushed to hospital from court

During the trial against the former long-time head of Estonia’s ruling Centre Party, corruption-accused Edgar Savisaar, a court in Tallinn has called for medics as the health of the politician began to worsen.

Estonia seeks modernising law on payment and E-money institutions

As the Estonian government pushes to regulate emerging payment services and increase the security requirements of online payments, the Estonian cabinet of ministers have backed a bill of amendments to the Baltic country's Payment Institutions and E-money Institutions Act.

Estonian military to accept invitation of Belarus to attend Zapad

Estonian would accept the invitation by Belarus to send observers to the Zapad military drill to be jointly held by Russian and Belarusian armed forces this September, the Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces has stated.

Estonian exports increased by 11% in June on year

Estonian exports in June 2017, compared to June last year, grew by 11 and imports by six percent on year, decreasing somewhat the trade deficit of the Baltic country, Estonian statisticians have estimated.

Estonian Coop Pank to provide banking services in 350 stores

The upcoming Coop Pank bank of the Estonian cooperative company Coop will replace and plans to open bank offices in 350 Coop locations in Estonia.