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Monday 22.07.2019 | Name days: Marija, Marika, Marina

Tax loss forecast by Estonian food producers dismissed by Finance Minister

Estonian Finance Minister Toomas Tõniste has rejected the grim forecast published by the Estonian Food Industry Association this week that the state budget would lose 170 million euros in tax revenue in 2018 due to excise tax hikes.

Estonia defines forced marriages, genital mutilation as criminal offences

Estonia has set forth criminal punishment for genital mutilation and forced marriages, according to amendments to the country’s criminal code that entered into force last week.

Railway company’s plans to invest 35m euros in Russia criticised in Estonia

Estonian state-owned railway cargo company EVR Cargo has voiced plans to borrow and invest 35 million euros in freight cars in Russia, by buying train cars from Russian company to lease them to Russian firms.

Latvian President not addressing issues of most concern to society, evaluates sociologist

«I don’t feel great competence and I don’t feel that the President would react in the fields that are very important to society. At least a part of society is concerned about publications on «oligarch talks» and I agree to experts that the President, who has symbolic and representative functions, should clearly voice his attitude,» has said sociologist Līga Rasnača.

Tallink warns shipping companies would by lemonade outside Estonia in case of «sugar tax»

Estonian wholesaler Tallink Duty Free has stated that it will no longer buy soft drinks in Estonia if the country introduces the Riigikogu-backed «sugar tax».

Amid migrant crisis in Mediterranean, Estonia supports undelayed deportation of economic migrants

Most of the people travelling illegally to the European Union over the Mediterranean Sea to Italy are economic migrants and are not eligible to protection or asylum, the Interior Minister of EU Council’s presiding country, Estonia, Anders Anvelt has evaluated.

Estonia allocates million euros to reduce migration flow in Mediterranean

The government of Italy has earmarked one million euros for aiding to cut massive migration flow from Libya to the European Union. according to the decision made on Monday, July 3, the money will come from state reserves and will be paid to the European Union’s Emergency Trust Fund for Africa.

Estonian beer factories fear losing up to half of sales to Latvia

As excise duty on low-alcohol drinks increases in Estonia, the country’s larger beer producers Saku Õlletehas and A. le Coq have voiced concern that the industry would face serious pressure as consumers look for cheaper prices in Latvia.

Beer more expensive in Estonia: Year’s second excise rise on beer, cider in July

With swift excise tax increase on alcohol continuing, on July 1, the rate on beer and cider is to be raised by 70%, reaching 15.52 euro cents for percent of alcohol by volume per litre.

Estonian court: Right to protection of family life also to same-sex couples

Estonian Supreme Court has established in a decision that same-sex couples also have the right to protection of family life, when the court detailed Estonian court jurisdiction in disputes over residence permits involving foreign nationals.

Most universities in Estonia to cut number of new students this year

Three of the four universities working in Estonia have expressed plans to bring down the number of admissions in the coming academic year.

Defendant Savisaar intends to run in Estonian local government election

The graft-accused former mayor of Tallinn and ousted leader of Centre Party has stated that he intends to run in Estonian local government elections due this autumn.

Estonia’s economic growth forecast up 0.9% to 3.5% this year

Estonian central bank has considerably – by 0.9% - increased the country’s economic growth forecast to 3.5% this year.

Estonian quota refugee family breaches travel deadline

A family of refugees accepted by Estonia as part the European Union’s mandatory refugee relocation scheme has this week surpassed the permitted period of being away from the country.

Estonia’s energy security increased by 16m-euro hub substation

Estonian electric grid operator Elering has connected to its network the Viru hub substation built in the country’s north-east for 16.3 million euros.

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