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Tuesday 07.04.2020 | Name days: Helmuts, Zina, Zinaīda

Estonian economy experiences its fastest growth in five years

Estonia's economy expanded by 4.9 % in 2017 to a gross domestic product of 23 billion euros, which has been the quickest pace of the country's economic growth in five years, estimated Estonian statisticians.

Russian authorities ban Estonian 100th anniversary event in Pskov Oblast

Local authorities in the Pskov Oblast in Russia, which borders Estonia, have barred an Estonian Independence Day reception in Pechory to be organised on March 2 by the Estonian General Consulate in St. Petersburg.

In pictures: Estonia's centenary marked in Tallinn

One hundred years ago, on February 24 1918, for the first time in Baltic history the independence of the Estonian state was declared. BNN offers an insight into the official ceremony and military parade devoted to the 100th anniversary.

Estonia sea ice crash: last missing body found

Nine days after a van with six people inside drove onto the ice of the Baltic Sea in south-western Estonia, the body of the last victim has been found.

Estonian income tax should be simplified, parties believe

The existing income tax scheme in Estonia should be simplified, three parties in the Estonian Riigikogu find, but there are differences in opinion as to maintaining the current state budget income. Meanwhile, the opposition Reform Party has voiced backing for an annual tax-free income of 6,000 a year to every earner.

15 Estonians die in flu period from complications

The number flu patients in Estonia is currently increasing. So far during this year's flu season, 15 people have passed away with flue-related complications.

Third of beer consumed in Estonia in 2017 bought in Vidzeme, Estonian factory breweries evaluate

Saku and A. Le Coq, two largest beer makers in Estonia have not published their exact sales numbers for the last year, but have been quick in stating that about one third of all beer drunk in Estonia was purchased in Latvia.

Estonian ultracapacitor maker to relocate manufacturing entirely to Germany

Estonian ultracapacitor maker and exporter Skeleton Technologies has decided to relocate its production from Estonia to Germany with the aim if working at a location closer to its clients.

Estonia allocated 200 million euros to compensate population for second level pension contributions

To compensate to the part of Estonian population that during and after the financial crisis voluntarily continued their contributions to the second level pension fund or paid higher second level pension fund contributions from 2014 to 2017, the Estonian state has transferred additional 227 million euros to the fund during the three-year period.

Russia and Estonia exchange president-pardoned spies

Tallinn and Moscow have exchanged two men, who had been imprisoned for spying, but have been granted presidential pardons.

Estonian newspaper to take ruling on hard evidence in editorials to human rights court

In a ruling with possible implications to editorials and opinion pieces in Estonian press, the Baltic country's Supreme Court has upheld court decisions against Estonian business newspaper Äripäev ordering it to take back statements expressed in an editorial, where the integrity of people allegedly linked to an MP have been questioned.

Estonia opens in South Korea special centre for collecting e-residency permits

As Estonia seeks to broaden the international access to its e-residence permits until now only available if an approved receiver collects the digital ID card at an Estonian embassy, the country's Police and Border Guard Board has set up its first e-Residency Collection Centre in South Korea.

Consumer prices in Estonia up 0.4% in month

The consumer price index in Estonia has risen in the period from December 2017 to January 2018 by 0.4% and by 3.5% on year since the beginning of 2017, Estonian statisticians have estimated.

Van with six people breaks through Baltic Sea ice

A van carrying six people has broken through Baltic Sea ice off the coast of south-western Estonia. Two people have been rescued and three bodies have been recovered by the morning of Wednesday, February 7.

Number of guests in Estonian hotels reached 3.5 million in 2017

Estonian accommodation businesses have in 2017 hosted 3.5 million guests with 2.15 million foreign tourists among them, which is a 7%-increase from 2016 Estonian statisticians have estimated.

First strike in history of Rakvere meat factory to be held

Workers of the Rakvere Meat Processing Plant, which is even older than Estonia, are on February 6 to hold the first legal strike in its history to push for higher wages. The factory employs over 700 people, who commute to work from places even 50 kilometres away.

Winter road maintenance to blame in two tragic Estonia accidents

Latvian drivers might be surprised to hear that the Estonian Road Administration has acknowledged that insufficient road maintenance has been a factor in two deadly road accidents on Estonian roads in January.

Butter goes cheaper in Estonia; producers speak of unpredictable price fluctuations

Price of butter in Estonia has dropped after its peak and shortages in 2017, yet it is unclear to producers if the record price level would not return.

Ratas encourages EU to look into dropping annual switch summer time

Estonian head of government Jüri Ratas has voiced his support to the idea of the EU dropping the European Summer Time in accordance to which clocks are turned by one hour forward from spring to fall in the majority of EU member states.

With higher alcohol excise tax, Estonia bound to have missed income forecast by 40 million euros

After Estonia raised its alcohol excise tax rates considerably in 2017, Estonian daily Postimees has estimated that the target of the money the alcohol excise tax would bring into state coffers could have been missed by at least EUR 40 million.

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