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Tuesday 23.10.2018 | Name days: Daina, Dainida, Dainis

Media link Estonian spies to possible Trump aide and Russian intelligence meeting

U.S. media report that during the U.S. presidential election campaign aides of current U.S. President-elect Donald Trump had met in Prague with Russian intelligence representatives under surveillance performed by or linked to Estonian external intelligence service.

Estonia’s exports grow, leading markets – Nordic nations

The exports of Estonian companies have grown 6% from November 2015 to November 2016, the Baltic nation’s statisticians estimated.

Estonian administrative reform continues merging 231 municipalities to 75

Estonia’s sweeping administrative reform continues as part of which local governments were asked to agree on mergers so that no less than 5 000 would live per municipality. The aim of the reform is to cut the number of local governments from 231 to 75.

Estonia to consider switching to four-year budget cycle

Estonian Finance Ministry has started the year by suggesting considerable change. On Monday, January 2, it proposed to the government changing the cycle of state finance planning from a one-year to a four-year budget.

Tallink shipping company cuts share capital

One of Estonia’s largest companies Tallink Grupp has announced on Wednesday, December 28, that it has ended the procedure of reducing its capital.

Estonian competition watchdog: Electricity network fees should be lowered

The Competition Authority of Estonia released on Tuesday, December 27, a conclusion that the cost of electricity distribution services of electric grid operator Elektrilevi is not adjusted to their current costs and should be lowered by 6.7%.

«Thug and bully and KGB agent» - McCain on how U.S. Congress sees Putin

U.S. Senator John McCain, who visited Estonia on Tuesday, December 27, evaluated that the U.S. Congress views Russian President Vladimir Putin realistically.

Estonia working on attracting foreign ships to register under its flag

Estonian Maritime Administration continues its work on a push to attract shipping firms to register their ships in Estonia by offering e-registration and a reduced tax burden.

Estonian lenders continue work on positive credit rating register

Lenders in Estonia are continuing to build a common positive credit rating register to enable banks and creditors assess the ability of upcoming clients to repay their debts.

Estonian milk and pork purchase prices recover

Over the first nine months of 2016, purchase prices have slightly recovered with farmers being able to sell milk 2.5% higher and pork – 9% higher, the Estonian Rural Affairs Ministry found in a survey.

Estonian 2017 budget passed with defence spending at 2.17% of GDP

The parliament of Estonia adopted on December 19 the country’s budget for 2017, where defence spending has been raised reaching 2.17% of Estonian GDP.

Estonian Nordica expects to carry 400,000 passengers in 2016

Nordica airline, which was founded in 2015 by the Estonian state, released on December 15 the estimated that it will have transported about 400 000 passengers it its first full years of operation.

Estonia exempts ICT specialists from its immigration quota

Estonian Riigikogu adopted on December 14 an amendment to the country’s Aliens Act to simplify the settling of foreigners in Estonia that can make a contribution to the local economy, especially people working in the field of information and communication technology.

Sanctions on Russia to remain in force, Estonian Foreign Minister expects

Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sven Mikser considers that EU countries are still critical about Russia’s actions abroad and that heads of state and government would uphold sanctions against Russian officials, individuals and companies at this week’s EU summit.

Finnish Elisa to acquire telecommunications firm Starman Estonia for 151 million

Finnish group of telecommunication companies Elisa has on December 13 announced plans to acquire the full ownership of Estonian telecoms firm Starman for 151 million euros.

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